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  1. Blasting the structure is good but I would stay away from the outer body panels. If you lay a flat piece of metal down and blast it on one side you will see why. It is like tiny little ball peen hammers curling the metal up because of the expansion on the outside. It is too easy to strip and sand the outside and blast the rusty places a little but you will regret using on the outside. An opinion like everyone has but I have seen bad results and some paint manufacturers will not warranty the paint if you blast the outside. David
  2. Back in the 70's, before all the safety rules, I would stand at the starting line at Bristol to watch the cars launch. I remember Jack Roush had a Maverick with a 351 in Pro stock at the time. When he would launch even with cage you could see the right quarter buckle and twist. It is physics equal and opposite reaction. Cage will help but high horse power cars that hook are going to twist. David
  3. A car sitting does not hurt it at all. I bought a 1950 Ford in 1996 that had been on blocks since 1952 with 16,000 miles on it. I pulled the gas tank had it hot tanked and just cleaned the carb pulled the plugs and checked them and fired it up. I drove it to a show 100 miles in July that year with no issues. It still has the original tires on it and they never leak down due to having tubes in them. I did pull the master cylinder and wheel cylinders but they looked like new. It was in a barn in Buffalo N.Y. so not climate controlled for sure. There was a 73 vert on Hemmings with I think 60 some miles on it. Jackie Jones in Georgia / North Carolina buys cars and puts them in storage all the time. I think he bought two of the new cobra jet factory cars and put them in warehouse. He might have owned this mustang at one time he had one that had never been titled a few years back. David
  4. Welcome from North Carolina spring is here and time to get to work after the long cold winter. Put some pics of your cars they are all great. David
  5. I spent a month in Cuba and went places I was told they had never met an American before, lol. Rode on the last electric train still running there from Hershey, yes the chocolate guy built the town and when revolution hit they sent him home, to Matanza. The cost was 1.5 peso and was afraid the darn thing was going to fall off the tracks, lol. The conductor could speak English and he said we were the first Americans to ride his train in the 15 years he has been the conductor. We took him to eat at the hotel which was his first time out for a dinner and bought him a couple beers. The hotel price was 2.00 CUC or about $2.00 each and his monthly salary was $22.00 so he could never afford anything except home. We got some more beer for the train engineer and his other buddy on the train. People were friendly and most of the old cars have had the gas engines pulled and Korean or Jap diesel engines put in place. They have some really hybrid cars after keeping them running since 1959. I did find one Cadillac that I think is somewhere around 1906 - 1908. I have some pics and it is R.H. drive with the almost vertical steering. The engine was in the chassis but the remainder of the body was in bins. Most of which was leather back then and long gone. The engine was there and all the wheels and chassis. I will do some research on that one. The only other car of interest was a V-16 Cadillac I think 1930 might have been the only year. They do get cars into and out of Cuba by ferry to Mexico you just have to pay the piper enough to get them in or out. There has to be several expensive cars still there with all the millionaires that got sent home. Everyone I asked told me that the officials got all of the good cars and they did not know where they were. You could make money taking the 4 door cars nobody wants here and selling them there. They chopped the tops off most of the hardtops to make convertibles out of them, some pretty good and some bad ones. I did loose weight while there that was good, lol. There grocery had rice, beans, and some canned tomatoes and a little frozen meat. There were soda crackers and some chips but most of us have more in our kitchen than a grocery has there. You have the street markets for meat and veges but not much to pic from. Average job is $22.00 a month with a doctor getting $40.00 / month and the highest paid job is workers in the tobacco fields at $45.00 / month. They consider that the most difficult job so they get the most. Met lots of Canadians there that rent a apartment for $600.00 a year. Rum is less than $5.00 for a liter. Was at a cave and they had daiquiri for $.25 and a meal was less than a dollar. We stayed in Hostals for $20.00 to $25.00 / night. Bus rides were like $.10 peso but you better know the bus number. Havana was the most touristy place did not like it. Made it back with four bottles or rum the best I have ever had. I ate Mexican tonight was starving, lol. Makes you appreciate what we do have here. Now back to working on the garage so I can get to work on the cars. David
  6. If you pull the valve covers again and you don't have a scope to listen with just take a wood broom handle and cut you a section about 2 feet long. You can use any piece of wood. While the engine is running your can place the piece of wood next to each valve and put the end to your ear and you can hear the noise better and establish which valve or lifter it is. You can also push down on the push rod side of the rocker to take the slack out while running and if you hear a difference that lifter or push rod has an issue. If he floated the valves you may have a bent valve that requires replacement. This would show up in a compression test. I would have kicked his ass myself. Good luck, David
  7. It is pouring rain here or I would go out and take a pic. don't have one on the computer. You would think you could find on donor car. David
  8. I got buried with stuff to do before a trip tomorrow so I did not meet with the DMV guy. When I return I will for sure the second week in April. David
  9. Parts are getting more difficult all the time. My daughter crashed my 2002 F-150 and while looking for parts for it I ask about mustang parts. Pretty much all of them had a crush rule if it was older than the 1990's. They said they took up too much room for little demand in the older vehicles. You have to find a specialty junk yard, we have one, that has classics. He advertises on craigslist. David
  10. Wow lots of opinions. I bought a 73 Mach 1 Q new. I broke 3 yokes on the rear between May and July. The bearing caps would explode and then the yoke went. They fixed them under warranty with no questions because they knew how I drove, lol. I went to the shop manager and told him something had to be wrong a 9" with a stock 73 351 should never break. He got the Ford factory rep to drop by and as soon as he got under her car he knew what was wrong. They had put the wrong size 9" U joints on. Car was made late in model run and they called from factory and didn't want to give me 4 speed but I insisted they find one. They ordered a new driveshaft and different yoke and never broke another. I was only running F-70 X 14 tires so they did not stick. At that time it was the driveshaft that the NASCAR Ford drivers used so must have been pretty good. Tire size is what breaks things not H.P or Torque. You should also look for staggered shocks and the sway bar if you are going to upgrade. I was told that the comp. suspension with automatic did not have staggered shocks but my 72 Q vert, C-6 auto has staggered and sway bar. You never know what you will find under there. David
  11. I just went and looked at 72 Mach 1 with cut outs and no bracket my 73 Mach 1 without cut outs has the bracket. David
  12. I haven't got to do anything here the weather stopped any work on garage. Got some trees cut and passed the first environmental inspection but cannot start grading until it dries up. Snow stopped then rain started. I am going away to Cuba for about 3 weeks and hope to come back to a nice dry building area to get the garage going. When I get the engine apart will get you guys opinions on what to go back with. I am looking for a 4 bolt block like should be in the car. The casting numbers being the same on 2 and 4 bolt sucks. Found one in Fla but cannot get him to measure the bore so probably already been bored. Too many projects and no place to work. David
  13. I to worked in the manufacturing and tooling industry. In fact my last year I worked 2014 I was the engineering manager at a tool shop in the hatted China. I think the repo parts manufacturers never go to China or Taiwan to look at their tooling while they build it. The Chinese are much better equipped to build tooling than the U.S.. I hate to say that but they are. We had rows of CNC mills I think over 50 some up to 4.5 meters. We had over 35 wire EDM machines. Everything was brand new not a pile of junk like most people picture China. To do a repo of a part all you need is a good original that fits correctly. It would be great to have the original prints but I doubt that Ford would hand them out. If I were going to tool say a full floor pan from dash to trunk I would go with a soft draw die and laser trim the outside and holes. That means that all you need is one stamping tool the draw, a laser holding fixture, maybe a flange die and a check fixture. I could see tooling that in probably 6 to 8 weeks in China. They do not do kirksite or zinc tooling in China or you could do it even faster. The best way to get a dimensionally correct floor would be to laser scan one in a car. You would have to clean up the areas with other parts on the computer. I have often wondered why Mustang clubs like this one did not do repo parts themselves. Each member kick in a certain amount of money and they get their money back when the parts are ran and sold and they get their parts for cost. Yes we can bad mouth China or Taiwan for doing sorry work but if you just send them a loose part that flops around to copy they have no idea in what position it needs to be. Could you see how a fender would not fit if they did not have a print or CAD model to go by. You ship a loose fender around the world and they don't have any idea what a Mustang even looks like. It is not legal to ship an antique car to China I checked. How do you set it up to measure it or scan it without a check fixture or it on a car? Anyone should be able to copy a gas cap or door handle it is the sheet metal that is difficult and the plastic is just as bad to not know where it should be. Remember most of the tooling for your new cars came from China. It is so sad to see the U.S.A. not keep up but our government and big corporations are to blame. Countries like Japan put 100% import duties on our cars going there but the U.S. just opened our arms and let them ship what they wanted with little duty to be fair. That fat cat buyer in the U.S. going offshore and saving a nickel and getting big bonus checks when he takes thousands of jobs away. Then nobody has the money to buy his cheap stuff that he overprices. I went to China and brought back their money the opposite of the big companies. Well I vented some but it is difficult to make a good part if you don't have good information up front. David
  14. If the snow bent the windshield frame it probably also bent the frame itself. I would check with you local frame shop maybe ask you Ford dealer who they recommend. They should have the equipment to measure it accurately and pull it anywhere it needs it. I have a 72 wrapped up right now in the driveway but I do not know that it is right. I have a 73 with low miles and no rust so I feel it is pretty good as far as dimensions. I am going to be away for 3 weeks and will not be able to get you any dimensions right now. These cars bend easily any of the older cars do. My local frame guy is always having to pull the highway patrol cars because of them crossing the median and twisting the bodies. That is a new car with all the much stronger steel. That snow sucks for sure ours is finally gone but rain now. David
  15. Later this week I have a meeting with our local DMV Inspector. He is the guy that has to come out and verify the VIN# on any Antique or Custom car you register in North Carolina, 71 - 73 is an antique. I will ask him if he will at least run a check to see if the car is still in North Carolina. They have got very strict here on old cars due to the theft and altering the VIN#. David
  16. Here are a couple pics of dash with rear window defogger in a 72 Mach 1 T-5. one through the back glass showing the heat strips. The brake warning light is the little black round thing with the little red center that is a light. The defroster switch goes in the next hole over to the right. David So based on your pictures and the ones that I took I do not think it is for defroster. It is not in the right position left to right. More rain here for the next week never going to dry up. David
  17. I think what is worse is you will pay more for water than gasoline now, lol. Difficult to drink the gas. David
  18. Hello, I was an automotive tooling engineer for most of my life and a tool & die maker before that. I served apprenticeship in stamping, injection molding and zinc die cast. My last job was engineering manager at a tool shop in China. I know everyone hates to hear that word. If you go to good shops there they do much better work than here. That is sad to say but they invest in the equipment to get it done. How were you looking to make the panels for the fold down? I was mostly in the stamping end of everything but might be able to offer some info. There are prototype shops in the U.S. that make parts for first runs and some do production runs for cars like Viper and can do about anything. David
  19. Just got an email from a guy I had inquired about some parts with. He has a set of 73 aluminum wheels for $400.00 I have asked if caps come with them and he has rear window defroster glass and all wiring for $200.00. He is located in Western North Carolina. Will pass on info if you are interested. It is warm here today spring is close. David
  20. Now if the weather will break so I can get the garage going so I can work on them. David
  21. You can get a title for pretty much any car as long as you can prove it is not stolen. Here if you have DMV check the numbers and no owner claims in in 12 months they will issue you a new title. You cannot take a car to the crusher here without the title here unless it is just a totally rusted out hulk. Some of the tow guys were going around and when a car was sitting on the side of the road they would just hook up take it to the crusher and get $350 - $400 real quick. Also I just bought a 73 vert a California car and when I went to our DMV to have the title changed to N.C. they gave me a form and a representative from the DMV has to come and actually check the VIN# on the dash and the inner fenders. If they do not match the title then you are going to have issues. They will check for any stolen reports if the numbers are different or altered. If the numbers are not there you cannot get a title. Let's say you bought this rusty Boss 351 and you replaced the inner fenders and tossed the rusty ones with the VIN# and somehow the dash VIN is gone. You can get a title but it will be titled as a 2015 model and not a 71 Boss in N.C.. You can get new dash tags but Marti charges I think $500.00 for one. I would cut your original serial numbers out of the inner panels and if you do a really great job of TIG welding you can cut the ones out of the clip you bought and put yours in. I would also take lots of pictures of the numbers while still in place on the car with something showing a date like a news paper. It has got so bad here that if you go to a swap meet and have a car you are trying to flip that you just bought to sell. You didn't want to spend the $130.00 here to get the title over to your name and then just sell it again. The title is notarized and you go to a swap meet with the open title DMV people cruise the meets and ask if the car is for sale and ask about the title. If you say "yes I have a title but it is open" they will arrest you right there cuff you and impound the car. You might want a police friend to run the numbers on your clip to see if it was stolen. It is so easy to steal one of these cars it is truly right Gone in 60 seconds. 100% profit tear it down in a couple days and part it out and crush what is left. It sounds odd that they would cut up a not rusty Mach 1 doesn't it. David
  22. This came up when I was looking around this morning. The comment about black vehicles getting more attention in paint is correct. During a model change launch at the Ford Cleveland Ohio plant where they made the econoline van I asked to go into the paint area. I was a supplier to them and you had to be there during model change in case there is any issue. This takes a special letter from the pope, lol. I got my little has mat suit, hair net, booties and gloves and gained entrance. Everywhere I went people stopped me and wanted to know what I was there for, lol. Union worries about someone taking a job. One of the guys that was a supervisor invited me to his office and he was a big street rod guy. We talked and then went out and he took me through the entire line. There was an area that had "Highlight" lights all over and several people on each side. When a van came up that was due to be painted white they all sat down and did pretty much nothing. When a dark blue or black one came they got up and rubbed and sanded all over the place. So yes the dark colors are treated differently. During the launch they would run builds down the line and would paint black to find any defects. I was out back one day and they have this huge crusher and the guy would pick up a perfect black body and sit it in the crusher and it would start to come down and he would push in on the side to make it fold inward. When it got down it would they fold the end up and he would put it on the stack and go get another. I ordered a Maverick in 71 grabber green with black and yellow stripes and black vinyl roof. A guy bumped my front fender one day and when I was working the dent out and sanding it I discovered the car was painted twice at the factory. There were two distinct layers of color when you sanded it. It was not just a spot repair but the whole car. I was told that the paint was probably rejected and they sent it back through. Talk to your Ford salesman if you ever order a new one and I think there is still a code for ordering a "Show Car" paint job. Ford does a better job on cars going to auto shows and events and you can apply the code to your car and get a great paint job for just a little more. In 1973 I think it was $135.00 to get a non standard color on you Mustang. I was going to do it on my Mach 1 but they called and said they would have to put a chrome bumper on because they could not match the rubber one. The rubber bumpers come in already painted and were not painted with the car. I had picked a Lincoln color that was very dark brown metallic trying to get something you would never see again. So never say a color is not correct until you check the original paperwork they might have ordered it that way. David
  23. I guess I should get these off the car sitting outside until I can get garage finished. They look to be orig. what do you experts think? Never had a car with 500s and just been reading all the likes and dislikes. These are on a 72 Q vert I bought in Dec.. There were some caps in the parts bins with it but don't have one handy. Need to get a Marti to see if they came on the car. David
  24. Like others say none of us do everything but some of use just have a skill that allows us to do more. My gal friend is an attorney and the grind of divorce and custody battles got to her and she decided to go a different direction. She quit the legal work and started to restore here over 100 year old house. She bought scaffolds, ladders, sanders, pressure washer, sprayer and spent lots of time on the net watching How To videos. When you walk down the street in her historic neighborhood and you see houses with 1/4" of cracking ugly old layers of 100 years of paint the look sad. When you get to hers she has stripped it to the bare wood, filled any bad places with wood hardener, primed at least two coats and then a couple coats of color. She took the window sashes out stripped then took all the old putty out and glazed them and put new weight cords in and new brass seals around them. People stop all the time to ask what contractor did the job and she always smiles and says me. It took her 3 years but it will last much longer than the other will. I am sure there are those that write the checks more could do the same if time and a place to do it allowed. Like I have read here I do not respect the ones that sit at home and have someone go find them a Shelby or Boss that is perfect and buy it and have it shipped to their home. If it goes to a show they ship it and never wash it or much less do anything to it. All they know is that it cost them six figures and they brag to their piers about the price they paid. All they do for the working guy is make our hobby too expensive. Everyone is different and that is what makes the world turn. David
  25. Great to hear another is coming back. What is the hole in the frame, rust, cut? Could you not just close the hole up to keep all your original metal. David
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