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  1. Yes it was new but when I wanted every option it was only $57.00 more. Do you not want that time machine to go back? David Did you get the intermittent wipers as well? Found the notice from the web site in junk mail so I was slow answering. Yes I did get intermittent wipers. They are listed as Interval Windshield Wipers on sticker and cost $23.23 back then. The only option not on the car was the engine block heater. There are some options not there because you could not get them on a Mach 1. I think I got the scan of dealer invoice, written order & Invoice for what I paid attached. You can see how little the dealer made. Of course they also get paid for selling the car. The window sticker was also two pages due to the number of options. I added at dealer, undercoating, door edge guards, locking spare tire, front spoiler, ram air, rear carpeted floor mats to match the fronts that came with car and changed the vacuum advance distributor to mechanical. I think that totals 34 options in total. The dealer thought I was crazy for ordering a Mustang with everything. I would think the power windows are the most rare of all but do not know. I have never seen another with the leather steering wheel. David
  2. Yes it was new but when I wanted every option it was only $57.00 more. Do you not want that time machine to go back? David
  3. It is tough on them I changed the front ball joints twice in 12,000 miles. When you hit a curb sliding sideways it breaks something.
  4. That is a great fix for the switch and good info for those needing them. You have to get more cautious getting into the car I broke mine with pants leg getting caught on it and I am sure my convertible will be the same way. I am right at 6'5" so not many cars fit me but the mustangs do. Great info for those with the defroster. David
  5. Randy you need to take the convertibles out of the totals You can use the knob from a new power top switch Item #D1ZZ-15668 71-73 CONVERTIBLE TOP SWITCH ASSEMBLY Includes correct plastic knob and die cast chrome nut. Made exactly like originals. Price: $49.95 Hard to find PARK and BELTS lights Thank you for that information. Furthermore, can anyone confirm whether the backlite switch is merely a momentary switch or something more complex? I have already put the switches up or I would have hooked a meter to one. The pic is some NOS ones that I bought in 1982 and have squirreled away. They cost a little of $11.00 each back then. Sorry the pic is not that good. It looks like they were made by two different suppliers different ink stamping on them. When mine broke it broke the metal part the knob screwed on so getting the convertible top one would do no good since nothing there to attach to. Most if not all of the companies that made these are out of business due to China and such. There was one local company here CTS, Chicago Telephone Service. They made switches for Ford and others. The turn signal switch that also had the cruise control on it was made there. Ford wanted the entire switch for less than $.99 so they went off shore. Can you believe 99 cents and if you went to buy one it was probably at least $30.00 back then. I guess the handling is the expensive part, thanks unions. David
  6. I also end up at the local Goodwill's a couple times a week. I got a killer video set up that I use going to Africa. It is Sony HDR-FX1 1080 HD camera that had different lens, 40 gig portable hard drive, will also record on tape or memory. Had the editing box, filters, microphones and full camera bag, shoulder mount and on and on. When I got home we looked everything up on the net and it was over $10,000.00 and I paid $850.00. The first time I used it was at granddaughters graduation and a local TV news crew guy came up and asked if I did professional video work and I said no that I got it at goodwill. He said it was better than their field cameras at the TV station. I got a pressure washer at one today looks like it has never been started, spotless and air cleaner looks new. It is a DeVilbiss 6 HP. and it was $75.00. Every time I go something is a great buy. Navajo pottery signed for $2.00. My daughter is setting up a ebay store to sell the stuff. We live in a big retirement area and when they die they give everything to Goodwill so you never know what will be there. I got my Nikon Digital SLR there for $65.00 with nice flash when new was over $2,000. There was 45 wooden shaft golf clubs there the other day. There is money laying around everywhere you just have to pick it up. I sold parts at swap meets for 20 years that is how I bought all my cars. Never worked a day to pay for any of them, buy, trade, sell.
  7. Once I was at the local Ford dealer and saw a couple guys carrying out all these books and tossing them into a pickup. I went to the owner of the dealership and asked what was up. He said we are throwing out all the old owners manuals and service and parts books. They were both Ford, American Motors and Jeep at the time. I asked if I could have them and he said yes. I loaded up my old 69 ford van and sold hundreds of dollars worth at swap meets and still have boxes full. I bet I have a hundred new owners manuals for several years of Ford pickups. Going to put some on eBay and see what happens. No such thing as junk or trash just what can I make with it, lol. David
  8. That was a nice job on the console. If you want a sticker shock get a quote to plate the chrome again. Not too many places can do plastic and we all know the instrument cluster, center dash, console and right dash all have the little bit of chrome showing to set it off. The quote I got just for the speedo / tach part was $450.00 so you would need to do that for 4 pieces. I told them they were crazy and did not do it. Going to research on if you can buy pieces of the material that they do car wraps with. I saw several in China and the entire car looked like chrome. It is some kind of plastic wrap don't know where to look for it. Just a thought when all the shiny stuff is gone from cleaning the interior too much. You have to go easy on that stuff. David
  9. I was looking through some of the stuff in the garage and I have 3 of the switches NOS in the box looks like bought them in the 80's. David So a little under 8% for the three years. I would assume that the defogger was offered on the coupe models but do not know that never paid any attention to it. I know when I ordered a Maverick Grabber in 71 I did not get the defogger because I had never had a car with the wire in the back window. I did not get air either just do not like it. When I ordered the Mach 1 I got air but pulled the belt off as soon as I got home. David
  10. I was looking through some of the stuff in the garage and I have 3 of the switches NOS in the box looks like bought them in the 80's. David
  11. Ok I have the following. 1972 Mach 1, Q, 4 speed T-5 German model 1972 Q, Auto, convertible 1973 Mach 1, Q, 4 speed original owner 1973 H, Auto, convertible David
  12. Where are you headed in N.C.? I live in the western part in Hendersonville. I have 8 Mustangs and will be glad to see more coming. Beautiful I don't know why I didn't order green. David
  13. I am working on 72 & 73 vert. do you have "A" post covers? Also need inside rear side panels. Could use pretty much entire heater, defrost system with all ducts. They tore one in 72 to pieces getting it out. Need good grill with all trim pieces also. Thanks, David
  14. Hello, I have posted some information on the aluminum wheels before but will hit the high spots here. I ordered them on my Mach 1 new so have them and a set off a Maverick that have the same center hole diameter. I also have a set of Mercury which has a larger center hole due to the fact that the centers on the axle and front hub were larger on the Mercury. I also have another set that did not have center caps and not sure what they came off but they have an even larger hole in the center. Wheels are designed for the center hole to carry the weight of the vehicle and the lug holes are just to make them go round and round and hold them on. Not saying you will ever have an issue with lugs breaking but the lug studs will be carrying the weight not the center of the wheel. Check the diameter of your axle and front hub and see if the wheels you have fit with little clearance. I would think that wheels for a Comet would have the same dia. as the Mustang but wheel for the larger Mercury will be larger. The pictures of the 4 on eBay look like originals. The center color should be red. I have seen black ones for sale and do not think they every came from factory as black. If you ordered a Ford service part the center caps would only have 3 attaching screw holes instead of the 5. Use never seize or anti seize on the screws in the caps to keep them from locking up and breaking off when you remove them. Some tire shops have to remove the cap to replace the tires some do not. The center plastic piece to my knowledge is not available by itself. I do not know how you could replace them they are staked into place by crimping a ring inside the Zinc cap against the plastic. When the weather is good I will pull all the wheels out get the numbers off the take pictures of the wheels, caps and measure all the center holes for reference to all. These wheels are much stronger than aftermarkets that are just cast and just look right on a 73. Back in the 70's I bought the extras for $10.00 each with caps because people wanted a wider tire than the factory wheel would carry. The TRX wheels went the same way in the 80's when the tires cost too much and eventually went out of production they were sold for scrap. you can get repo TRX tires but also expensive. Beautiful day in the mountains going to be in 60's today. David
  15. Just a note about the stuck adjuster. I put a very small amount of never seize or anti seize on the threads only when I put these in. There are several brands and I think they all work. Just do not get it on the end where it might get into the brake fluid. Use it on any bolts that get stuck over time like thermostat housing, headers, exhaust donuts, screws that go into water jacket anything that is difficult to get out over time. Of course do not put it on fasteners that are torque critical like flywheel, rods and such they might come loose. This stuff can save you thousands on the new Ford 4.6 and 5.4 engines by putting on the spark plugs. Some shops make you sign a release that if the rear plugs break during a tune up you have to pay to pull the head to get it out crazy expensive on some models. Aluminum heads and spark plugs love to stick together. David
  16. Great to hear there are more original owners, great cars. I am pretty new here also but welcome to the group. David
  17. if you are interested: http://www.ebay.com/itm/1973-Mustang-Heated-Backlite-Switch-Harness-Relay-Etc-71-72-/301520730224?pt=Motors_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories&hash=item4634093870&vxp=mtr Eddy Just info, I have read somewhere that I think 7% or the Mach 1 and Sportsroof cars had the "Electric Rear Window Defroster" as stated on the window sticker. Don't know how they could come up with that. I had asked Marti to try to sort the data by options once and he said it was not set up to sort. My 73 Mach and 72 T-5 both have the option that cost $57.00 new. I did break the knob of my switch also with catching my pants leg on the handle. I think it was maybe 1975 and when I went to the dealer to get one he said they were not available. So I had him do a nation wide search for them at dealers and I think there were three so I bought all of them. That is another one of those parts that turned into gold. Will watch the one on eBay to see if it sells. David
  18. I am more confused on this than anyone here probably. I just received the two AM 8 Tracks that I bought off eBay. They are for 73 Marked D3ZA-19A242 AB. There are two wires on one plug that look like blue with red stripe and yellow with black stripe. The other plug that I guess is the speakers has a black with white hash marks that I think is common for the speakers. There is a white wire with green hash marks that I think is R.H. Speaker. There is an Orange with maybe a green hash that I think is L.H. Speaker. So is the Blue wire with red stripe for the light in the radio and the Yellow with Black the hot wire for the radio????? I have attached a couple pics since the descriptions up the chain are different in colors. I wanted to test them before the warranty runs out but also do not want to fry anything either. Give me something mechanical that I can work with, lol. David
  19. Hello, I think you are right on the front spoiler only being black but I did buy a crashed Mach 1 T-5 in 1976 I think and the front spoiler was painted argent. I have one NOS front spoiler in the Ford box will have to get it out and make some pics before using it. I agree about the hood, rear spoiler and stripes matching the flat black. I have an original 73 Mach and can get some pics that show that. Most people do not spray around the front side marker light before putting the stripe on like the factory did and also around the tail lights in back. I need to get pictures of everything since this car is all original. It is original just not washed in 32 years so one day soon I will clean it up. David
  20. Shawn, That would be great. Been wanting this garage all my life. My gal friend feels sorry for me so she is getting me a massage and soak in the Hot Springs at Hot Springs, N.C. today. They say it might snow there so that would be neat to be in the hot tub and snowing. Where are you located Columbia, Anderson? My son lives in Anderson. David
  21. NPD can't really supply any "official" info about how to correctly mount a rear spoiler on a coupe or convertible, since it was never available on a coupe or a convertible from the factory. I have two Mach 1's with factory installed spoilers. I can measure and take pics of where they are positioned and the verts should be the same. I would think it is the location of the rear edge that is important. They were just starting to do wind tunnel stuff with the cars back then. I know when I added the front spoiler it made a big change in how the car acted at over 115 mph. I made the front much more stable. I will do some of that next week busy with garage build now. David
  22. I will take some pics and record the dimensions but will be next week. Busy here trying to get the garage going. David
  23. The sticker price was $5156.90 if you look at the order the total was $5,203.92 and they gave me $494.17 discount I paid I think a little over $4,700.00 when it was all in. Yes I would have ordered the 429. I actually went and looked at the Boss 429's the local dealer had 9 on the lot due to lots of NASCAR located here back then. The dealer said I would never get insurance but found out later that they would insure anything I wanted since I had made no claims and pretty much always outran the cops when they were chasing me, lol. I did turn down a Boss 9 in 1974 for a $1000.00 with and extra engine. You could not get gas and those big engines drank it. I was a tool and die maker so Vietnam did not get me and I made good money for the day. Well got to get outside and work on the site for my garage finally getting my dream garage, 80' X 50' this spring. There are lots of cars around here like mine I mean low miles just sitting. There are 428 cj and one guy has I think 8 Shelby convertibles just sitting and will not sell them and he is in his 80's. I have a 1950 ford barn find with 16,000 original miles on it attached a couple pics inside the Mach and the 50 both original. Just go out and hunt and ask questions you would be surprised what is hiding out there. David
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