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  1. If you have a repo hood not so strong. It might be thicker but very soft material with low carbon. Can bend with one finger. Not worth a $5,000 repaint. Do not have to lay on hood to be a great shot.
  2. Looks like same test kit I have. No reason to change head gaskets with zero leaks.
  3. My old boss use to build some wild 289's back in the 60's They had no head gaskets and crazy high compression. Would use 327 chevy pop up pistons and contour the piston to get 14 or 15 to 1 compression and very high RPM. One customer brought one back in and it had blown as most race engines do, lol. The crank was out of the engine but it took the bottom half of the block with it. Block split through the cam bore and separated the block and crank did not break but all was trash but something to see. Some of those blowing on dyno are like high explosives inside and fly all over.
  4. NPD in Charlotte has the last 1973 Cougar convertible built with a few miles on it. I had them send me a couple pics once.
  5. Can't say much bad but there are differences. 1971 you had to pay more for the deluxe interior was not standard. 351 way more desirable than 302. 6,121 of all models and engines made in 1971. Of course the Q, R, J and C codes are pretty rare. It is sort of odd that the H code with 3 speed only had 85 built. All 71-73 verts have power top and glass rear window. You had black or white top only. The front seats are different for 71 and also the rear seat belts and side panels are different. PW for 71 72 are the same. 1972, This year you get the deluxe interior at no added cost. If you g
  6. As long as you do not slam the wheel up and down and pull on it you will never have an issue. I am pretty sure you can repair the zinc parts if they are cracked. You have to do with a Henrob torch cannot do with normal. I have several cars with them.
  7. It is true costs more to redo old than to buy the new. I restore consoles and have never found a paint, model car pen or tape that works on the chrome. I do not know on the molds I would expect there is one set costs too much to make duplicates. Not Ford tooling I do not think. The post for the speed nuts around the glove box never fit. Posts too small you can just wrap electrical tape to make fit.
  8. Same guy bid on in three times, lol. Might be his friend trying to get the price up. Looks pretty original for sure.
  9. Living here in the middle of NASCAR country we had lots of neat cars show up. I turned down Boss 429 cars for give away prices. During the gas crunch I should have bought and put in the barn. On car that I did love was a 1966 fastback 289 HiPo my now departed friend Larry Maxwell owned. It was of course a 4 speed was offered to me for $1,000 and now X wife said not was was I wasting $1,000 on that. It is now in museum in Tenn. One thing that was not Mustang I should have grabbed up while working in the race shop. GM had us build a Pontiac 303 engine for Buck Baker who was driving a 69
  10. This BIG showroom seller has lots of pieced together cars. It has the cheapest all vinyl front seats and the correct woven seats in rear. No 72 or 73 got solid vinyl unless a special order. I would never buy a car from them you are going to be sore if you do.
  11. The rockers were galvanized but boy do they rust. They were pretty thick compared to skins. I have a car that had Ziebart in the rockers and could not believe how the rust was inside when I cut it open.
  12. Today was another light duty day so I made two brackets that bolt to my blast cabinet. I added 4 castor wheels and raised it up some also. I hate a blast cabinet use molasses all I can. Got a few spots on Ram Air I need to clean up and paint tomorrow if no rain.
  13. If you have a budget go ahead and double it, lol. They do snowball as a project. It is pretty easy to take the whole car apart in 2 - 3 days. Of course lots of pics and bag the parts. Put paper tags in the bags ink gets wiped off the bags. I personally do not bag I have 8 of them so I can go look if I get lost. Have fun I have a Grande that color of blue. As far as a safe car. I am building a 72 Q vert right now and it will have at least a 6 point cage and better belts and drive shaft loop. Of course all brakes and suspension new.
  14. Here is an original spoiler. I think maybe the Decor Group is different or mine has worn smoother than hood or spoiler.
  15. They make as cheap as possible. You get none of the trim either. I am sure they will not drop right one OEM doesn't.
  16. LOL, I do shoot everything. My neighbor knows when he hears a shot something died. I finally wiped out the ground hogs did not have a single on this year. I will work on racoons now since season is open. Got some coyotes trained been putting up bait and will set traps for them. We have had two sighting and pictures made of mountain lions here. My neighbor has had run in with bear three times this summer so I have a bear tag. I am on light duty right now so not been out in woods much. Had a guy from Ohio get in touch wanting me to take him squirrel hunting. I had to laugh. He wants the whit
  17. A working man for sure. They do make the battery reinforcement. If you cannot find one I will sell you one I have and wait for another. They are on Ebay often he sells out quick and they are great. I looked he does not have ad right now. Here is what it looks like. Do you still need the front fender front splash guards?
  18. Yes drill a 1/32" dia. hole in thermostat out near where the gasket goes. Just lets the air out of block while filling and not going to affect flow. Some thermostats come with the hole in them. So sounds like your gaskets are right. On the right hand head you can run a wire from the thermostat opening up into the head to where the big round hole is and double check gasket also. I make a habit to taking pic just before head goes on.
  19. My last big project was building my 4,000 sq. ft. shop. I typed everything up and made him sign and date of what he was doing and what I was doing. Never had a single issue. I have never taken car to shop so I have not had to do agreement there, lol. You never want to go by word of mouth. He said she said does not cut it in business. The father to the guy that did my shop got ripped off by a shop that did not have a clue on how to restore his 1940 ford. Huge mess and hes is out double what it should have cost.
  20. The cowl is probably the toughest so you are down hill from here. Just measure a lot and make sure door opening are still positioned correct before floor weld.
  21. They are getting ready to do again with their "New Mach 1" model even has similar tu tone hood look. People hear Mach 1 and they think performance. Was not there as a base model and nothing ground shaking in the Mach 1 package. Some plastic, tape, the cheapest seats and wheel covers. I need to shoot a video and go around car and point out what Mach 1 gets you. I looked at my factory invoice. The base Mach 1 package car was $2,624.11. Buy the time I put the options on to make it more of a performance car the price was $5,156.90. The only option unique to the Mach 1 I got was the Mach 1 Sports I
  22. On the rocker boxes. Do not cut out old until you have the new so you know how much they are giving you. You just have to get in there and start cutting, sawsall, air saw, torch, plasma, drilling holes just to get pieces out. If that rusty I hope you are doing full floors. I have a crashed vert with better rockers than that one. It would have been a great investment have gotten a frame JIG to hold the car in position. Here is a link to shop that does nothing but panel replacement not a body shop. You can see how they support them. You need to get a chassis diagram off here to measure some
  23. I did tooling work with a shop in Sussex Wisconsin. His company car was a Viper. We went to lunch in it one day. I could not sit up straight in the car my head was against the roof had to hold my head sideways, lol. The roads, even though asphalt, in that area and routes that the heavy trucks make. That Viper was jumping all over the road. So Brian the owner decided he wanted to go to Viper driving school. You had to give them a credit card with if I remember correct for $35,000 in case you crashed. They started out in Dodge Neon with instructor. Then they got in the Vipers. Brian was gearing
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