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  1. I'd second that .030" wire is a little big. Find some .023" I have found that compressed air is great to cool the weld. It minimizes heat distortion and helps keep things clean. I prefer it over water or a damp rag. You may also consider finding some copper bar to use as a backer for your butt welds. Successfully welding gas shielded outdoors is dependent on wind. You may be able to crank your shielding gas regulator up to help out a bit. If it isn't still outside I wouldn't weld. After welding try to remove the excess weld material as skillfully as you can without get
  2. I don’t mind the metalwork- but paint work isn’t my cup of tea. I’m going to send them out to Brian Mabry at “Finish Your Plates”. Once they get back I’ll update the thread. Hopefully we’ll see some nice looking plates in about a month!
  3. My 351C has had a small weep from the water pump where it sandwiches the timing cover. Today I pulled everything apart and got it all squeaky clean. Next weekend I plan on putting this mess back together. What are some tried and true ways not to have leaks from the bolts that enter the water jacket?
  4. I may have found a good replacement 3/4” ID tube. Looks very similar, but would need some black paint. https://pitstopusa.com/i-23919071-thermo-tec-thermo-flex-heat-shield-3-4-x-3.html
  5. The original plates are steel and the reproduction ones from the link above and cal plates are aluminum. My rear plate is damage free, however my front plate needs some time in the hands of a good body man. I might go the reproduction route, but I would still like to try and have mine refurbished first just to see if my front plate can be brought back to life.
  6. A quick google search yields a ton of license plate restoration outfits. Anyone have any positive / negative experience with any of them? Thanks for your time, Peter
  7. It took a bit of work. They are 2” Westach brand gauges. The 2nd half of the attached thread shows what I did. The jury is still out on the Westach gauges, one thing I can say is that they are lightweight. Guess since they manufacture aircraft gauges weight is a factor. So far I dig them, the only gripe is that the backlight system is a little cheesy.
  8. Got a little further on the dash. Had to turn the steering wheel adapter down a bit in the lathe. Everything works on the dash- which I’m pleased with.
  9. I’m about 99% sure it is not a scam. I don’t have any pictures of the interior from when I saw it in person, but if memory serves me right it is just as clean as the outside. FWIW I looked up the phone number in the Craigslist ad and it matches up with the location listed on the car from the car show a few years ago. These are all the pictures I had from the car show in 2018
  10. I have one sitting in my garage that you can have. Only catch is that it is in California.
  11. I thought the lack of photos / info was a little weird too, maybe the owner passed and the family is selling the car?
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