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  1. You also had the PW with AM/FM and AM/ 8 Track that had harness that is hens teeth also.
  2. You can have the factory door speakers rebuilt. I have posted all the info in the past. I have two NOS door speaker kits with all the templates and instructions which are on the site.
  3. This is picture of my 1973 Mach 1 with gauges, convince group, Power Windows & rear window defroster.
  4. I have had both and like the Cooper better than the BFG. I do not have that big a size and do not know what is out there. Tire Rack and Discount Tire have online stores you can search. I ordered my Coopers from Discount Tire and they mounted local. I like them they use a torque wrench to set the lugs correctly and are very careful mounting on your wheels you can sit and watch them.
  5. A member just bought a 73 Grande parts car you might check on the trim. There are two different styles of vinyl roof on the coupe also. I do think they repo the clips now. The originals were T posts welded on but you can just use screws or rivets to put back but you will need the positions for sure. Once the clips are in place the trim just snaps on and off. After you put the new vinyl roof on don't was he car with running water just wipe with clean water no soap. My vinyl roof has no rust under it and still looks great. You can use leather preserver and shoe polish to keep it looking new. Also when you put the vinyl roof on if you need a head liner you need to do before you install the roof rails. Don't use the foam tape it sucks and never worked when new. I use the 3-M strip calk two beads and it works and lasts forever. Not 100% sure but I think Kee Tops in Charlotte makes the vinyl tops and also convertible tops for the Mustang. Made in U.S.A. for sure.
  6. Looks like a great parts car. I agree never seen a roof that bad. I bet the floors are toast with hole like that for rain to come in. The PDB automatic pedal is unique to PDB also and the column support also I believe. Might be a good front bumper also. The filler panel behind the rear bumper is hard to find 73 year only and the bumper brackets. Lots of good stuff and AC. I also bought a Grande for $1,000 that was a great parts car. The T-5 I just paid $550 for everything but the drive shaft. So for sure you are ahead. The doors are same on all models and guy are looking for the rear window mech. to put in Mach 1 to have roll down rear windows.
  7. Please never put silicone in your garage. You will have paint issues forever. I thought the DC seals had the holes?? You need the holes for it to work correctly. Here is pic or original. The bent flange is still there, original.
  8. One of our members used them for panel replacement and he just won best of show with over 1,000 mustangs entered. So I think they can do the job and his was a 1972 Mach 1.
  9. Welcome from North Carolina. Always build your car as you want not as others want you to. It is for you and you alone. Go for what you want.
  10. Welcome to the Forum from North Carolina. I also have a 1972 Q vert Gold Glow. It is on rotisserie right now should have been painted several months back but my human body did not allow. Great color for sure.
  11. I found a cigarette under the console melted into the carpet. Someone was smoking and put on the drive shaft hump and then next person put the console on top of it and bolted down. Lucky to not burn down the assembly plant.
  12. OMG saw the post of using Armor all. DO NOT EVER USE AROMOR ALL ON ANYTHING. That is the worst thing you could ever use. If in a shop doing paint work will cost tens of thousands of dollars due to silicone in it. NEVER USE IT........
  13. Just clean, clean, clean. All the oil passages over and over. Wash with brake cleaner and also hot soapy water. Run a tap in every threaded hole to clean them out. When you wash spray down with WD-40 to prevent rust. When you put the heads on be sure you put the head gaskets on correct. They will be marked FRONT. Pay no attention to the mfg. logos they mean nothing on correct install. One of the most common mistakes in engine build. Also read the Ford manual on the cam bearing install. The front bearing is critical on the depth. You might want to install oil control plugs in the system. Depends on what you use it for. Not racing you can be more lax. If racing details will kill or make you.
  14. The pedal assembly for PB is different than manual. No 5 speeds. If a 5 speed would be a T-5 and those are made different for 4 cyl, 6 cyl, v-8 and World Class V-8. Never buy sight unseen unless you have money to burn.
  15. The seal is repo by Daniel Carpenter but he does not sell direct so any Mustang supply house. Might come turned wrong side out so note how it mounts.
  16. Just what I was told in the past. The holder of the title is the owner of the engine and transmission unless they have a BOS showing that they purchased them. I was trying to sell a Kaiser Darrian to Harrahs back in the 70's and they would not touch a car that did not match. They said the holder of the title could legally take the engine and transmission and you could do nothing unless you had BOS showing you had purchased it. A local guy found his original Boss 429 by the holder of the engine contacting him from a Boss register. He got one of the first 50 prototypes but the engine and VIN dd not mactch so he got a deal. When he got the original engine it more than doubled the value. Some shops do alter the number to match also. I know an engine shop that had an engine and the owner had someone come in to alter and they had to leave. When they left the numbers matched. A wealthy person so money talks.
  17. Only a person that does not own one.
  18. The cowl drains are on each side under the fender you cannot see without removing the fender. If you were a little closer I would run down about 3.5 hours to Atlanta for me from Hendersonville, N.C..
  19. I would never just walk away from the guy that painted it. You need to make him pay for his mistakes. I would stand in front of his shop with the car there and talk to everyone coming in and ruin his business. If I had to stay there for days I would. Not right and you need to make him make it right. Shops here have had to redo paint jobs at a cost of over $30,000. They knew they did it wrong and it had to go back to bare metal and start over. The customer paid nothing. They are a great shop. He would have more bad luck than he could ever handle if it was me. I never back down if I am right like you are.
  20. Dan Williams will talk your ear off if you call him, lol. He is about 100 miles from me. But he is the best on the top loader and use to build them for the NASCAR teams and trans am.
  21. The MOM held a show just for Mach 1 and Boss Mustangs. Of course most there were new Boss mustangs so did not think there was much hope. It was a popular vote show so no judging. There was lots of visitors today and had lots of interest in my car. There was also a pretty nice 1972 Mach 1 Gold Glow that he had in high school. He had not been to a show in 15 years but came out today. When the votes were all in he won Second place and I won first which was a shock. I got nice plaque and one years membership to the MOM for free. At 2:00 it was 94 deg. in Concord, N.C. and I had left home a little before 6:30 that morning about 123 miles down there. No AC of course in the old beater truck towing the 20' enclosed trailer and the Mach 1. The new gal friend went with and sat there and spent time in the MOM looking at the cars. She worked in Ford Prototype for 17 years. Was 97 deg, when in Shelby and had to stop for a milk shake. Got home and started pouring rain and was 74 deg. here in the mountains. A few pics they are very slow to download for some reason will add more later. For those that do not know. I live in North Carolina but I put the Michigan plates on the car for a good reason. They are M plates. The third digit is and M that designates a Manufacture's plate used to put on prototypes to take out and drive on the street. A Ford engineer got them when the expired and I got off of Ebay this year. Got two sets. The new gal friend noticed right off and said " An M plate cool". The old truck has 211,000 miles now and still ticking. I did invite several to join the group not in the group.
  22. I fully encourage everyone to work on your cars. But I also encourage you to go in with wide open eyes. To do a great restoration on any car takes around 2,000 hour for a professional shop. So you are not professional and will be stopping and starting a lot. So that being said 2,000 hours is 8 hours a day for a full year of work. Investment in tools and equipment can be many thousands of dollars. If you start out on the wrong foot you can scrap the car and can never complete the build. The TV shows are edited and lots of things cut out to make it look like it is easy and no problem. Just you paint and body materials will more than likely go over $3,000 that is just materials. So go in with eyes open and know that the odds are against you. I see failed projects on Craigslist and Marketplace every day. It is not easy and if anyone says it is they are blowing smoke. It can be done by the average guy but you must have a drive and a goal that you are willing to sacrifice to get there. I built my first car in 1964 & 1965 and finished it before I graduated from high school. I did pay the Ford dealership to paint the inside and outside for $125. The interior was done by the best trim shop in the area for $148 all original. Now consider I was making $1.00 an hour before taxes. That was like 7 weeks pay for just paint and interior. I did the mechanical. Inflation has blown those numbers way out of line. To pay someone to do a ground up true restoration will exceed $100,000 easily. The poor mans hobby is screwed up by the rich for sure. I do hope you do it but keep your eyes open do not be blinded by just thinking you can do it, you have to desire to do it. I have always been a purist to restore as original but I will never do another one. For sure not worth the effort or expense. I have sold 6 and will sell probably 12 more no reason to keep them if they are not worth anything to me. Just the thoughts of an old time car enthusiast that has seen more fail that win.
  23. I agree that they want you to put a higher price on your car to sell you more insurance. I have Hagerty and if my car is crashed I get the car and $50,000 and no salvage title. It is $185 a year I think. But It can never be driven insured in my shop, in my trailer and on the paddock and in shows. I have never been offered more than $25,000 for my 1973 Mach 1 original one owner 12,000 miles with 41 options. So I think they are smoking the wrong pipe again, lol. If mine is gone there is not another to replace it. The auctions are just blow hards showing off. They can bid $150,000 and that might be one hours earnings for some of them. Not a great basis for setting a selling price. Would you throw an hours pay for car, YES. The demand will keep dropping and so will price unless you are trying to impress your fellow millionaires and billionaires that you can pay anything you desire. I was trying to but a 20th . anniversary mustang convertible from the guy that bought the Bullitt Mustang and he no sold over $500 difference in my offer and his selling price. Said he had over 100 collector mustangs and was going to go to $4,000,000 on the Bullitt if he had to. Money talks and the poor man walks.
  24. Great that you got out before you sank into and earthquake sink hole, buried by a mud slide and then burn by a wild fire. I was trying to count I think 11 or 12 moves and ended up back in my parents home bought in 1946 I think.
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