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  1. I have headed down the sound bar path. Costco sells the Sonos brand bars and surround speakers. I don't need anything crazy, just want something better than what my TV offers.
  2. That makes no sense that your old coupler didn’t fit your new box. Was the coupler too big?
  3. I just went down this path. I have the TV covered, but now need to get the audio figured out. The room that it is in would be challenging to do wired surround sound in, so that is probably out. I need to find a decent wireless sound system. Yesterday I blew a pile of money on blackout window coverings for the room. For me I have been waiting 11 years to make this room a home theater, and oddly enough I just got the wife approval last weekend! I dig the popcorn machine idea!
  4. What is the diameter of that shaft coming out of the steering column? Also, is the side of the shaft opposite of the flat splined or smooth? There might be a reason why West Coast Classic Cougars is charging $180 for a used tilt column steering coupler (rag joint)
  5. What kind of measuring tools do you have at home? Might be worth getting a cheap digital caliper to measure the diameter of the steering column shaft. We know the steering box is 13/16" 36 spline (or 31 spline if you don't count the ones where the flat is). As long as the steering column shaft is 3/4" 36 spline the coupler from southwest speed (link in my earlier post) should work.
  6. I do what Kilgon does - minus the wood crate. I have had good luck with cardboard boxes if I reinforce the heck out of them with more cardboard and a hot glue gun. The spray foam trick is a good one. I'll add one important tip though, the foam needs water to cure. If you are going to try and mimic one of those foam filled shipping bags you need to spray the inside with a mist of water from a spray bottle. I normally bag up the heavy part so that the spray foam won't get to it, then mist it and the box / crate with some water. A healthy dose of spray foam (get the regular stuff, n
  7. Be sure to update us once it arrives, I'm curious if it fits. If it does not I am about 50% sure this one will. https://www.southwestspeed.com/?sec=view_part&id=37449
  8. Honestly I am not positive what I ordered. I’m guessing 1008, but I’ll find out when I pick it up. This is the first time I have used this supplier, and they had to get the sheet from Portland OR. Living in a rural area 200 miles away from any major city has its advantages and disadvantages.
  9. I tried ordering a door latch from another vendor. The two that I got were made by ACP, and they both had 10-32 screws. I was able to tap them to 12-24 with decent results.
  10. Update: Trying to get 20 gauge steel sheet of any size near me is proving to be a challenge. For whatever reason the thinnest the local steel distributors seem to carry is 18 gauge. I ended up ordering one full sheet from a place about 50 miles from me. Hopefully it gets delivered to them next week and I’l get back to fooling with the cowl hood. In other news my NASA hood showed up from Summit Racing without any damage, which is nothing short of a miracle. If I can’t make up a cowl hood I am happy with- the nasa is my backup plan.
  11. The weekend I took apart my steering column was a “smartphone free” weekend, so the only info I captured was with a pencil and paper. Taking apart the column isn’t all that hard. The bearing is retained on the shaft with circlips. The OD of the bearing is held in a rubber cup which is sandwiched between the inner and outer steering column sections. One thing I have noticed is that the inner race of the bearing fits over a knurled part of the steering shaft. On my car it was a sloppy fit and required that I replace the upper shaft.
  12. I thought there was only one bearing in the fixed columns, and it was up top.
  13. On the subject of counting steering coupler splines... For whatever reason there seems to two different methods to count splines on steering boxes / shafts. Method 1: Count the splines around the perimeter including the ones that were milled off where the flat is. Method 2: Count the splines around the perimeter excluding the ones that were milled off where the flat is. This makes it exceedingly difficult to get what you want, as like Don says, our power steering boxes are 36 spline 13/16" using method 1. however using method 2 someone may describe them as 30 spli
  14. That is what I plan on doing. I am waiting on some dies for my bead roller and some sheetmetal to show up. Maybe not that exaggerated of a induction hood but I will take the raised section back to the wipers.
  15. I think catch cans are more of a direct injection thing. Carburetors wash all those blow by deposits off the intake valves, so it isn't an issue.
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