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  1. David, Sent you a PM about this. Curtis I found a '73 tilt column in Houston last year with everything included and paid $125 if I recall. I'm cleaning it up and refurbing it for my '73 'Vert. That was a find for sure you just have to keep looking and they do pop up. Will go look at message. David
  2. I was probably lucky I just bought a 73 last week out of Atlanta for $260.00. It has the rag joint, clamp plate that goes on firewall, column to dash mounting plate, ignition switch & key and the tilt and turn signal mech. work. I had ran an add on craigslist in Atlanta looking for some hard to find Mustang parts and he answered my ad. He had a couple Boss 351 cars he was doing and did not need the column. He also had NOS Ford front fender if anyone interested. Like others mentioned when buying one of these be sure it is the right one and has all the parts they are hard to find the replacements and expensive. I think a turn signal cost $150.00 if you can find one. David
  3. If your car is a Mach 1 it should have the honeycomb design grill. You can still buy new ones off the original tooling if you cannot find a used one but you have to round up all the trim pieces also. David
  4. I am going to be doing this to a couple verts soon. I bought one car apart and it had what looked like a correct spoiler and one of the three trunk lids was drilled and primed. When I got to looking at it they had butchered up the reinforcement inside the trunk because the bolt holes had fallen inside the formed reinforcement. After checking I found that the spoiler that came with the car was 36" between the centers and should have been 33". The spoiler is a 69 model that only came on the Boss from the factory in 69. So I have a junk trunk lid and a 69 spoiler for sell. I think the trunk spring was different on cars that came with spoilers. I know if I take the spoiler off the trunk of my Mach 1 that came with a spoiler you better watch out when you open the trunk it will fly open. David
  5. Hey guys set me straight going from memory of 50 years ago. The Shelby mustangs at the least the 65 R models has what I think was called an override traction bar for the road racking. It did not lift the front end it pushed it down to make the front end stick coming out of a corner. Is that what I remember correct? So if you are autocross or road racing you need an entirely different traction bar set up. For drag you are trying to lift the front end to transfer weight to the rear but not so for handling. I know someone that knows will set me straight if I am wrong. David
  6. Front end crashes take a toll on the engine. Yes the radiator and fan and stuff is easy to replace. When a car goes from whatever speed to zero there is a "G" force and all that force of the heavy crankshaft slamming into the block thrust bearings can actually crack the main bearing webs. Happened a lot on NASCAR crashes with iron blocks. Is this thing a aluminum block? If so I would never put much money into it. Just my thoughts. David
  7. Gosh I have not learned how to use this system. I thought I had posted a reply and some pics this morning but I do not see them. I went to the garage and I have two sets of NOS Ford Speaker Kits Part # D2ZZ18808A. It contains the two speakers, speaker grills, wiring with the rubber boots and the mounting hardware. The wires with the boots have the following part numbers. D1ZB15629BD for one side and the other D1Zb15629AD for the other. I guess the speakers were a 72, 73 option and the wiring boot would have been for 71 - 73 since all could have power windows and would also need the boot. The boot looks the same for either number. Good luck on your search I just got the two AM / 8 Tracks I bought on Ebay last week. Both look great just need a set of knobs for one. Please do not put Armor all on anything. Do a test applying it and put in sun and see what happens to the test sample. It is also the curse of the paint shop fish eyes everywhere. David
  8. Hey never put armor all on anything very bad. I think I can give you the part numbers and I have a couple sets of NOS ones in the garage for my 72 and 73 verts. I just got the AM - 8 tracks off ebay last week. I bought theses years ago kept blowing the speakers in my Mach 1 listening to Pink Floyd, lol. They would only be on cars that had power windows or the stereo speakers to protect the wires. The kit that includes the two speakers, all the wires, two speaker grills, mounting hardware and the two rubber bellows is D2ZZ-18808A. The individual boots and wire harness has a tag with D1ZB-15629BD & D1ZB-15629AD. I guess the door speakers were not on a 71?? since the part number is 72 but there would have been 71 cars with power windows so the boots carry a 71#. I have also attached a couple pictures the boots look the same for Right or Left it is just the wiring that is not symmetrical. Sorry cannot sell them they are turning into gold each day. David
  9. Hey I like to watch paint dry. I am new member so I do not know your story but I am sure I will hear more. I don't have but 4 convertibles, 2 Mach 1's, 20 th. ann and 85 SVO so I have to get a few more before they rust away. David
  10. Glad to have you with us I also have a couple convertibles. David
  11. Hey sounds like an auction coming up on the toploader. I would also be interested. Welcome to the club. David
  12. Welcome from North Carolina. Are the parts available in Mexico or do you have to import them? Your English is fine great car and just keep fixing little things and it will come together. David
  13. Here in Western N.C. we had a 1/4 mile strip in the 60's and early 70's called A&H Dragway for Asheville & Hendersonville. It was built on the old airport in the area of Fletcher, N.C.. Then I only had my 1950 ford with the flathead. I will have to look for some old timing tickets I did get into the 15's with a flathead running in "T" or "U" stock. But nothing stock about it, lol. I can remember when the L.A. Dart I think it was called came and it lost control and ran into the cars parked beside the strip. They loaded up and got across the state line ASAP. I can remember the big 64 Ford Galaxie that would show up and blow everyone away. You could pull up and park to watch the drags. There were no guard rails. I saw on HiPo 289 65 mustang blow a flywheel near the end of the run and it cut the headers into and also the steering column, no blanket or shield. The strip was over 1/2 mile long paved since it was old airport so he coasted to a stop. The winner most weeks was Totssie Paity in his 289 HiPo Comet if he lost it was because he missed a gear. That car was never on the road and was called Little Do Do. I think his family still has it but now some big block in it's place. There were even 60 HP flathead dragsters that ran. It was forced to close because of people complaining about the noise and they could never find anywhere to open a new one due to everyone being against it. Sadly I did not take any pictures my sister might have her and her husband met drag racing in town. He had a 57 chevy hardtop with 283 and 2 - 4 V. We had a 57 Ford hardtop with 312 V-4 and he could never beat her 1/4 mile or top end. Great times, David
  14. When they put them in in the factory it was lay it in and run the screws. I took a console out of a 72 Mach 1 and there was a cigarette melted into the carpet. Someone was smoking put it down and then another guy sat the console over it and screwed it in. I don't think they did precise measurements. David
  15. Since we are talking about pop open caps. I have been told by a couple people that put the repo on, and it was Drake, not to waste my money. It would not stay closed. Are there any repos that work like the original or just the cap with cover? Will they clear the metal panels like on verts? Thanks, David
  16. Great job in the instructions much better than most manuals. I have one of those 73 Mach 1s with power windows and the rear ones always leaked. There is still silicone caulk that the Ford dealer put around the frame to try to stop the leak. I don't think they ever did. I bought new and still have it. I rolled my gal friends daughters head up in one side once did not know she was hanging out the window, Ops. David
  17. What you say is so true. I drove like a maniac when I was young when you are a teenager you are bullet proof for sure. The way I kept my son from going wild was to put him in a racing go cart when he was 8 and we both raced until he turned 16 and found out what girls could do, lol. He had some bad crashes and went to hospital once had bad bruised kidneys but was ok. He learned how to drive on dirt so he knew what to do when the car went sideways. He even yelled at his mom on icy road when she turned the wheel the wrong way. Thank goodness he never crashed anything until he went to sleep a couple years ago and crashed his Ranger PU at 30 years of age. He had a Hyundai for first car and then he bought a Camaro and could not keep it running was broke all the time. I gave him my 20th. ann Mustang that he still has sitting in garage. I think the go cart racing with the wheel to wheel racing with only an inch to spare made him aware of what can happen and how fast it happens. He saw what a crash or many crashes at 45 MPH can do and they do not wear belts in car racing. If you have ever climbed a wheel with on you know what a pounding you take flying into the air and with as many as 18 carts it gets bad sometimes. If you have a son or daughter I would recommend that you do that and I guarantee you they will respect what a car can and will do. He got his yard cart at 5 and we had a track at my dads he would run on before going to a racing cart. I built the engines and pitted the cart which will keep an old guy young. He built his first cart engine at 8. He now works at the BMW plan but says they are sorry vehicles and still drives a Ford. David
  18. Hey check this mustang out on eBay. I know it is not 71 - 73 but quite a car. I was looking for HiPo 289 stuff and this came up. Quite a story for sure but crazy money for a Mustang. Asking for $1,099,000.00 to buy it now. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Ford-Mustang-Pace-Car-1-of-1-holman-moody-modified-mustang-convertible-indy-500-pace-car-/221669071516?forcerrptr=true&hash=item339c819a9c&item=221669071516&pt=US_Cars_Trucks I would like to have one of those engines for sure. David
  19. I don't know if this guy has what you need but he has lots of performance parts for Ford. SOHC, Tunnel Port 289, 427 etc. I would give him a call. Greg Shelton 559-333-6013 Good luck, David
  20. Welcome for N.C., be sure a make a scrap book that your son can keep and remember when is gets older. Great interior to start with lots of options looks like. David
  21. No pistol on the bed side for me a Mossberg 12 ga. mag. pump with plug pulled. Just 5 #4 shot shells that will cut you in half at close range. My gal friend has Mossberg 12 ga. with pistol grip by her bed. Nothing beats the sound of a pump shotgun in the dark. David
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