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  1. If the car has been completely apart you might need all four wheels aligned. When you see a vehicle going down the road "dog tracking" or running sort of sideways it is usually the rear out of align. Racers do that some to make them turn better on circle tracks. I slid my 2 day old Maverick grabber into a curb sideways and turned it up on two wheels. Ruined the two left wheels and trim rings got them replaced, refaced the axle and took back to Ford and told them it was out of alignment, lol. They had to chain it down and pull the rear back in alignment along with resetting the front. Shop manager said he had never seen a new car that far out, didn't tell them I almost rolled it. Have someone drive behind you and see if the car is tracking straight or sideways. David
  2. Welcome from the mountains of N.C.. I just recently purchased a 72 Q convertible in Statesville near where the car auction place is. Was taken apart and partly restored and going back together when I got it. David
  3. Was searching around cl and saw this 429 car listed. Looks like lots of things need fixing and I think the spoiler is backwards, lol. Do not know if it is a clone or real. http://chattanooga.craigslist.org/cto/4939413977.html David
  4. Ok I pulled the cover off the player and took the belt and laid it on a steel scale and rolled it out and it looks to be 12 3/4" in length. I do have the "Photofact" sheets but they do have a copyright on them or I would scan and send, 6 two sided sheets. You can get them off ebay. The Motorola part number for the belt is 42-42683802. I do not have any belts and have never needed one but might start looking to have spares. Hope this helps share what you come up with got to keep them playing. You may not know but the tapes do require rebuilding also. The foam that is behind where the player head hits needs replacing on most. The condition of the tape will make it sound funny also. You can get the splice tape and foam kits online. I forget the name of the place just google 8 track tape repair. If you keep them working correct they should play forever. Good luck, David
  5. Ok it is a 66 gas cap in pretty good shape. I can take outside and get some better pics if you want. Looked around the net and used ones not as good are listed for mid 40's and a repo around 50. So I would offer this one up for $40.00 plus shipping. Thanks, David
  6. I have a couple of the players out of cars I will take the cover off and measure the belt and I think I also have the repair manual for them will check in a little while and get back with you. David
  7. Saw this and it just keeps going down here. I went through S.C. last week and saw $1.99 / gallon not a discount thing. I had just filled up and pain $2.05 and was happy. The main pipeline stops in Spartanburg S.C. and then it is by truck so price goes up on distance it has to go. David
  8. If any of you have this elusive clip I can get a price for short run stamping for them. The tooling will be a few hundred dollars so the piece price will depend on how many we want to make. I did find pictures of the clip on the Cougar site but they did not have one to go by. I need one functioning clip that can be measured to produce a print and CAD model of the clip. I understand it is two clips per switch and you would need 6 per car. I think these are also used on other models of Ford vehicles do any of you know the ones that use them? I do not have any of the clips and also need two of the switch receptacles that the switch plugs into. Thanks for any help, David
  9. I haven't met anyone I must be at the end of the earth, lol. Lots of tourists here in the summer. There is big street rod run in Pigeon Forge Tenn. I think this weekend but been raining all week and probably then also. David
  10. This look like the boss to buy with two engines. David http://www.ebay.com/itm/Ford-Mustang-Boss-351-/201330201481?forcerrptr=true&hash=item2ee0371389&item=201330201481
  11. Several boxes of NOS 65 mustang parts from NOS door panels, Shelby gas caps, styled steel wheel center caps, hub caps, parking lights, turn signals, brake lights, floor mats, NOS maverick ford carpet, a couple bench seats for 65, air for 65, couple consoles. I have 2 factory ram air for 71 - 73 and Ford front spoilers, bumpers T-5 emblems, t-5 hub caps, 1957 T-bird front bumper, T- bird aluminum valve covers, NOS 3 / 2 intake for Y block, NOS flathead racing pistons, 3 plated 64 ford bumpers, etc, etc. At one time before my job took all my time I went to swap meets and sold but that stopped in the 80's. I bought parts when I was young and put in the garage and everyone said I was crazy, lol. Have 4 sets of 73 aluminum wheels. My dad made me quit bringing stuff home he said it was a waste of money. David I do have the car bought it new from our local Ford dealer and had to buy it from my now XXX wife, lol. I have given to my son but title is still in my name. My daughter use to out run he cousin his dad had a Z-28 and it would eat its lunch any way you wanted to run. I put the highway patrol speedo in so no 85 mph I think it went to 140. David
  12. I ordered my Mach 1 new and the dealer items will not show up on sticker. The only dealer option listed on the order that went to Ford was undercoat and it is the last option listed. This was before the days of computers so this was sent to Ford and the dealer applied the undercoat when they received it. You might go back to the dealer that sold the car. Some of these places have records forever. I went back to mine in the 90's and got the dealer invoice for my car they had boxes piled 10' high with every car they had sold in them. David
  13. I was out in the old garage that is piled with stuff today and found a box full of the GT-350 side stripes for the 20th. Anniversary Mustang. I bought one new and when I got the letter from the attorney concerning the stripes I did some phone calls to their office. A desk secretary did let me know that Ford had used the stripes without the permission of Carol Shelby and he was taking suite against Ford. They were required to stop selling the stripes eventually. As soon as I got the letter I went to the Ford dealer and asked to order some and he got on the computer and said they were listed as "Last Chance For Return". That means you can return old stock back to the warehouse but you cannot order anything. So I had him run a nation wide search for stripes at the dealers and I think there are several thousand. He found 25 sets and I ordered them all. They have been boxed up since then. I do see repo's on ebay that say they are licensed by Ford but Ford lost the suite so they could not. Anyway do any of you need a set of factory sealed NOS side stripes?David
  14. Since you supply Mack parts can you help with a new drive chain for this one? LOL I was in Cuba last month and saw this one I think they said 5 ton. This guy did not have many vehicles but a few that were odd. I could not find out who the owner was he also had a Cadillac that I think might be first year or very close. I am retired from automotive tooling engineer, I am one of the guys that got all the tooling made for producing your cars. David
  15. Hello and welcome from Western North Carolina where it is raining and everything is green. David
  16. I am pulling a complete AC system out of a 72 vert when it quits raining here if anyone interested. What do they go for? I also have some parts and pieces probably not going to add the air to my 72 Q just too much stuff. David
  17. You would all be upset with me parting out a 72 H code convertible well optioned because of rust. David
  18. Already sent inquiry to the yellow coupe 73 car also listed in Atlanta. What does it take to cut the top off and make it a vert? Windshield frame and back seat section that I have, lol. David
  19. David again, I bought a couple of those bench seats people pulled out. I thought they were neat looked exactly like the buckets with the fold down arm rest. I think I paid like $50.00 for one and $40.00 for the other. One is going in a 65 A code 4 speed vert. and the other in 2-V auto 65 vert. for my son and daughter. Have all the pieces and cars have been in storage for 41 years. I am one of those you hear about a hoarder, lol. They use to be very cheap nobody wanted them. David
  20. On craigslist in Atlanta for $2,800. Red with black vinyl top, 302, auto, PS, PB, air, console and looks like tilt wheel but does not say so. Looks pretty rust free. http://atlanta.craigslist.org/nat/cto/4974013662.html David
  21. Another thing that is different is the connector on the tilt steering column, 73 is different I think part of ignition switch changes. The power windows are also different on 73. I have a 72 tilt column coming out of parts car soon if interested. David
  22. Curtis, I finally got the convertible top frame off and the tack strip off the back. Why did they put 2" long bolts with loose nuts on them or is this one just missing the weld nuts. Anyway I got pictures of the panel you need. It is much better than the one on mine I am fixing but it has already been repaired so it is for sell. I can cut the entire gutter system out if yours is rusty this one has very little compared to some I have seen. Let me know what you are willing to pay. I will air chisel it out and stay away from what you need and you can drill the spot welds and work the good piece down. should have done PM but here we go. Thanks, David
  23. It is possible that every 1965 mustang made was different. With the number of options they offered back then it is possible so the one of one does not carry much. I have a 1972 Mach 1 T-5, German model, Q code, 4 speed, deluxe interior etc, etc, that got crashed back in the 70's. A front clip would fix it. It is the only one of these I have ever seen but not worth fixing so it sets and rusts outside. So numbers do not add value, or special does not add value. Peoples perception of the car adds value. You could get a Boss 429 mustang in 1974 for $1,000 due to no gas to burn. People did not want them they wanted gas mileage. The perception changed and now they are valuable. When those people die off and the perception changes with a new group of people the prices will drop again. Your grandfather valued his Model T highly but you probably have never even thought of wanting one. David
  24. Mike, Soooooo many people use armor all on their vehicles it was probably that. You can wash it and clean with everything but it gets into the plastic and paint will just not stick or will fish eye. Never use armor all on anything you intend to paint or have it in your garage. It will shut down a paint shop. I would never use it on anything. David
  25. Hey David, if the passenger and driver gang of 5 are in tact I would have some interest. The missing trim and corrsponding clips are the majic in these sets. IF they are gone it's useful as a repair piece. Those are unfortunately not reproduced and its a cool option killer. It is possible you may have what i dont have. So send me some pic's and lets talk. If the compressor is good we can discuss the a/c. I've bought some panels in NC as well I may just take a few days off and go for a ride your way.! BTW ::thumb:: to you guys that bird dog this ad for me!!!!! Here are a couple pics waiting for your email to send more. I did take pictures with everything in place. I do not know if all the holes are there for the power windows in all cars or not. I am including the window guides and all the stops in case this is for a Mach 1 that does not have them. There is one welded in stud on each side in the rear that I cannot send but have all bolts and nuts where they go. The rubber boots from A post to door are both in great shape and not cracked or torn. You have to feed them in from the door due to the switches being too large to go through the hole in the door. I am almost having second thoughts about keeping them for my 72 Q vert. Give me your offer and we will go from there. Thanks, David
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