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  1. I wonder if you can use yellow halo lights as turn signals?
  2. Edc is what I have on me. There might be stuff to deter in my room. I will not confirm, nor deny on a forum. :)
  3. Those are the ones. I have one aircraft landing light. Thought about finding it's mate, but figure a new hid or led might throw out more lumens.
  4. I like the look. For mine I am thinking of adding the HD road glide led lights in the center of the grill and setting back the 7" round lights. Thinking of making the 7" ones high beam only, but with led lit rings to make them stand out.
  5. I like the dark horse hood. I may need the extra space for the blower and it seems like an easy solution.
  6. Looks like a dark horse racing hood on the second link. http://darkhorseracing.net/71-73_mustang.htm
  7. Nice. Loved my roadie. Many miles and only issues was the stupid passing light mounts. My HD is blacked out, though. Easier to keep clean.
  8. started with RC cars at 13 Expanded to RC motorcycles, planes, helis and quads RC went on to he back burner when I started getting into real cruising bikes. http://s135.photobucket.com/user/rcadd1ct/library/garage%20hell http://s135.photobucket.com/user/rcadd1ct/library/Blue%20Truck?sort=3&page=1 truck needs a new tune after the new blower. The dyno sheets were the baseline when I picked it up. Thanks everyone. I hope to learn a lot. -RCA
  9. Me....just past mid 40's and still have my High School car. It has not been on the road since 1987 when the engine went south. I tried to do a total rebuild in 1990, but the body shop went out of business and I had to go get the car parts that remained by flashlight. Tried again about 1998 and made good progress until the experience at the shop left. They asked me to pick up the car and 3 months later they were gone. Every time I got under the car I got pissed due to the shoddy work they did, when in the beginning it was SO quality. They got the engine and trans in as their last steps.......all of it has to come back out as they put a manual motor plate in front of an auto trans. engine is a 351c block from a pantera. trans is a C6 with a 1:1 final drive, for highway, but different first to help launch I have a b&m blower for it along with the super street charger cam theat they recommended. 2v heads I stuffed 4v valves in......the stuff that was a good ideal 20yrs ago looking at alum heads now. I can't remember if we o-ringed the block. Well that should get us started. Thanks for having me -RCA
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