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  1. I went to storage to see what I needed for heater system for 72 vert. I discovered I need everything he was converting to air and I do not like air so I needed everything from the fresh air vents, ducts and heater box, controls. I will probably have some air parts for sell in the summer. David
  2. Mike My question was whether the front balance was painted both colors like the picture. According to the owner of the car the balance was not completely painted black/argent from the factory for 73. My 73 that just got delivered last week does not have the hockey stick stripe but is blacked out on the lower and is factory. It has the trim that establishes the break. This is a 48,000 mile, California car that sat in garage for the last 20 + years and has not been painted, original top and interior. Hope pictures answer some of your question. David
  3. I agree that the Tech school is a good source for learning. Ours actually had a course in Auto Restoration until the instructor retired. It went over everything from welding to upholstery. I took welding in my high school shop class in 1964 and bought a gas outfit when I was 18 that I still own. I also have a Lincoln wire fed machine that is flux core and bottle gas. It is 220 volt and got it at a pawn shop for 1/2 of the retail price and it had never been hooked up. When you pick up a welder you know whether is it a good one or not. The cheap ones use aluminum for the windings and the better ones use copper which is much heavier. I also worked in the automotive stamping industry and believe it or not Ford allowed you to weld up small cracks or splits in the metal that went to the assembly line. The name of the gas torch we used escapes me it has a very hot small tip and you feed the filler by hand. It did not warp the panels and was great I will ask one of the guys I worked with what the name was. I am retired now. Our best welder was a woman. You will soon learn to do small spots and skip about every 1/2" and then come back and spot some more. If you try to weld one continuous weld you will warp the panel. You cannot have too many clamps. They also make some material that you stick around your weld to keep the metal cool. You need to measure everything and brace the body before taking anything out. The Ford Body manual Volume 4 has the dimensions for the unibody. If you do not keep everything correct you will have fit issues that most blame on the panels not being right. Go slow and I am sure you will be fine. David
  4. After you go get the New Attachment are you hitting the button to the right Add Attachment. If you don't if will not attach. Took me a while to figure that one out. Welcome to the group, David
  5. All of the cars should have the same location. The reinforcement under the hood has the clearance already cut in it. If I remember correctly when you bought Ford parts it came with a template. I would never find it in the piled up barn. I can measure on mine that was factory installed if you want. David
  6. I know from the little I have learned that temp can give you the fish eyes like this. I have been told nothing colder than 65 deg. for the temp on the part being painted and use a heat gun to dry it faster. It also looks like you are just in a garage no booth. If you have every used silicone lube, or Armor all on or around the parts you will always be getting this. The PPM Parts Per Million is like nothing of silicone to cause an issue. This can come from a vent from a clothes dryer using fabric softener. If you use under arm antiperspirant it can cause fish eyes. While working in manufacturing this was taught to us by Ford, John Deere, BMW, and others. John Deere was having fish eye issues on a powder coat line for lawn equipment. Samples were tested and reviewed under electron microscope and the found the antiperspirant and it was banned from use by employees. Once John Deere had to dump their paint system in Moline where they do the combines so these tanks make car plants look like kidi pools. There was a single silicone bracelet like is given in support of like breast cancer found in one tanks. The silicone in it caused millions of dollars of lost chemicals and paint. What is on you, your parts, your garage, in the air will kill your paint job not just your gun. Some paint suppliers give no warranty if you have sand blasted the parts, sand is silicone in one form. Clean clean clean better than a hospital. If you have ever visited a car assembly plant you know that you cannot go into the paint area unless you are checked and wear hair net, and like a hazardous material suit and booties . You cannot touch anything. David David
  7. Hey just some comments. I am not a painter but have done several cars, trucks and vans over the years. The paint today I have absolutely no experience with but a local restoration is going to let me come and be in booth to learn the new materials. I only shot two part paints from PPG and DuPont in the past. I did on 1965 fastback t-5 for a friend in 1974 I think. He wanted pearl paint with what was then new Flip Flop from Metalflake. It changed from white to blue to gold depending on the direction of the light. It was painted and all body work done in his basement garage. The car was painted apart so everything was painted. He took it to a ISCA show when finished. That might be wrong name I think International Show Car Association. They use to tour the country and have custom car shows in civic centers. Anyway he won first place in his class which was mild custom. I was there with him and the car and people would stop and study the paint and would ask who painted it and what gun was used. It was funny I was called a liar so many times those three days. I used a Sears portable air compressor with air ran through a coil of copper tubing in a bucket of ice water to dry it. I used the free paint gun that came with the compressor. Yes is was lacquer back then and it is forgiving for sure. I did all the body work and let the car sit for several weeks to allow everything to shrink and solvents to get out. The day we painted it we started about 7:00 am with the epoxy primer sealer. Then you painted it with just white lacquer. Then you put the pearl on then you misted the Flip Flop on and then the many many coats of clear lacquer. I think there were 37 coats of clear to fill in all the little beads of pearl. Finished up at like 2:00 am the next morning. The paint did look like it was water and you could reach into it. His son still has the car and the paint is cracking with so much being on there. My point is you can do a great job with not so great equipment. I also know someone who has one of the highest awards with AACA and he painted his car with cases of rattle cans of lacquer and wet sanded and polished. It was black and like a mirror. David
  8. I was working on getting the new garage going and now 2" of ice on everything and you cannot even stand up. The dog cut a flip this morning during her morning walk. The 72 Q vert I got is sitting in drive wrapped up in tarps waiting on its stall in the garage. Got the DOT guy coming next week to verify the VIN on the 73 vert. When you title an antique car in N.C. they have to verify all the VIN#s to make sure it was not stolen and numbers changed. Me and gal friend are headed to Cuba in March to get a break, don't tell the government we don't have permits we just go somewhere that does not require them. Lots of old 50's cars there. $25.00 a night, great food and not a tourist trap best rum you ever had. David
  9. How did we miss out on that one, great fun. David
  10. I don't think it was when he ran a Ford but Richard Petty actually had one on his race car. I think it was a superbird. It came loose during the race and they had to pull it off, lol. I ordered a 71 Maverick Grabber, Grabber green with a black vinyl roof. I was on one of my cross country trips when I came out of Death Valley California the vinyl roof got a big bubble under it like 2 feet in dia. and an inch high. It was hot. Everything on a car has a cycle, wire spoke hub caps, wide whitewalls, blue dot tail lights, vent windows, high bumper guards each looks good on the car it came on but put it on one that did not and it just does not fit. Great discussion, David
  11. I am now retired. Was a tool & die maker in 60's and 70's went into engineering and was tooling engineer and product engineer. I helped design parts and tooling for Ford, Toyota, BMW, Mercedes, Honda, John Deere, Husqvarna and others. My last job was Engineering Manager at a tool shop in WuHu China. That was to make money to support my Mustang habit. Built my first car in 1964 / 65 while in high school. Work took all my time tooooo long so retire as soon as you can.
  12. If you try to restore you will go crazy and broke but if you build what you like you will smile all the way. David
  13. Unless you want to kiss some serious A-- you might as well do what you want. Keeping a car original has become a rich mans hobby and you have to rub the right elbows to ever get to the top. I have a 1950 Ford that had Ford louvers. 49 was the first year they were an option not 69. Picture shows them laying on the package tray. I tried to put them on my new 84 20th ann mustang but the 1/2 year model spoiler was in the way and they would not fit. David
  14. From the cold mountains The more the merrier Welcome and ask away David
  15. My quarter windows roll down in my Mach 1. If you got power windows 71 - 73 they rolled down. Been seeing a thread about adding manual roll downs to a Mach on here. Everything out there to do it just need a donor.
  16. I completely understand you. I didn't mean to come off as rude if I did so. Thank you sir! I bet the backwards head gasket is the most common error on the Ford small block. It has probably given them a bad name just because they did not read what was on the gasket. Ones I have encountered would not run hot that much but would blow the water out after you stopped because of the hot spots caused. If anyone every complains about an engine that blows water out when you shut it off it is almost a bet the head gasket is backwards. David
  17. The SVO cars also cooled the air going into the engine with the intercooler and the shape of the scoop in the hood is also NASA based. I have an 85 and it would eat my Mach 1's lunch any way you want to run it. They are fun to drive but just don't sound like a big V-8 does. It just sits with all the others parked because I let work rule my life. David
  18. Hello from the U.S.A. There is a wealth of info here and if you need parts we can also probably help. I have been to South Africa 14 trips, 15 hrs from Atlanta to Joburg. I end up in Port Elizabeth and then go up toward Addo from there. Have a friend with a hunting ranch there. Most in the U.S. probably do not realize that Ford has made cars in S.A. since the 1920's. GM is also in Port Elizabeth and many others including VW in the area. The cars there are right hand drive but I see the Mustang is L.H.. Ford never made any R.H. Mustangs that I am aware of. I have see Barracudas in Africa that are R.H. drive and many Fords and Chevys. I double that your door I.D. sticker is still in place but if it is on the drivers door L.H. on the end of the door there should be a sticker. The DSO code should be in the 90's for an export model, note it says for export only. I attached a picture of one that went to Germany. This car could have been brought over by Ford for a show or just a customer. I know the F-150 use to be the SAPS, South African Police Service vehicle of choice back in 60's. I will be coming over later this year and could bring a few parts with me, lol. I have also sent items over in mail as gifts to the ranch. Keep it out of the scrap. I know they call a body shop a panel beater in Africa so get to beating on it. David
  19. Interesting facts but a couple I would challenge. #8 last with cold air induction. The 84 GT had a nice set up that pulled the cold air from outside the engine compartment and had Holley 4 V. I have 20th. ann with this set up, pic attached. #9 Last with Hurst shifter. The 1984, 85, 86 SVO came factory with Hurst shifter also. There have to be some other first or lasts. Was the rear window defogger ever on a Mach 1 before? It was last convertible for many years. David
  20. This is the reason I quit MCA back in the 80's. They make the rules fit their cars and do not consider any other cars to be correct. I know for a first hand fact that one of the Head Judges car is not as stated it was a local car here and things changed that he says came from Ford. The mileage has somehow gone backwards several thousand miles also. I cannot see how undercoating can be a deduct when mine is listed on the original Ford order form not something I did to hide anything. They also said fasteners I had on my car were incorrect and it is 100% original. I do not know if the sound deadening was hand sprayed then or robot but I have walked the paint line in Ford plants and watch vehicles go through some stations and not get sealer and deadener applied and just keep going. This happens a lot at model change. Also at the end of models they do substitutions for fasteners trying to balance out the inventory. There is no book that gives every variable that came on any Mustang... We would keep stampings in our rework area for months sometimes so when they got shipped and put into cars the date codes would be 6 months off from other panels. MCA would say that was not original. For some new model builds I have actually ordered the parts from Ford stripped the ecoat made the engineering changes and then shipped back to Ford to be put into new model builds and the date codes could have been years off. That is how I see it, David
  21. Since I am new to this place I just stumbled back into my first post and saw your question about the T-5. I actually do not plan on restoring it. It is getting in bad shape but would make a great car. It even had the rear window defrost. It was blue with deluxe interior, fold down, Q code 4 speed. It is pretty much taken apart I put the parts in plastic and in the barn to give a little protection. I attached a pic of the door tag but not very good don't know if you can read or not. I understood a sergeant in the U.S. Army brought it back after his tour in Germany. I have been told they would ship the car for you for $1.00. I know they are rare here a friend has a 65 fastback T-5. I have a few NOS T-5 parts, emblems and hub caps. I would have to get the title also never bothered but I am sure I can do so. I think it had like 35,000 miles on it when crashed. David
  22. Hello and Welcome from North Carolina where we are in the deep freeze. Looks like your dad was smart and kept everything for you. Like some have said give it a good wash first take lots of pictures as the car is for sure. I saw someone in their post say to use Armor All I would not use it on anything. If you need to paint it causes many issues with the paint just a good mild detergent. The interior was not shiny and slick when new. Go slow ask lots of questions and like many have said throw nothing away. I would be for finding the build sheet inside the car. Sometimes under the dash, back seat or under the carpet. It will tell all about your car. Hope your dad kept all his paperwork when he bought it also. If so please share. Great car for sure, David
  23. I was a supplier to Ford and had to go to the assembly plants during model changes and be there in case there were any assembly issues. At the Ohio plant in Cleveland where they assembled the Econoline van I spent weeks watching them assemble from beginning to end. They would take a grease pencil and write a number, usually where the license plate went, that was the consecutive unit for the day or shift I do not remember which. This was painted and assembled. I am pretty sure they did it at the T-bird Cougar plant but did not spend much time there. I was only there once because of a complaint of a bent place in one of our parts. When we walked the line the bend was not in the part coming off the rack but was being added by Fords assembly line equipment. So we bought an airline ticket, rental car and hotel room to go show them where they were bending the parts. Did any of you ever see a number written in the area where your rear license plate goes with grease pencil or marker? That would be the unit number coming off the line for that day or shift I do not remember which. David
  24. Kit, Great insight for sure. So do you agree is there is a special DSO that is more than 2 numbers the car would be a special edition? Also if the option shows up on the build or buck tag under the hood or the build sheet inside the car would that also say that Ford did the install? I guess there is a fine line to what is Ford and is not Ford. The Tri Power 65 option was only dealer install as far as I know. Would we then say it is not Ford? One of those sold last week for I think $90,000 + a K convertible with the tri power. Would we say if there is a Ford part number associated with it that it would be "Factory"? Did you keep any of the big books the salesmen had that gave all the different things that you could order? I live within a couple miles of the old Banjo Matthews shop and the dealer here use to order him "Gliders" with the "Sealer Delete" to build the race cars with. There were so many things you could do that the consumer never knows about unless he saw one of those books. It is great to hear info direct from someone that has lived it. David
  25. I did tooling for automotive and it is not easy to make the trim. You have to roll form it then have a stretch bender to make the forms. Show me a custom shop that has that capability and I will say it was not factory. If they could make that trim they would be making the wheel opening trim today. David
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