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  1. This is a no no for sure. The unibody construction flexes for sure and with rust eating away in critical areas it gets even weaker. I never start to work on a car without taking it to a frame shop and having it adjusted. Every car will need pulling in some way. I have attached a scan of the Volume 4 body Ford manual that has the dimensions to the "Tooling Holes" and there is one called the M.C.H. Master Control Hole that is what everything on the car is checked from. When the body is welded in the factory they used these holes to align the panels in the weld fixtures. Yes you can align the front wheels even with a twisted frame and the car will drive ok. But you might have fenders, hoods, doors, trunks and convertible tops that do not align properly. You can jack one of these cars up incorrectly and bend the body. Windshields have been know to crack when jacking up the car incorrectly. A frame shop with new equipment will use lasers to verify and correct the dimensions. If they have the old they will hang gages and measure the dimensions. Do it right and you will have no regrets don't and you might have more issues down the road. I cannot get the file to load it is a scan I might have to do a photo will do tomorrow. David
  2. Since it was a warmer day today and some of the snow was gone I went and looked under the 72 Q vert. with C-6 that I just bought and it has staggered shocks. When I can get under I will see if the brackets on the floor were added or factory spot welds. David That's a great picture beautiful car beautiful background. When I ordered a Maverick in 1971 they still did not have the V-8 as an option so I had the 250 6 cyl. in a grabber green one. You could get H.D. suspension on them for just $10.00 more. That gave you 5 lug wheels, better shocks and an 8" rear with heavier springs. Don't know why more did not have it for such a small price. The competition suspension is listed on the window sticker of my 73 Mach 1 as a NC option. It was part of the Mach 1 package. David
  3. Ok for what little I know about wheels. We made beer kegs where I worked and use the same equipment to roll the ribs into the kegs that they used to make rims. I watched video of them making rims. They would roll form up a band, seam weld it, grind smooth and put in roller form machine that was hydraulic. It cost very little to make the form rollers a few hundred dollars per set and you program the machine and wala you form the rim. Now the center with the brushed finish was probably copper plated the brushed and the chrome only protects what is under it if it is brushed copper it comes out brushed on top. I just bought a 72 that came with 500's but I have not looked at them to know it they are oem or repo. Now I know what to look for. Who does chrome work on them? Everyone I have asked says no they do not do wheels. Hydrogen embrittlement is one reason, afraid of law suit in future. Were the originals plated and then welded together? It would be a lot easier to plate & polish that way for sure. Getting an even coat with all the ups and downs would be tough. I will have to look at wheels tomorrow the snow is almost melted here, hurray. David Ok so I had to know so I went out and it is raining again. Mine are original with the brushed centers. I will have to pull them off and check the date codes but I do know they are rusty and need re plated. I do not know if they came on the car do not have a marti for it. David
  4. Are you going to paint the car with the fenders and hood off like they did at factory. And just curious to why you left the windshield in? Sounds like you are trying to do a correct restore. David
  5. Just thought I would post this link to craigslist post. It is a local Mustang Junk yard here in North Carolina. If this is the guy I think he had like 18 Shelby's back in the 70's and sold all of them. There use to be a crashed 427 cobra in the yard but I am sure it has been pulled out and sold. He only has Mustangs and maybe some other Fords that are sought after. http://charlotte.craigslist.org/pts/4863730945.html David
  6. I was a supplier to Ford for many years and at one time made parts for I think 15 different vehicles. The tooling is the property of Ford and when they go out of series production the tooling will go to a stamper that runs short runs for service. Not every part goes to a service part. At the end of a model they take a look and decide they will make say 500 of a part that goes to ecoat and then service. The big use service parts like front end parts, due to crashes, run longer than say a roof would that is seldom replaced in a crash. When the tools go to service they are usually greased down and stored outside in the weather. They might get ran every couple years and when Ford decides that is enough they are sold for scrap. You can get a license with Ford to obtain the tooling and run parts and they get a percentage of your sales. Dennis Carpenter in Charlotte, N.C. does this some. One of the largest if not the largest supplier of just service parts is Gerstenslager a division of Worthington in Ohio. A friend of mine worked there and they scrapped tooling like the induction hood for the Z-28 2 4-V set up. That hood is like gold now. We also made lots of the Aluminum trim in the 60's and 70's we made ever grill for the Ford pickups. We shipped the tooling to a service parts stamper and had to scrap all our production samples. I tried to get them but was told the contract with Ford would not allow it. So NOS grills for every model pickup and van went to the crusher, 10s of thousands of dollars. That will make you cry if you love cars. The prints for the parts was another thing that I wanted but they would not let me have and I was the engineering manager. A print for a T-bird quarter panel was about 20 feet in length and had all the views and dimensions of the part and all the engineering changes it went through listed. This was before CAD designs. I did manage to get I think the 63 galaxie and 64 galaxie grill prints. The drawings would have been great to hang on the wall in your garage. Now everything is CAD and printed drawings are consider uncontrolled documents. Now to make you feel even worse when you go to buy parts or a car. In todays world most of the cars at Ford go for under $1,000 for a body in white. That is a body that the "Buck Tag" that we all know would be attached to. That is all the sheet metal that would go to the e-coat line to be dipped in primer. A front fender costs less that $15.00 and small parts are figured by a cost per stroke of the press. Parts like the plates for the staggered shock mounts would be maybe .10 ten cents a hit plus the cost of the material @ $.25 - $.35 a pound. We stamped parts for lawn mowers on the same equipment as parts for Ford, BMW, Toyota. I see the GMC ad on TV saying they make their trucks from "Rolled Steel". Well everyone makes everything that is a stamping from rolled steel. There are forgings and castings made from steel but pretty much all steel is rolled. I know too much info but I need to write a shot paper on how the parts are tooled, produced and assembled. David
  7. The aluminum wheels were only 14" and came on Mustang, Maverick and Mercury. I have a set of each and one that I am not sure of since it did not have wheel center caps. The center hole is a different diameter on different cars due to size of axle and bearings in front hubs. I am going to put together a photo shoot of all of them with the numbers stamped in them and dimensions of the center holes when spring gets here. They use to sell for $10.00 each in the late 70's when people wanted a wider rim. David
  8. This is just a picture I had on computer this is a 12,000 mile original car. There is a plastic piece that floats around. Sorry it is not cleaner have not cleaned this car in 32 years one of those mental block things. David
  9. This looks like most is there the two ducts that hook up to hood are missing. Just posting thought someone was needing one. http://www.ebay.com/itm/D1ZZ-16613-71-73-Ford-Mustang-Ram-Air-Used-/331492044940?pt=Motors_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories&hash=item4d2e77308c&vxp=mtr David
  10. Get in good with your insurance guy and have him find you a totaled Shelby that you could get the entire drive train out of. It would be a beast and get great mileage and not break all the time. The older engines cannot compete with the new ones and hang together. You can push one of them to 1,000 hp and still drive on street. David
  11. I can't believe you guys had not seen these before. When I bought my 72 vert. I went looking and found them there on ebay in December. I guess not many people want them unless they came on the car. I decided to just KISS and not add them. My 73 Mach 1 came with them for $113.45 I guess I could not pay the mark up, lol. It would have been a pain to pull it all our of the donor car and for sure will be a pain going back. I rolled my rear window up on a girl friends daughters head once didn't know she had he head out the window. I don't remember if the relay was there or not might be hard to find. Have fun with the install and show us all lots of pictures during the swap. David
  12. We use to do the 1/2 leaf spring back in the 60's and made nylon bushings to make them solid. Also made better clamps to make sure the springs stayed together in the front as the axle is trying to wrap them up. My Mach 1 came with comp sus. and I never had any issue with wheel hop and I ran G-60's back then. I would put the brackets on I see them on ebay and should be easy to find on the many rust buckets out there. I will have to look at my Q vert with auto someone said they did not have staggered shocks. Just got the car and waiting for winter to pass before getting into it. David
  13. That has been on there a couple months. It is missing a couple parts the rear switches do not work if I remember right. I tried to make a deal with them and include the switches and did not work out. They didn't have in inner panels either. Now you have something to do this spring. David
  14. Welcome to the group. I need all the help I can get. Is it a Mach 1 or sportsroof? I see rocker panel moldings, maybe added? The snow is melting, hurray David
  15. It is only since the wealthy have starting trying to impress each other that the prices went up. In 1974 I turned down a Boss 429 with an extra engine for $1,000 because they were dogs. The Boss 351 was a much better car. Not just Fords either. Plymouth had to switch some superbirds back to regular body to even sell them. A bag boy at the local grocery had a superbird and a dodge Daytona that cost him less than $800 each. Our fork truck drive on the loading dock back in the 70's had a hemi superbird and AAR cuda that cost him hundreds. You had to sit in lines to get gas and you had the odd even tag number days. People did not want anything to do with those gas guzzlers in the mid 70's. I bought a motor cycle because you could not get enough gas to drive my 73 Mach 1 to work. I think as the generation that relates to these cars dies off you will see the prices drop again just like it has with the 1920 - 30 cars. David
  16. Hey what you have on your engine is up to you. They were sold through Ford dealers along with ordering from Shelby or a parts vendor. David
  17. I am currently waiting for DMV to come verify the VIN on the last car I bought. I also have a 1950 ford that when I did the title they put 1951 for the year. They would not correct their error. I am going to ask him what to do when he checks the mustang. See you in jail. David
  18. The new repo console is for sale on ebay now. http://www.ebay.com/itm/1971-1973-MUSTANG-COUGAR-Sportsroof-Coupe-Convertible-CONSOLE-100-NEW-/331490657567?pt=Vintage_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories&hash=item4d2e62051f&vxp=mtr David
  19. The repo consoles are on ebay. http://www.ebay.com/itm/1971-1973-MUSTANG-COUGAR-Sportsroof-Coupe-Convertible-CONSOLE-100-NEW-/331490657567?pt=Vintage_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories&hash=item4d2e62051f&vxp=mtr David
  20. I did not know until I saw this on ebay they are reproducing the console but does not have clock, less than trying to piece one together, $599.00. They were $67.95 in 1973 ordered on car. http://www.ebay.com/itm/1971-1973-MUSTANG-COUGAR-Sportsroof-Coupe-Convertible-CONSOLE-100-NEW-/331490657567?pt=Vintage_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories&hash=item4d2e62051f&vxp=mtr
  21. You should check the date codes and take pictures and post them. Some that would be correct for Boss 351 bring good money. I thought they were all 15" but maybe aftermarket 500's. David
  22. I am pretty sure the 9" is stronger than the 8.8. My son blew the casting up on his 84 mustang that had been upgraded to an 8.8 with a stock 302. I have a friend that put a Ford 9" in his 67 GTO Street Racer that has Roush Pontiac block bored to 550 ci, yes he does more than Ford. It turns over 150 in 1/4 in low 8 sec. and he has not broke the rear even with the big fat tires pulling wheelies with full steel body. The newer designs are easier to manufacture is the reason they went to them less machine time and fewer parts not because it was better. You will be hard pressed to find a full out competitor that does not us a 9" Ford. GM cars on NASCAR even years ago did not use GM rear they would not hold up they use the 9". David
  23. This is a scan of the Ford Volume 4 Body manual for 73. Some of the frame shops have ones with more dimensions like between the shock towers where they are always getting closer together. People struggle with hood, fender, door and trunk fit because they never go to frame shop to get them right. David
  24. For an old guy like me Pink Floyd and David Gilmour have to be on the top of my list. I watch the Pulse video every couple months. Yes I have the 12" laser discs with Pioneer player, lol. There are like 500 discs in racks who needs cable. David
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