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  1. There is nothing in disc brakes to make calipers pull away from the discs. In fact I believe that the MPG rating for disc brake cars was 1 mpg less than drum cars in the day. Were the rotors hot? In race qualifying they push the calipers back and do not touch pedal until they qualify gain a couple tenths of a second on speed.
  2. Panel fit is also influenced by the moon phase. Just like the tides are. You know how crazy the tides are in Alaska the moon will move your panels all over, lol. I was back in garage today doing some hammering and sanding.
  3. Mike, When I started cleaning up my 73 Mach 1 that sat in barn for 37 years I was afraid the seats would not clean up. They had mold and mildew on them see the pics. I was shocked when I did wipe them down I used Lysol and water to wipe them and then shop vac. I was going to put Lexol on but did not. I did on the leather steering wheel. I use to visit the Harrah's car museum back in the 70's. I saw an old gentleman putting something on seats and wiping off and went over and struck up a conversation. The Harrah's collection back then was the largest in U.S. with over 3,200 completely restored
  4. I got statements from my insurance company today. I had surgery a few weeks ago. Done in an hour and one night in the hospital and out. Did not cut me open used scope. Do not know if more cost are coming but the total so far is $32,076.32. That is for an hour in operating room and one night at the hospital. My neighbor just happened to be at the mailbox at same time. He said his chemo therapy was $50,000 a visit and had gone over $1,000,000 so far. There is no way it should cost this much this is crazy. I have an insurance policy with no copay and no deductible so I have no out of pocket but t
  5. You can also cover the inside back seat panels with vinyl. The gloves you get with a sand blast cabinet do not last maybe a few hours and gone and are expensive. I sewed up a set for mine that I put on today will see how they last. I went to the local tech school and took course in upholstery the commercial machines are scary will sew 11 " a second. I got a great Singer commercial on Craigslist for $350 will sew anything you put in it.
  6. Welcome from North Carolina. I have a yellow 73 vert with racing mirrors, lol. Marti can twist the numbers and make them all one of one, lol. Now the adventure begins.
  7. Details under hood need to be corrected for sure. Hoods are always wrong. Lack of Space saver spare was not part of the no expense spared. I am sure under the car is off is what they show is. A great drive car but is not a concourse show car. If you do a perfect concourse restore you loose your ass on any mustang today.
  8. Welcome to the Forum from North Carolina and enjoy.
  9. If you are going to race anything other than 1/8 and 1/4 mile you need to go to dry sump system. Talked to lots of cares and track days guys and they all say dry sump. The oil will have not issue draining back with the holes in the block not that much oil up there anyway. It is a little over $3,000 for a 5 gallon dry sump system for 351 C. I will be buying one. Been looking at used NASCAR but been too long looks like has to be new.
  10. You stated that it had lots of slop so either wrong yoke or bushing missing or worn out. You do not have to pull transmission You will have to support with a jack so you can get the cross member out. Parts house should have tools to get it out if you do not.
  11. When I got my 1973 Mach 1 351 Q 4 speed I broke the rear end yoke in just a couple weeks. So they fixed it under warranty. Me and gal friend went to Disney in July and I just got the car in May and I broke another. After the third I told the dealer that regardless of how hard I was on the car the 9" rear should be holding up to the now weak 351. I told them something had to be wrong. So they brought a factory guy in and as soon as he walked under the car he knew what was wrong from color code on the driveshaft. They had put the small u-joint 9" rear in my car. So they ordered another driveshaf
  12. There is a sleeve bushing in the tail shaft just in front of the rear seal. You can remove the tail shaft without taking whole transmission out but will lose the grease. You might pull the drive shaft and see if it is even in there. If there is a bushing give Dan Williams a call to find out what the diameter of the yoke should be on the driveshaft. Might be wrong yoke. The clearance between the sleeve bearing and the yoke should just be a few thousandths of an inch. Here is link to Dan's web site. I do warn you he will talk your ear off, lol. Great guy will always share and he has any parts
  13. They have been clearing a natural gas pipeline 50 yards from my shop. They came to me to see if I wanted any firewood. I just cut over 3 years worth last year so I said no. They are hauling hundreds of loads of Oak, poplar, maple and pine to the local stump grinder and paying $100 a load to get rid of it. They grind it up for mulch. This is timber not near a home so no nails. What a waste. Some of the trees are over 36" in diameter. Here you cannot cut timber and saw lumber and use to build. I has to be kiln dried and stamped with the grade. Lumber is graded by the knots in the lumber so it sh
  14. One of our members that passed on a couple years ago had a complete aluminum Boss 429. It is a vanity item now for the rich to say they have and their buddies do not have. He did the development for Ford on all of the Boss engines.
  15. LOL, most do not realize the Mach 1 option was appearance not performance. A 302 2-V does not do much.
  16. I do not think anyone answered how to check for blow head gasket. most automotive parts houses have the tester they loan as long as you buy the test liquid. It is a rubber bulb pump that you put some of the test liquid in the chamber and pull a vacuum on the radiator. if it changes color you have exhaust gas in radiator so blown gasket. Gaskets can be put on backwards. They are marked FRONT. So put on as marked if you have to change.
  17. My friend that does restorations got a new Nissian pick up couple years ago. it had issue after issue and finally the dealer bought it back they could not figure out how to fix it. Happens a lot today not build to fix. My son at BMW sees them crush brand new BMW because the factory cannot figure out how to fix them. My son had F-150 super crew and something in computer kept killing the automatic transmission and nobody could fix so he got rid of. When i worked in China we did most of the tooling for the frames on the Nissan and they were ran and assembled in Mexico. Then frames sent somewhe
  18. Some put rubber snakes out. Not sure it helps. Also like a predator bird dummy owl or hawk. I use the electronic repellents for mice in garage do not know if that works on birds. They do work great on mice.
  19. I sight them all. My firs job other than mowing grass and tilling gardens was a carpenters helper. i started at 14 years old made $1.00 an hour. Since I was the kid I got all the high work walking the edge of a 2X6 nailing the rafters to the ridge pole. I love to build stuff goes so fast.
  20. Welcome from North Carolina. i have several convertibles but none are 302 all 351 C. Switching to 4-V, better ignition and dual exhaust should help. I do not know that adding tube headers will do that much without doing more inside the engine. I put headers on a Ford 351 van because the cast iron had cracked and i actually got worse gas mileage.
  21. leaf springs do not really wear out. They loose the arch they were built with. if you have a local spring shop they can take your original springs and re arch them for you.
  22. I have 5 convertibles 72 & 73. I am setting gaps now on a 72. I have the passenger side pretty close. Working on the drivers side. PO had put the quarters on I am probably going to have to split the quarter and move the top forward on the drivers side. Yes the body flexes and yes you need to simulate the weight of glass and stuff in doors and car. I have a totally rust free 73 California convertible and when you pick up on two post doors do not open and shut they hang up. A rusty car will flex even more. To move the door sometimes you have to bend the metal where the hinge bolts they di
  23. I do not think so would have to look at a parts book that I do not have. I have both and have not seen a difference standing out.
  24. The foam tape has a history of not working. When I picked up my 73 Mach 1 new it rained. I had 2" of water in the rear floor. Roof rail leak. There are lots of ups and downs where metals meet the headliner and in my case a vinyl roof also. There are a series of rectangle holes that locate tabs on the trim. That is one huge leak area. NPD in their catalog states to not use the foam tape but to use strip caulk. I use the 3-M material with two rows of it on the rail. It never hardens and conforms to all the ups and downs. The rear floor rust is usually from roof rail leaks. Front floor rust fr
  25. One thing that we did to keep dogs out of trash cans. The electrician at work took a ballast for a florescent light. He wired it up and put a plug on leads and told me to put down plywood then sheet of metal then set the metal trash cans on wood on the metal. Hooked one lead to the sheet of metal on ground and the other to trash can. When the dog would stand on the metal and touch the trash can with nose or feet would knock him for a loop. He told me was several thousand volts but no amps so no harm just knocks them silly. I do not know how he wired it I am not electric savy. A couple times an
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