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  1. Is this the place out of Arizona? I purchased one a few year’s back, can’t recall the exact company name, but I recall they were from AZ. When I opened it, there was a bubble (air?), on the top of the dash. I contacted the company and they sent out a new one (checked it over first...) and paid the shipping charge to my home in Canada. Could not be happier. They did not want the old one returned. I pulled it out of the box a while back and the bubble is gone! It looks like a perfect dash pad. Kind of feel guilty, but it must have left the factory before being fully cured, time healed it’s wound. Anyway, I think this is a different company, I would have to check my paperwork at home... Sucks with your current situation. I would have thought in these circumstances they would work with you to resolve properly. Out of Texas
  2. Purchased a dash pad in Nov,from Dash Pad Factory and never received part. I got the "its the holidays" excuse first and then they called and told me the dye came off. I left negative feedback and E-bay removed as a courtesy to the seller!!! What kind of crap is this? Avoid Dash pad factory, they suck! E-bay is no better!
  3. So i picked up some Cragar rims and they were hitting the front drum brake weights. So I got out the lump hammer and knocked them off, do u see an issue driving?
  4. I'd be interested in the rims if u were close to NJ
  5. What about the lug pattern, ex 4.5 4.75 5 5.5 I read how to measure for 5 lug rim, but our rims look to be 4.5. But I have 4.5 rims that do not fit?
  6. So when they talk about rim pattern, what is ours? Does the center of the rim need to fit snug over the axle/ center of hub?
  7. 24 pictures and none of the undersides?? Non paying bidder is reason for relist or???? :whistling:
  8. Thank you, another missed step :shootself:
  9. That's the stock drum I placed over the rim so you can see the lug patter is off
  10. So, I seen an ad for Centerline champion 500 rims which I happen to really like. They were 15", 5 lug with Ford pattern. 3 rims had pattern, 2 rims uni-lug I drove a 4hr trip and it seems that the 3 with pattern do not fit. They have a 4 1/2 bolt pattern but are off a bit(see middle picture). The uni's look ok, but the center hole is 3/4 larger then the stock rims. Any idea what these are from? Can they still be used? Alex
  11. I see what I did wrong. I gave the adjuster in wrong spot on brake shoe, six getting old :shootself:
  12. I did not change that side, wasnt leaking until yesterday, new one on the way
  13. EB cables do not seen tight at all, good amount of slack
  14. The cables do not feel tight at all, as a matter of fact, I was going to tighten them up some more
  15. I looked at the shoes together. Seemed the same. Could I have over adjusted the cable? Does not seem too tight at pedal.....
  16. I replaced both EB cables while apart, they seem to function properly. Will take pictures next day or so
  17. My plungers seem more out then yours, but all the drums seem to fit tight, the rears are especially tight. I opened the bleeders and I didnt notice the plungers retracting. The r/s has new wc and plungers, left side is original. Alex
  18. Ok, so I replaced the shoes and spring kit on my 8", 10x2" rear drums. The issue is the drums are very tight going back on. I have the star adjusters turned all the way in, wtf???
  19. Since the members are the smartest around, let me know what you think this mustang is worth 1990, GT, 5.0, auto, triple black with new convert top, 1 owner, 74k miles, 9/10 condition Let me know Alex
  20. Thats the easy part, now lets see if payment is made
  21. Upload it to Youtube and post the link here. If you had seen the video, you would have a different perspective. It's popping back through the carb, which is indicative of timing being off. All the fuel in the world won't fix that. It's on the 7173mustangs.com FB page - search Zak Nyberg Popping thru the carb could be bent valves, fouled plugs, crossed wires, cracked cap, ect
  22. Well, let's just say I dont agree #1, plugs are most likely fouled due to the unmetered fuel being dumped in carb, bet 8f he pulls a plug or 2 there soaked, #2, fix the delivery issue 1st, then we can get into the possibility of a timing issue. #3 , your never going to fix both issues at the same time
  23. If hes not getting fuel to carb, what timing have to do it?
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