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  1. Start it. It will go through the radiator, but it will be off. :)
  2. Make sure your posts will not twist or move. You need some sort of triangulation or support as the posts only work if they transmit the load straight down to the foundation.
  3. No problem at all, $350.00 o the heads. thanks. Where in TN. Near Knox? Have a buddy over there. He might check it for me.
  4. Do the 3v heads need their intake, or can you port match an existing?
  5. Why? Not arguing, just curious as I was looking at TF CHI & AFD were the innovators of aluminum Cleveland heads, and are used by most, if not all, of the Cleveland builders in the US. Trick Flow, since being bought by Summit Racing/ Atech, tends to be a follower of trends at a comfy price point. I'm not saying the TF heads are good or bad, but if I was going to spend my money on a set of heads, I'd rather support the company that actually did the R&D work, not the guy looking over their shoulder. Cool. Reason I was looking at them was that they had various chamber and port volumes. good to know I might look deeper.
  6. Find a local hobby shop and try a real flight simulator. It will let you crash and then reset to get the muscle memory without the fear of extra cost.
  7. I have the same thing on my Android tablet, when in portrait mode, in landscape it's OK. No problems on desktop or laptop, running Firefox, EI 10 or Edge. That was landscape on my iPad. I can zoom in on mark all threads read and it will do it.....I just have to touch higher than it probably should be to keep from selecting the othe options right next to it. I have a work around. This is just feedback trying to help.
  8. With a handle of rcadd1ct...... Stuff is more telling where to go. You are not flying them....at least not the camera ships. Want to sweat it out? Try a scale heli. My six foot long airwolf was a knee knocker every time I flew it.
  9. I have it, but prefer safari over TT on the iPad. Don’t forum on the phone as it is work. iPad is mine.
  10. Does everything look OK on Safari? Everything seems to work, but I have to zoom in to select the all forums read as the above post shows. There is a scroll banner when I hit the main page, but not on the read new posts page. Thanks for all you are doing.
  11. Thank you all for keeping this site up and running.
  12. I had to put baffles in my lightning. The mufflers run under the passenger seat and it would give my now wife a headache. I added the car chemistry baffles in the tips and while it sounds louder on the vid it helped the drone for the passenger
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