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  1. I had already pulled the wiring out getting the power windows out but will hook up battery box and see. The switch on the floor is very rusty due to this vert sitting and water in the floor all the time. David
  2. Good day, This parts car I am taking apart has a switch that looks like the old style dimmer switch mounted on the drivers side floor back near the seat. There is a wire going to the latch in the trunk. Was the power or remote trunk release an option like on the older mustangs? David
  3. Hey David, if the passenger and driver gang of 5 are in tact I would have some interest. The missing trim and corrsponding clips are the majic in these sets. IF they are gone it's useful as a repair piece. Those are unfortunately not reproduced and its a cool option killer. It is possible you may have what i dont have. So send me some pic's and lets talk. If the compressor is good we can discuss the a/c. I've bought some panels in NC as well I may just take a few days off and go for a ride your way.! BTW ::thumb:: to you guys that bird dog this ad for me!!!!! I don't know why the rear switches and trim were gone. They had actually covered over the side panels to cover the holes. I took the rear ones out a different way than they showed on youtube by the people who rebuild them. I took everything out through the opening for the glass and did not have an issue. It is a pain to work on the rear ones for sure. I have the 72 but do not think the power window fit what it will be, simple and plain. Come on down to the south and we can have some good food. David
  4. Curtis, There are actually no rust bubbles in it an I was going to cut it out along with the back seat panel and the windshield frame. I will get some good pictures and send tomorrow. The car looks like they painted it with lacquer years ago so easy to get off. David
  5. Lots of people think Chrysler invented the Hemi but not so. I think his name was Ricardo or something like that in England. You could buy hemi head conversions for the Model T, Model A and most have probably heard or the Ardun conversions for the Ford V-8 flathead. All are Hemi design. Lots of current 4 cylinders use it. Chrysler just happened to trade mark the Hemi name so nobody can say anything, lol. You can just get a bigger valve in a smaller area and more flow. The SOHC was so short lived I have the parts books from our local Ford dealer that supplied NASCAR racers and I seem to recall they were a little over $2,000 new. Fred Millar a tool & die shop owner had one for years and finally sold it when prices went up. Did you know they made a tunnel port 289 for a short time before the Boss 302 came out? Been looking for one but only found 15 rockers for one, lol. Great memories. David
  6. To make the tooling for the bumper would not be too expensive. The inner metal piece is the hard part. The mold for the rubber is just scan a NOS part and cut a soft mold. I was never around the urethane molding was it just a two part mix, a thermoset? I do not know. My experience was in stampings, plastic and zinc die cast. Zinc is the easiest of all. Is anyone on here hooked up with Ford that could ask for the original prints? I could get some quotes on the tooling that is what I did for the last 35 years was get automotive tooling built. David
  7. I made it home with a parts car this morning at 1:00 1972 convertible. I started to tear it apart and started at the rear bumper and now have the power windows out except for the wiring in the dash and the relay. The passenger side front and rear work and the rear drivers side rear tries to work. The switches in the drivers door and passenger door were present but the two switches in the rear are gone along with the trim pieces. I will put up pictures tomorrow after I clean up everything. I will offer here before putting on ebay if someone is interested make me an offer. I have a blaster so I will pull the pancake motors apart and clean the dried grease out and lube then and clean the brushes. Great option and I think all the glass is really good. PM me if you are interested and I will send pics tomorrow. This car was loaded had tilt column, power steering, power brakes, air, power windows, AM/FM, 351 H code, NASA hood that is rusty, unbroken Mach 1 honey comb rear panel. The original black dash only has one crack in it. It was a standard interior car which was odd to have all the goodies. I will also sell the air, tilt column and any other parts but the radio, side panels, A post covers and windshield that I need. David
  8. I have a couple of power window cars and once I was working under the hood, there was a connection that I knocked loose. Seems like it was the driver's side behind the shock tower. This was in 1974 so memory not too good. I plugged the wire back and they worked. David
  9. I just picked up a 1972 convertible yesterday down where the Zombies live in Newnan Georgia. This is the codes on the car. 2F03H174860 76D, Color 4Q, Trim CW, Trans X, Axle 2, DSO 48. It has not been crashed but is a true rust bucket and not worth fixing. It is well optioned with the following. 351 2-V, Power Windows, Power Brakes, Power Steering, Tilt Column, Air Conditioning, AM / FM, Full length Console, Tinted windows, NASA hood, rusty, Mach 1 honey comb rear panel & Mach 1 grill that is broken, dog dish style hub caps and rings. I will be selling the Air system and power windows and about anything on the car you might want except for the windshield, console, A post trim, rear inside trim. PM with your requests and offers. I am super busy right now trying to get garage going and also spring house work so it won't be a fast tear down for sure. Pictures later. Ok in for a cold drink and just an update. I have the two rear windows out with motors and drives. One works and the other tries. I will pull them apart and clean the dried grease and goop out and relube. For some reason they had taken the rear switches off so do not have the switches or trim pieces, wiring is there and being pulled. I did it different from what was shown on youtube. I took everything out through the top, glass, guide and motor. Several people said they had taken hours to get the motor out through the bottom hole. There is probably a certain position that everything has to be in to do it easy but I am just taking it out. When I get everything out and pictures I will post. I will clean everything in blast cabinet and lube the motors, check the brushes and clean with contact cleaner. As it stands now only thing missing is the rear switches and trim pieces. Headed back out to pull the front ones out. I have a 72 vert but don't think I want the power windows. I have Mach 1 with them. David
  10. I worked in the automotive stamping business for most of my life and tool & die maker before going into engineering. I laugh about people concerned over the gaps. It does not make the car run better, get better mileage or a safety issue. It is a vanity thing. Give me the quality of the 70's with those prices and I will be in heaven. I could buy 10 new cars for the price of one. We stamped parts for BMW, Toyota, Ford, Nissan, Mercedes, Chevy, Dodge and others. We also made parts for lawn mowers on the very same equipment with the same quality standards. I have seen new BMW's with horrible alignment between the front fender body lines and the door. When they first made their X5 the bodies would stretch when pulling a trailer and the battery box would drop down in the rear. A quick application of some band aids fixed the issue. An automobile is not a piece of art or a thing of perfection it is a form of transportation. So if you want perfect you will have to pay someone probably $75,000 to take you car and weld up gaps and massage everything to as good as they can get it but I bet I can still find something not perfect. It probably would not bring half that to sell it. No such thing as a perfect car. Great discussion get to understand what makes members tick. David
  11. I will know more tomorrow when I go to pick it up. He seems like he has limited experience and was afraid to tackle the floors. I was just looking for windshield, rear inner panels and A post inners and this came up. Had been there since first of April. The windows are worth more than the price. Hate to part it so will look it over good and post pictures and is someone wants to make it worth it I will sell and go look for my pieces. David I need the garage to work on doing that but hung up finding 50 truck loads of fill dirt to level out the site. Thought I would have a garage by the end of April but will be lucky to have site ready. David
  12. Are the tie down brackets the long ones for dual exhaust? Do you have the 351 engine lift brackets? Pics and price if you please. Thanks, David
  13. I seem to have gotten the bug bad and need something to calm me down. In December I purchased a 73 H convertible off ebay, Califorina car 48,000 miles never painted or molested. I also bought a 72 Q vert off craigslist that had lots of work done and piles of parts with it. I have 6 other mustangs. While looking for some parts I found another 72 vert H, with air, auto, p.s., p.b., tilt column, full console, AM/FM radio, and power windows. He had given up after pulling up the carpet and seeing the ground. Got it for $1,000 for a parts car. I will go over it good and post some pics and will not part it out if it is something someone would want to restore. The pics never tell the story but for the parts on the car is looks like a deal. I go to get it tomorrow but I do need to find some medication for this problem or the neighbors are going to shoot me. David
  14. Options in my opinion are always a plus. In lots of eyes the vinyl roof is not a plus but to some it is. I think Jeff and I have the two most optioned cars in here. My Mach 1 has 28 options as delivered and I added I think 7 more dealer options. I think the only option not on Jeff's car is the Traction Loc rear. The power windows can be a pain if you have to pull the motors and clean the dried grease out so they work. A car can have every option and be a 6 cylinder and that pretty much cuts the price in half compared to a CJ car. It is your car put what you want on it. It is difficult to do a complete resto and make any money on any of the 71 - 73 cars except for the Boss and R codes and those can be difficult . Work on them, drive them and enjoy them. David
  15. What size tires do you have the Michelin metrics? Coker tire has about every size for older cars even the metrics if you want to keep orig.. David
  16. We can all stop complaining soon. I live in Western North Carolina at about 2,000 feet elevation. We have four seasons and right now the grass is green, watching some wild turkeys in the field and will be working in the yard some again today. There is no perfect place but I can be at the beach in a few hours or go to several ski slopes in the winter in an hour. I look out the kitchen window to see mountains that go over 5,000 feet and can go hiking and camping there anytime. The people I do not understand are those that live on the coast or next to a river and want the rest of use to pay when they get blown or washed away. California cries about no rain, well do they not realize they are living in what was a desert until the piped the water in? I guess it is a good thing we do not all like the same place or it would get crowded for sure. I enjoy each day that I am give and try not to waste any of them. David
  17. I guess I have broken the rule by more than anyone. I have a 1950 Ford with its original set of tires on it and they never leak down and I have driven to several shows. The longest trip was about 50 miles each way but I did not drive fast 45 or so. It still has the original belts and hoses also. It was one of those barn finds that was sitting up on blocks from 1954 until 1996 when I got it with a little over 16,000 miles. It could be the second set of tires but the spare is definitely the original. It was like a time capsule it still had the factory slip cover on the front seat with the like hat pins to hold it in place. Engine was fine just had gas tank hot tanked at radiator shop and had to change the voltage regulator. Even the condenser was still good. I have some NOS Goodyear RWL F-70 X 14 and they just fell apart sitting. I think the older tires had more natural rubber in them and also they have the natural rubber red tubes inside. David
  18. Welcome from the other side of our land. There is a vacuum built into these cars that sucks money, lol. Glad to have a new member. David
  19. I am myself getting back into working on my own paint work. I have a friend that does high end restorations on all types, Ford, Chevy, Pontiac etc. I was shocked when he told me what the materials prices have risen to. He told me that right now it cost him from $3,500 to $4,000 for the materials to do one car. That is a ground up restoration not just paint the body. It would include all prep materials, thinner, filler, sand paper, sealer, primer, top coats and interior and under hood paint. If you do the work yourself you have to be careful that you do not violate the EPA rules and get in hot water over that. The health department comes to his shop site each year and takes samples of the ground to make sure he is not dumping thinner and such. He has to pay a licensed waste management to take any waste off site. I am building a garage and the word paint cannot be used or I will be in hot water. Complete different set of rules. It is sad what the wealth have done to the old car hobby. By that I mean that when I was growing up us working on the old cars was looked down at and only the poor did that. Then it became fashionable to have your "Muscle Car" and the prices went through the roof. In 1974 you could go to the Ford dealer and purchase ever outside body panel on a 65 Mustang vert for $700.00. Some single pieces cost more than that NOS today. We are all crazy to put what we do into these cars but it has been in my blood and always will be. Hope you have an understanding wife, lol. David
  20. I spent last year working in China and the wraps are all the rage there. You see all Chrome cars, Gold cars, Satin finish etc. The only place I could see to tell it was a wrap was they had a seam down the middle of the hood. You would see exotics $100,000 + cars with a different warp every couple months. They want to show their money there for sure. You would start to see it lifting in tight corners after a short time don't know if you can get it back down or not. I was wondering if you could use the chrome wrap to do Magnum 500 wheels since there seems to be nobody that will re chrome them? David
  21. That is a great piece of work. He made a V-12 I would think because of the perfect balance. and inline 6 and V-12 are the only two engines that you can obtain a perfect balance. You hide it in a V-6 or V-8 is a little better. He must have too much time or a nagging wife, lol. David
  22. Welcome from N.C. have you thawed out yet? David
  23. At the factory when they assembled them they would put a block under the right side and push the lid down and twist it to align it. It was amazing to watch them align fenders, doors and trunks with big rubber hammers blocks of wood and a big bar that the lifted the doors with to bend the hinge into position. Ford did try to do what they called a "No Adjust Build". That never worked every car has adjustments made during assembly. David
  24. I did not see any electric. Since there are not any businesses in Cuba, only government, there are not scrap yards to sell junk to. Junk is all over the ranches because they cannot haul to town and sell to make money. You can haul to town and give to the government so they just sit. The cars are ragged out for sure. Someone is making the windshields for them when you rode it them you could tell they were not original too many bubbles and waves. They take what they have and hammer out new fenders and quarters just to have some kind of transportation. When you can ride the bus for .10 you don't need a car but they use them for Taxi mostly. Since the people do not travel they only know their little corner of the country so it is difficult to track anything of value down. They have to be well versed in diesel mechanics for sure. David
  25. If you think Ford was bad you should have owned a Nova with doors that were welded on with no bolts in the hinges for adjustment. Everything on the car was cheap and all of the Chevys had the front ends with the 4 bolts holding the frame rails on. You could not keep on aligned if the roads were rough. A guy here owns a 1965 mustang that has managed to make 1,000,000 miles. He just had it totally rebuilt last year I think and still drives it. All of the cars in the 60's and 70's were made to be throw away cars even today. I was an automotive engineer for many years and know how the squeeze every cent out. David
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