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  1. I appreciate all of the replies. The key hadn't been in the ignition yet when I discovered this. Also, this car has a pertronix ignitor - I'm hoping the constant power running to the coil didn't fry it... I'll check with Advance Auto on the replacement ignition switch. I guess I'll start with that. Thanks everyone!
  2. Hey everyone. I discovered today that my coil and resistor wire at the coil was hot while the car was sitting (ignition in Off position). Is this due to a bad ignition switch? I'm presuming so since it seems that the switch is allowing current to flow to the coil while the car is parked. I want to make sure I'm not missing anything though. If that is the issue then where is a good place to buy a new ignition switch? Are they easy to replace? Thanks!!
  3. Many thanks for all the Welcomes!
  4. Hello Everyone, Just wanted to introduce myself. I recently purchased a 73 Mach 1. I owned a 69 Mustang Sportsroof from the age of 17-24yrs old. Now that I'm almost 40 I've been hit by the bug again! Looking forward to restoring my car and getting to know some fellow Mustang members here. The pictures I have in my album were taken the day I picked the car up at the previous owners. I'll make sure to post some more pics very soon. The car is all there and runs. I've decoded all the data on it, and it's originally a wimbledon white car with white interior. It's yellow with black interior currently, so at some point it went through quite a transformation. Originally a 351C 2v, C6 car which currently has 4v heads, intake and 750 carb, courtesy of the previous owner. Worst issues with this car is it will need some metal work done to the underside along with removing the aftermarket sunroof and replacing with sheetmetal. Just glad to own a classic again.
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