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  1. I got ahold of seatbelt planet and was able to talk them into a semi-custom version of the DF13 belts with an extended sash. Once they show up I will update.
  2. I’m assembling my coupe before paint just to double check everything. The trunk lid is driving me nuts, I have not yet figured out how get the thing to set flat. Since it uses a single torsion spring the passenger side rides high. Is there some sort of trick to this? Normally I’m pretty good at fitting things up. I’m about ready to ditch the torsion bar and go with twin pneumatic struts or something similar to apply equal lift force to both sides.
  3. WTB Black or black Houndstooth REAR seat upholstery (non folding seat) Has to be new or in excellent shape. Thanks for your time! Peter
  4. I was hoping to get the car painted in 2020, but the three shops I have in mind treat classics as back burner work (even though I have made it clear I would pay shop hour rate) Because of that I decided it was time to put it together enough to be minimally road worthy and enjoy it as-is. Working on getting it to a point where I can insure it and not get pulled over within 5 minutes of it being on the road. My take on car shows is that they are for fun. It isn’t pebble beach... I am slapping an “incomplete Pete” garbage pail kids sticker (if you know what that is) on the car and rol
  5. Come hell or high water my project Grande is driving to the Father’s Day car show. Anybody else doing a last minute push to get your car roadworthy?
  6. I don't have a picture handy, but what I mean by it is the tongue that is used in modern cars. The type that is 100% free to slide along the belt, but typically there is some sort of plastic clip or sewn in "Z" in the fabric to keep it from falling below your reach when the seatbelt isn't worn. You get in, clip the belt in and the tensioner pulls the belt across your lap and chest free of slack because it is free to slide through the tongue. The retrofit belts 3 point from Seatbelt Planet use some sort of "grip" style tongue that you have to pull on the shoulder strap to tighten the cro
  7. I wanted to give an update on my seatbelt planet order. Don’t order the universal 3 point 301 style belts like I did. The retractor and the fixed end of the belt cannot be nested on top of one another (they need to on a Mustang). They make a different set called the DF13 that is designed for the fixed end of the belt and the retractor end of the belt to nest on top of each other and be secured by one bolt. Also noteworthy is that 110” was too short, not allowing you to lean forward to the wheel. The 8” shoulder extension was pretty cool. It lowered shoulder belt to a mu
  8. How are you installing it? Describe how you are putting on the converter.
  9. Did you thin down the plastidip? I messed around with a spare set I had and the results were not as good. I could swear I saw them being reproduced somewhere.
  10. NPD does not seem to have these. Anyone have a source?
  11. Rod, I'm saddened to learn of Sally passing away. Take care & I hope that you find grieving to be a process where you celebrate what you two shared & loved.
  12. I've got a fixed ratio power box sitting in the yard. I'd want to pop the cap on it and pull the valve just to make sure the casting isn't junk. Message me if you are interested and I'll check it.
  13. In my experience the repop tail panels have an uneven return where the tail light hole is stamped. The OEM return is a lip around the perimeter that is about 3/16". The repop ones vary, and that return seems to vary from 3/16-7/16". I had to trim mine so it was like an OEM panel. Also seems like the tail light mount brackets are welded on without much regard to fit. Might have to tweak it or remove and re-weld.
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