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  1. Also - If there is a home beer brewing supply place near you carboy cleaning brushes work well to clean out the housing tubes.
  2. When you find a good one be sure to share!
  3. Making a glass hood look good is hard work. I can tell you don’t get one from Maier Racing in Hayward CA. The buck is cool, it is from Bill Maier’s Trans am car, but it is very much race grade. It is a good way to shed some weight but I gave up as I don’t want to buy $2,000 worth of fiberglass hoods to find one up to my standards.
  4. There is not a spring identifier in the manual- sorry.
  5. Found this vintage gem of a book and had to share.
  6. The lower blackout makes the car look higher to me. Going color keyed to the bottom of the rocker gives a lower appearance. Personally I dig your plan. No black rockers on my build.
  7. What does the fluid look like? My guess is still something valve body related.
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