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  1. Ok I don't know how many of you read the info at the link "540 RAT Tech Facts Not Myths". I did manage to make it through it with 3 cups of coffee. I would have a couple questions to clarify his test procedures if I could contact him. I worked in the automotive stamping field and in todays world you sell your parts by supporting your dimensional reports on those parts with statistics. The days of measuring 3 or 4 parts and submitting for approval are long gone. You are required to submit at least a 30 piece study and I have had to submit a 100 piece study on a close tolerance part. During production you also run statistics to find out what your process variations are. I do not pretend to know this subject we had Quality employees that lived to do these studies. I was a tooling, product and process engineer. I could not find in his extreme write up where he ever said what his test process was. Yes he described the physical test to establish a wear pattern that was measured to obtain a result. For his data to be accepted by anyone that knows testing or measurement data he would first need it to be a blind test with unmarked containers for the oil. You would number the test samples and the person running the testing would not know brand A from brand B. You would also have to do a minimum of 30 samples from each oil to obtain any kind of true data. A sample of one means nothing. The piece of material that the wear is measured on has variations that cannot be seen with a small sample. I would expect a person that deals in statistics would probably want multiple containers of oil to be tested there is variation there also. It is good that someone is testing but they should follow accepted and proven data gathering to come to an accurate conclusion. I hated those studies because they would show a weak process and you cannot argue with data, those darn quality engineers. David
  2. There is so much stuff under the dash that has been added. Just going to start taking all wires not factory out. Go back with Factory Am/ FM take out the Pioneer that he put in. When he put connectors on he just used a pair of pliers not a connector crimper. You pull on a wire and it just falls out. Even the MSD is that way also nothing soldered just mashed with a flat pair of pliers. The previous owner for over 25 years was a sprint car racer, bet his car had issues if he turned the wrenches. Good thing I have a parts car convertible sitting right beside it. The vacuum hoses look all in a mess also with several places with open ends. It is a wonder the car even cranked and ran. I am sure I will have lots of questions for you guys that tear these apart every day. Thanks for all the help at least I got the master cylinder off and it was full or rust so will replace and I blasted and painted the booster while I was that far. This was just going to be fix a few things and drive it, lol. Never works that way. David
  3. Gosh I am blind don't see a connector just goes into the bundle of wires tap wrapped. I will cut some of the tape off but do not see the plug. The right hand side came out easy just squeeze the connector and it came right out. Been blasting the brake booster for paint I will go back and look for the connector again. Thanks, David Ok went back out and cut a couple of the retainers holding the main wire harness and where they had been adding wires they had wrapped the connector with the white wires you see in the pic so it was hidden. Now to figure out what all this stuff he added is. Thanks for the help, David
  4. Have owned one of these since new but never had to pull the instrument cluster out and feel like an idiot. I was pulling the brake booster off the 73 convertible that I got a couple months back and saw a rats nest of added wires for aftermarket radio, alarm system and other stuff I do not know what it is. So I decided to pull the instrument cluster and see if I could not eliminate all of the add on stuff that was not done too neatly. No problem getting the electrical side unplugged on the right but the two wires coming from the tach go straight into the main harness and have no connector that I can see. I pulled on the wire where it goes into the back of the tach but afraid I am going to break something does not move. How does the tach wire unplug??? There is nothing in the Ford manuals that I can see. Cannot get a pic of the back of the tach just the one from the side. Thanks, David
  5. Great that you found it and you will pass on more memories. I can remember my dad telling me about the cars he had and let go. One was a 35 Ford roadster, V-8 with the Columbia 2 speed rear. He would race anyone but you had to put up some cash, lol. As family came along it went away and a Hupmobile took it's place and then back to Fords. I guess that is why I never sold a car just put them in the barn. That is except the GM cars that I gave a try and found out they were not for me. 1974 Nova SS and 1978 Oldsmobile sold them and glad I did. David
  6. Welcome and it sounds like you are going wide open. I cannot tell you much about your car except that the engine is a 302 or could be a swapped out 351 Windsor. The 72 could not be had with a 351 Windsor only the 302 or 351 Cleveland. The 302 and 351 w have 6 valve cover bolts and the 351 C has 8. If there is still a sticker on your drivers door on the end it will give you the paint, trim, engine, rear, trans codes. If it is missing there is also a metal tag on the radiator support the will tell you some info. You can also order a Marti report that tells you everything about your car and if you spring for the deluxe edition you get lots of extras. You can also get a repo of the window sticker. The basic Marti report is I think $18.00 and will tell the options, when it was made and where it went to. You can find info on this site about the Marti report. Most people go for the Mach 1 or convertible good to see someone wanting a coupe. David
  7. The locking spare was part of the appearance protection package that this car look like it has. Most people took the look off and left it off. I have one on my Mach 1 that was a dealer add since you could not get the appearance protection on a 73 Mach. I just went and looked the one is still on Hemmings was there back in Dec. when I was looking for one, has 68 miles. http://www.hemmings.com/classifieds/carsforsale/ford/mustang/1697344.html I am tempted to go take a ton of pictures of this one before it is gone. The local dealer in Greenville S.C. had either a convertible or Mach that was just pushed from show room to warehouse in back. Don't know if they still have it or not. I am sure you all know of Jackie Jones in Georgia and Western N.C. he buys cars and warehouses them. He had one of the zero mile Boss 9s and I think Perkins bought it. He bought two of the new Cobra Jet factory race cars and put in his warehouse. David
  8. The corrosion is usually caused by the quench tank at the die cast machine when they were first made. You have to monitor the quench tank solution much like you do for a pool. You let the ph go out of spec and you will have under plating corrosion. I am sure you have seen NOS parts that don't look new that is the reason. A really good plating shop can grind out the bad material TIG in new zinc and grind them back down and plate but it for sure is not cheap. That is the reason you can buy a new bumper cheaper than re chrome, labor costs. Someone with a laser scanner could reverse engineer them and make the from billet aluminum & plate them, not cheap either. The ones on my 73 California car that was always garaged are pitted also. There are probably some pretty good ones out there made when the tanks were fresh and correct mix. I have one set that the owner put snaps in the hockey sticks and the back stainless piece also so you could snap the boot on. Like the old ones were. It is easier for sure. David
  9. Are you saying put speakers in the kick panels? There are so many wires in there and like you say the ebrake also that would be difficult. I have the factory speaker grills and an old set of speakers that would have to be rebuilt I am sure. The wire harness is part of the power windows and I do not want to split up. I have a could sets of NOS door speakers, with grills and wires but they are for my projects. David
  10. I have a friend that is a nurse practitioner. She has a Toyota 4 runner and her alternator went out and she asked me to take it to the Toyota dealer to have it fixed since it was difficult for her to get time off. I did not have anywhere to work on it and it was cold weather or I would have done it. She had made an appointment and I took it in and was sitting in waiting area watching discovery channel with lots of other people. Ok the shop manager comes it to one of the other people pulls them off to the side and I can barely hear the discussion. They tell him when they got his car in the shop they noticed that antifreeze was leaking from his water pump and it needed replacement so he said ok. That is not cheap on Toyotas. So in about 15 minutes here comes the same guy to me and pulls me off to the side and tells me the same thing. I tell him no way is it leaking it is parked on concrete and there are no signs of a leak and to just do the alternator. He tries to throw in the fear factory and say if it leaks and overheats it can cost thousands it should be replaced. I was getting pissed by now and told him to just get the car off the lift and I would go somewhere else and they finished the alternator. Wile I was waiting on that another guy came and told the same story to another person waiting and they said to do the work. That was over 3 years ago and still no leak in a water pump. I would love to get the local TV station to expose them but they advertise with them so they won't. No telling how many people they scare into doing the water pump and they probably never touch it. This is a Toyota dealer not a small shop. I did her brakes for hundreds less than their quoted price and turned all the rotors and repacked the wheel bearings. They said all rotors needed replacing, none were warped and had never been turned. David
  11. You will find that pictures make a car look better than it is. This car is probably not restored just a driver see things painted that should not be and things added. 73 Mag. 500 were not an option they look good but not stock. Need the documentation to know it is real and numbers matching also. Lots of them not selling on ebay. My two cents. David
  12. Here are a couple scans from the 1972 Ford Car shop manual and a picture of some cheap pry tools from Harbor Freight. You can use a putty knife like the manual says. The fiberboard that the trim panels is made from gets brittle with age so go very slow. If you have standard interior you have a metal piece next to the window to take off with a couple screws. The Deluxe does not have that. If you have power windows there are clips that hold the switches into the door panel that have to be sprung out to remove. If you break one there are no replacements people look for years for them. Have someone to help you so hold the panel while you pry. Some of the spring clips might already be out and stuck in the hole in the door just pull them out and put back into the door panel. If there are broken areas you can repair them with epoxy and some time if you want. I have seen cars that people added screws that are not factory so look around the outside for any that might have been added. Get a flash light and look where the clips are and keep the blade of your tool against the door panel and pry against the metal door. If you are in there you should lube up your windows with some spray white grease. Are you going with the Ford style speakers or just putting some aftermarket in? You have to be careful how deep they are or will hit widow or regulator. If there is not a vapor barrier on the door your should make one from plastic it keeps the moisture out of your door panels. Hope this helps just go slow and you will be fine. David
  13. This did not show up on my mail just happened to see it. Are you saying the clip for the drivers gang switch is the same as the single switches? The pics that the cougar guys sent is nothing like the gang switch clips. The system I have has both of the gang switch clips in place and not broken. I need the single switch clips that you know work not sprung out. The Mercury guys are probably going to send one and I will let them dist. the clips for the service. I don't know how to get the pics attached here that the Cougar guys sent they say 70 - 72 Cougar and Mustang are the same so there is a need for 6 on every car still carrying the p.w. option. I don't think the pw will ever sell for $3,000 rebuilt and every piece there. I am doing total rebuild of this one while waiting on the clips and receptacles. I might end up in one of mine depends on how it goes. David
  14. I worked at a lawn equipment plant in S.C. when me and my son raced go carts. We had the best paint jobs at the track ran everything down the powder line and used the Poulan green color. You could see us coming for sure. Great job you have, David It would be difficult to get out of Cuba until we open trade soon. That is reason I went down to see if I could find anything of interest. Most have been run into the ground and the people told me that the good ones are with high government officials. There were so many millionaires there when Castro said to leave. They had to leave everything. When it opens up it would be easy to run ferry from Florida to Cuba right now you have to ferry to Mexico and drive or haul from there. David Well I suppose as in Cuba's case Communist do have a better way.... at least for those in power. NOW we are opening trade again....wonder who will benefit?...hmmmmmm Guess big brother will never see that truck. What a find though! When they open the trade it should be easy to get stuff back here. The cars on the road all have been hacked to death with whatever engine, front end to keep them running. I know one guy found two gull wing Mercedes and is getting them back somehow. Just like here there are cars and equipment stashed in barns that have been there for 100 years in some cases. There was the Cadillac that was over 100 so there has to be more if I found them in a month. I made some friends while there and will keep in touch and if they open trade the farms could use some Deere sugar cane harvesters and tractors. We could use their rum. I have been getting mine brought back through China a couple bottles every couple months, lol. There are good people in every country no matter what the government is. They know how it is in the world and they want a piece of it. David
  15. I am parting out a 72 vert with power windows. I am rebuilding the pancake motors right now. The only pieces missing are the two rear switch receptacles and the trim for the rear. I am working on getting them now. David I don't think I could do that conversion on my own. It looks & sounds very difficult. I wish I could though, thank you David for the info! Maybe rpmcarter could use some of that stuff. He doesn't seem to be interested. The actual switch would be a pretty easy bolt in job. You could do it on a Saturday pretty easy. You do have to change the glass due to clearance for the electric motors. That is included in the package. You can add to any model if you have the windows what I have is convertible which I think is same on coupe. If I can get my hands on one of the clips I can get it reproduced pretty quickly. I was an automotive tooling engineer so I know where to go and what it takes. David David
  16. Thanks for all the info. There was a box in trunk with papers for the MSD it looks like a 6 series ignition, billet distributor and not sure what coil. Rain is never going to stop here and they say we are still in a drought. At least the pollen is getting washed away. Well off to see the grand kids today. David
  17. We just picked up a 64 Galaxie a few months ago. Still putting together the shopping list for that. Body is good except for the passenger quarter that was replaced badly in the past and caused it to rust out. The only rust on the car We had a 63 when growing up but thought the 64 was a very sexy car. I bought the bumpers in a package deal thinking I would need them. They do repo them but do not know how good they are. If you need one let me know they are wrapped up in the garage. David
  18. I am parting out a 72 vert with power windows. I am rebuilding the pancake motors right now. The only pieces missing are the two rear switch receptacles and the trim for the rear. I am working on getting them now. David
  19. Thanks will go check out what he has on there and go from there probably will be ordering the adapter. David
  20. Ray, I ordered one in 71 it was grabber green and had pretty much everything but air and rear window defogger. V-8 came out in 72 mine was a 6 but I ordered the H.D. suspension and that gave you 5 lug wheels and the 8" rear that cost $10.00 more. My dad had a 70 that cost less than $2,000 had air, 200 6 straight drive and mine was just over $3,000 with all the options. It is sitting beside the barn rusting away. I think dad put like 220,000 on his and gave to my sister and mine had 185,000 when the automatic trans started to act up and I just parked it. Never changed the fluid in it. I wish you could buy them now for that price and the quality was not an issue for me. I drove mine across the U.S. and back in 9 days once with no issue. I did another cross country that was over 9,000 miles and ran it through Death Valley wide open at 97 mph and it was fine. There was no daytime speed limit in Montana and Nevada back then. David
  21. I worked at a lawn equipment plant in S.C. when me and my son raced go carts. We had the best paint jobs at the track ran everything down the powder line and used the Poulan green color. You could see us coming for sure. Great job you have, David Since you supply Mack parts can you help with a new drive chain for this one? LOL I was in Cuba last month and saw this one I think they said 5 ton. This guy did not have many vehicles but a few that were odd. I could not find out who the owner was he also had a Cadillac that I think might be first year or very close. I am retired from automotive tooling engineer, I am one of the guys that got all the tooling made for producing your cars. David WHERE IS THAT? My brother collects old trucks and I believe he would be a buyer IF it is for sale. Is it me or does that truck ACTUALLY look like the Mack bulldog hood ornament? :D It would be difficult to get out of Cuba until we open trade soon. That is reason I went down to see if I could find anything of interest. Most have been run into the ground and the people told me that the good ones are with high government officials. There were so many millionaires there when Castro said to leave. They had to leave everything. When it opens up it would be easy to run ferry from Florida to Cuba right now you have to ferry to Mexico and drive or haul from there. David
  22. I went and got my 73 vert out of storage to start doing a few little things so I can drive to local cruise ins. The car shows 48,000 and is very solid with not rust in the floors even tail light panel does not need changing. The speedo did not work so I will check for drive connection on that. The tachometer does not work and the previous owner just put an MSD dist and box on the car. I suspect this might be the issue but have never worked with one of these. Any suggestions would be appreciated. The gas gage worked and it has the center gages and the temp worked but no oil pressure showing, will check the sending unit and the alternator gage is gone I think. The car has a new alternator on it also. This was an H code car and he had changed to Holley 4 V not pulled the breather to see which one and an aluminum intake. It looks like big thunderstorm coming so I am staying inside for a while. Thanks for any suggestions, David
  23. Well one sells and another one comes out. This one was owned by the Chief Editor of Super Ford Magazine, 53,000 and needs complete resto or just drive it. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Ford-Mustang-boss-351-/121622147225?forcerrptr=true&hash=item1c513eb099&item=121622147225 David
  24. Well it did sell for 35. I think it was real as long as the numbers on the car match his paper work he was holding. He had history back to the original sale and the Matri. It would have to have a complete tear down to get back to the grabber blue color from the white. It was low miles and not rusty big plus. It was just an example of someone doing with their car what they wanted just like everyone in this group. You did get to R engines one with 499 dyno hp and the other bone stock. If you have the money to buy one this was the best one to restore I have seen in a while, straight and not rust and everything there. I do know of two more in Atlanta owned by a guy that did restorations in the past. He tells me it will be his last two cars to restore. One was a show car for pretty much all of it's life. Not the type show car you might think. The owner must have owned a plating shop. Everything on the car that could be taken off and put in a chrome tank was plated, rear, springs, suspension, etc. That makes it more difficult to restore than just a painted car. To get all that chrome off or find replacements gets expensive. I keep in touch with him to see how it is going in fact I might try to reach him today. My thoughts I am sure others have theirs. David
  25. I made a suction type blaster 40 years ago for doing small jobs. The key to any of them especially with the tank is to have very dry media no matter what type. Glass beads will be much less aggressive that sand. You should be able to get bags of blasting sand at an industrial supply that is really cheap. If it is not dry send the wife shopping and put pans of it in the oven to dry. If the feed hose is long it takes a lot of air flow to suck the sand out. Be sure and wear a blasting hood and be careful with your eyes. One of the throw away paper suits from Home Depot with duct tape around cuff and sleeves and the hood will keep you safe. You should wear a respirator to keep the sand dust out of your lungs also or you will be like me with 40% of your lungs gone to COPD. I machined transite, form of asbestos and ground graphite electrodes in tool & die shop for years without one. David
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