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  1. My garage is dead in the water thought I would have the grading done and slab poured but snow on ground for last two weeks. I am headed to Cuba in two weeks to look at old cars drink lots of rum and see what I can find so when trade opens up I will be ready. David
  2. Since we are talking engines on the cold snow day. I have only seen one 289 Tunnel Port in all of my life. I go to the net on occasion trying to find one but have only recently found a guy that has the rocker arms but no heads or intake. This was Ford's first try to make a better engine for the Trans Am series and was only just a few engines for the racers then the boss 302 came in. Do any of you know where one is or have any photos. They were made for high rpm and ports were probably too big like the Cleveland is rumored to be. David
  3. Don't get hung up looking for the 9" Traction Loc in just a Mustang or Cougar. The center section is same in most of the F-150 pick ups and E100 vans. Go to a decoder site and get the decode info for what to look for. Take your binoculars and flash light and go junk yard and crusher yard hunting. It is easier to see the tag on the rear without crawling under if it is not covered in grease. You will need a different drive shaft due to larger U-joint from 8 to 9". Print up what you are looking for and take to the crusher yard. Here they will let you get stuff off before the smash them at great prices. I have seen N cases in 6 cylinder vans before. David
  4. When my 73 convertible got delivered I called a friend that does high end restorations to see if I could store it in his shop until my garage is up this spring. He walked around the car and was impressed that there was no rust. He said I was the only guy in this area with 71 - 73 don't know what happened to all of them and I have 2 verts and 2 Mach 1's. I am not a member of the local club but will join soon. I see lots of them on cl here but they do not seem to sell. Watching the snow melt here been on the ground a couple weeks and more coming. David
  5. Looks like he like T-Birds for sure. The 61 roadsters were a really nice car. Money talks. David
  6. Too bad you are so far away. I am sure you could get a much better one from the junk yards here. You need to be sure to take measurements of everything to get the body back square. With all the metal you have loose now not much keeping it in place. You are making progress which is good. We got up to probably at least 6 inches of snow here this morning. We have had snow on the ground for the last couple weeks has halted all work on my garage. David
  7. I am one of those crazy old guys also but we are everywhere. I need to go get pics of some of them here but might get shot also, lol. There is a 1968 Mustang with 428 cj that was crashed in front in 68 and been sitting ever since in a building. There are two really big ones in South Carolina. One old man has 7 or 8 Shelby convertibles in barns and sheds. You can see when passing but he will not sell. The story is they are willed to a county worker who will sell I am sure. The last one that was truly off his rocker was a millionaire that lost a bundle in the 2008 fall. A friend of mine does high end restorations and builds drag cars also was hired by him. He has a huge building that he put two down draft paint booths in and hired my friend and another guy to just do his cars. He has two R model 65 Shelby's, 427 cobras, boss cars and several other Shelby's. When the crash came he put all the cars in one corner of the building and let the two guys go and rents the building for warehouse. All those 6 figure cars just sitting there. I will see if I can get permission to go visit the two with all the cars to take pictures so we can all make wishes.
  8. Wow sounds like you were trying to push a rope, lol. Upholstery is like anything else you have to do it over and over to learn the tricks. When I took the upholstery class at our Tech College the instructor brought in a Chevy pick up to show everyone how to take the seat apart, take all the seams loose to use the pieces for patterns, cut the new material and sew it together and put it back on the seat and back in the truck. He also did both door panels. The guy wanted the upholstery done in denim just like jeans are made from. He put new foam and padding in the seat also. He did this in one class of 4 hours and he does not do upholstery for a living, lol. Did you turn the cover wrong side out to put it on?? Excuse the reference but it is like putting a condom on, lol. If you turn the cover wrong side out and then also use the plastic but we always got it out, it will go much easier. You always need another set of hands to hold and pull. I think they also make a spray that you spray the foam with to make it move easier also been too many years ago. The key to the hog rings is a really good set of pliers with longer handles. The very cheap ones are just that and do not work. If you think putting the covers on is tough try using one of the sewing machines. I could just see that needle going through my fingers. They have knee or foot controls but it is like 0 to 60 in .1 seconds. I think the machines will sew 11" a second if you put the pedal to the floor. When the instructor did the truck seat he folded the denim like 20 times and the machine would sew right through it. I was lucky the car I was doing was a 1950 ford and most of the material was cloth. If you sew cloth wrong no foul just take the stiches out and do again. Not with vinyl or leather you end up with a bunch of holes that cause the material to tear or look bad. There are special attachments for the foot on the sewing machine that aligns the piping but keeping three pieces of material lined up just right and feeding them into this finger eating machine makes the heart race. Since the textile industry in the south closed up and went off shore there were lots of commercial machines available so I actually bought a Singer machine for $250.00 off craigslist. They are built like tanks and this one actually has an oil pan and oil pump and will never wear out. I have done some furniture also but I stick with cloth. I bet if you had never seen a basket ball and someone told you to dribble it you would not do to good but practice with upholstery will make it seem like putting your clothes on. David
  9. Alex, I went to our local Tech College and took a course in auto upholstery. If you purchase one of the pre made covers out there they are pretty simple to put on just need Hog Ring pliers. I would replace the foam also they will look much better. Once you get the seat out and start to take it apart you will see where all the rings are crimped holding the wires in place to put the shape into the seat cushion and back. If you want to do a bang up job your would remove the old cover and foam and blast the springs and frame and repaint them. The seat tracks always need attention and will work great when cleaned and lubed. There are little tricks to get the cover to slide on the seat back like putting pieces of polyethylene on the foam and then pulling out when the cover is on. You can get the material that looks like a feed sack, burlap, at your local upholstery shop or some cloth shops have it. With the new foam they will feel so much better. If springs are broken you can get from a parts car. I think I have seen a video some where I will look for it. Hey found a step by step at one of the parts suppliers. http://www.cjponyparts.com/mustang-fastback-mach-1-seat-upholstery-1971-1973-installation-instructions/a/371/ David
  10. Another thing that some might not know about the alu. wheels. They used Tape A Weights from factory. They were on the inner part of the wheel and none on either bead. The stems were definitely black short ones. I kept the ones that came on my car originally but would never be able to find them, lol. Your spare was just a steel wheel I see some at shows with alu. spare also. The pic is an original with NOS Goodyear that rotted into the ground. The locking lugs did not come factory. David
  11. You just do not know how good their rum is. I was in China and got it there and it is the best. It is going to be an adventure. Got to keep the blood flowing. Maybe the CIA will find me, lol. David
  12. I went and looked and mine has the little piece on each side and the center is two parts so 4 all together. Did you get the one you needed on ebay? I saw one of the other member post on here that there were several in a junk yard where he lived in S.C.. We are melting out of the ice this week and maybe I can get back to clearing for my garage. I am headed to Cuba next month to look at the old cars and relax. It is a really cheap vacation a little over $800 for air and $25 a day while there and then the cab rides. David
  13. Maybe my 73 has a different round spring. It came with NASA hood and hood locks and I added the ram air and it stayed up fine. I took the ram air off for a MCA show many years ago and never put it back on. You can see the springs in the pics. David
  14. I was an automotive tooling and stamping engineer for most of my working years. I wish someone would use the latest UHSS, Ultra High Strength Steel, to make the connectors. Most tubing round or square is just mild steel cold rolled. Square or rectangle is made from a round by roll forming it. Steel that is normally used for these is mild steel because it is easy to form and has a yield strength in the 25,000 to 35,000 PSI the DP 1000 steel has a yield of 101,526 PSI so nearly three times a much to yield the material. But boy is that stuff difficult to form. We made frame rails for BMW and was working on tooling for the Nissan. You bend it once and that is it if you try again it will break. Even if the went to HSLA, High Strength Low Allow they could double the strength with the same weight. They are using these materials in new vehicles to reduce the weight but keep the same strength. A body shop will never be able to repair some of them. David
  15. I have heard the flat spring thing before but I am the original owner of a 73 Mach1 with the NASA hood and the springs are round wire. I also ordered the ram air and added it since you could not get from factory with the 4V and never had to prop the hood. The added parts to the hood are very light maybe 5 lbs. I picked it up the other day and move it in the storage building. Also have a 72 vert with the NASA hood and ram air and the springs are round and it was ok also. I just pulled the springs off so the hood was easier to close while working on it. Maybe there were different springs at different assembly plants or something. Was it a model change somewhere? I can see the flat hood having a different spring. David
  16. I have heard the flat spring thing before but I am the original owner of a 73 Mach1 with the NASA hood and the springs are round wire. I also ordered the ram air and added it since you could not get from factory with the 4V and never had to prop the hood. The added parts to the hood are very light maybe 5 lbs. I picked it up the other day and move it in the storage building. Also have a 72 vert with the NASA hood and ram air and the springs are round and it was ok also. I just pulled the springs off so the hood was easier to close while working on it. Maybe there were different springs at different assembly plants or something. Was it a model change somewhere? I can see the flat hood having a different spring. David
  17. Here in North Carolina they are getting very strict on the registration of what they term an Antique vehicle and a 73 mustang applies. I was at the DOT tag office last week to get my recently purchase 73 California vert registered and titled in N.C.. After getting everything filled in on the title and furnishing a letter with notary that the previous owner had indeed signed the title I paid the $119.00. I was give a sheet with phone number for a DOT field rep to come and check the serial numbers, door sticker, dash and inner fender. If all is not in agreement I cannot get a title in N.C.. They check the rivets in the dash to see if they have the like flower pedals around the outside. Not like a typical pop rivet. You can get replacements but they are like $5.00 each. A friend of mine was doing a 67 or 68 428 mustang for someone and it was ground up rotisserie resto. He went to put the dash back on and I think it was first year it was up next to windshield and there was not a tag. He called the owner and he did not have it. The owner called the guy he bought it from and he had taken it off and lost it. To get the replacement from Marti pictures and rub offs of the fender stamps and copies of the title were sent and they charged $500.00 for a new tag for the dash. You can never check too close. The VIN is also on the left rear of the block just under the head. It would be on the top of the transmission also. I would check them all. David
  18. Wow that is an aggressive timeline to have the car done in June. It would take me until June a couple years away. Be sure and post lots of pictures during your build. I have sent info to a shipper to get a quote on shipping car in container to S.A. and will keep you updated. I hope to come over in July or August and will look you up for sure. Maybe we can go hunting together, they let me guide at the ranch I go to been there so much. They said I knew the ranch better than anyone there. Have a great day, David
  19. Wow what a find. My two cents worth. If you try to make it a 100 point car you will probably spend twice what you can sell it for and you can never drive it. Finding all those hens teeth will take years and not just anyone can do the rust repair & restoration to a level it would need to be for a 100 point car. You can make any 351 into and "R" performance engine but you cannot make any of them into a real "R" car. I would find someone with more money than they have sense and then you can go build you a car that would eat it's lunch. Now if it was your dad's he bought new that would be a different story. David
  20. Fords name for the "Limited Slip" was "Traction-Lok Differential". This is how it is spelled on my window sticker. As they have already stated there are 28 and 31 spline axles and custom ones with even more. I am not 100% positive about the axle bearing outside dia. and thickness but if I recall you cannot put 31 spline axles in a 28 spline housing. Will someone refresh my memory on that? The previous owner of my 72 Q convertible put the next step up in it, 31 spline "Detroit Locker". It is I guess what you would call a positive traction. There is a ratchet mechanism in the rear that keeps both axles pulling no mater what. It will make a clicking noise in tight turns where the Traction-Lok has the clutches to slip in turns. It was an option in some of the High Performance models. In 73 the Traction-Lok option would have cost you $42.64. If you do put the Pumpkin in with Traction-Lok be sure to put the friction modifier additive in the gear oil. Another thing to note Ford put the 9" in lots of vehicles so you don't have to just look for one in a Mustang. I have a 69 Ford van that has a "N" case 9" 28 spline in it. Pick ups came with the 31 spline axles more than the cars did. The housings for other vehicles are different widths and offsets than the Mustang but the center sections will change out. I think the first year Ford used the 9" was 1957 so lots of vehicles to look into. Which every you go with you will have to get use to driving it. The car will swap ends with you if you are taking off and turning at the same time as spinning the wheels. It makes it more fun to drive and much easier to power slide or drift. A contractor here where I live got a Viper and after crashing it twice because he lost control when the rear wheels were spinning. He sold it and did not drive 200 miles, lol. A little oil, sand or a bump in the road under acceleration will do strange things quickly. David
  21. Sure thing John...You can check out my poor old mach 1 too:)..i think its a 50 or 51 ford...It is one of my dads old fords..My dad in the picture too with the gray beard..I took him down to check it out too. Yup..that is what they had planned for it..But you know how plans go...It has a clean little slant six in it though...i mite just run it around how it is for a while...tease some dodge fans...maybe sell it just to dump the money in my stang..maybe not..i dont know yet..hehe I would sell the mopar, lol. I like the 50 I have 4 of them 3, 2 door sedans and a business coupe. Show your dad the pictures inside the one with 16,000 original miles that I have. One of those barn finds. That is the original interior not redone the steering wheel is like brand new. David
  22. This is David again, I agree with some of them you should just get another body. I think if you ship the body without the drive train it is viewed by customs as parts. I know some of the guys over there will take a Harley apart and ship the engine to one port and the frame to another to get past the extreme duties on a complete Harley. It looks like a coupe from what I see in the pictures and I have seen pretty much rust free ones for only a couple thousand dollars. This link is to a 72 coupe on craigslist for $3,200 and is pretty much rust free and 30,000 miles. I was a 6 cylinder car buy you have the stuff to make back V-8 there. It has been on for longer than the 18 days is shows I think was a repost. I turned down running V-8 coupe with the NASA hood for $2,000 in December also on craigslist. http://chattanooga.craigslist.org/cto/4875895202.html What is the cost for a container now maybe $1,500.00 or less? I have not shipped anything to there but have shipped from Africa to U.S. when doing tooling in South Africa. The car is in North Georgia and could go to Charleston or Savannah to go on boat. Small container would hold it and could carry some spares also. I took the owner or the Maersk shipping in Port Elisabeth hunting in 2011 but have lost his contact info. It would make life so much easier and you would have a straight car. When you have to put floors and cowls in and you don't have a welding jig to hold everything in right place nothing fits. Doors, trunk hood. I would think long and hard about this one. I attached a copy of the Ford underbody dimensions for the Mustang. Here in the U.S. you can go to a frame shop and they verify these dimensions with a laser. You need a copy of the Ford Shop Manuals which you can buy on DVD from the Mustang parts suppliers. It will give you illustrations of everything. The Ford dealer there might even have the old printed versions. If these are not to specification you will have noting fitting correctly. The guy that did the welding before was crazy for sure. I hunt at Rangers Ranch maybe 18 kilometers outside Uitenhage. I love going to Addo Elephant park got charged by both Rhino and Elephant there had to out run them in vehicle. David
  23. If it is AM/FM 8 track it is not from a 71 - 73 mustang would be a big Ford or truck. I think the will fit and gives you the FM that is good. I had just bought one from ebay that was said to work and when I got it hooked it up to test nothing but the light worked. I pulled covers and there was not even a belt on the tape player. So when I contacted the seller he gave me a refund and said to just keep it. So I have some spare parts. David
  24. I will have to go check one day. I think one is within a mile of me. He owned a body shop and at one time he and his brother bought superbirds, one a 440 and the other a hemi. The 440 would outrun the hemi in 1/4 or top end. They sold both of them but one of their wives had one like in your pictures. When she died unexpectedly he left if parked where she last drove it under shelter and it has sat there for at least 25 or 30 years. He would not sell for anything. He is in his 70's. It might be newer but I think body style about the same. You are lucky about the rust. If you thought it was tough doing a 71 - 73 mustang because of rust these must have been dipped in salt before delivery. Not many left that you can restore and not have more than they are worth in them for sure. David
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