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  1. In my experience the repop tail panels have an uneven return where the tail light hole is stamped. The OEM return is a lip around the perimeter that is about 3/16". The repop ones vary, and that return seems to vary from 3/16-7/16". I had to trim mine so it was like an OEM panel. Also seems like the tail light mount brackets are welded on without much regard to fit. Might have to tweak it or remove and re-weld.
  2. I'd weld them up, those had to be for JC Whitney catalog finds. Kind of a trip how a standard drill bit does not make a round hole in Sheetmetal.
  3. It is time for me to order up some belts. Does this seem reasonable? I got out a cloth tape and it looks like 110” is more than enough if I go with the 8” extended shoulder loops.
  4. Different strokes for different folks. Personally I think it looks like a life size hot wheels car. Not as obscure as the SLAB car culture in Texas. Personally I’d dig driving it for a day just to say I did.
  5. The pins holding the bezel have spring loaded legs. I thought you could get to both sides of the fastener once the cluster was removed. I have pulled apart the one I have more than once, about the only thing I did was grab some angle nose pliers to help out from the opposite side. I can get photos this weekend
  6. Looked like the rotor was still on the hub. I bet it was a wild ride to lose a wheel and safely pull off the side of a busy freeway.
  7. Saw a damaged 71-73 today. Westbound on 580 near Dublin / Livermore CA someone lost their drivers side front wheel. Looked like the fender was destroyed- probably more. I was on a mission in my commuter car to get the hell out of the Bay Area before traffic got any worse. Hence I didn’t stop, it was hammer down time to travel 300+ miles home. Curious if it belongs to someone on the forum. Couldn’t tell the exact color, but it was dark blue or black.
  8. I got to ask why? Reproduction coolers are available but are spendy.
  9. Every few months there is a member parting out a car. Be sure to check out the classifieds. As long as the whole pillar isn’t rotten it can be patched.
  10. My homebuilt steering box has a .210" T-bar in it. Not many steering shops are set up for torsion bar replacement in the input shaft / valve. Reason why is that it takes quite a bit of tooling and fixtures to do so. The torsion bar has to be clocked precisely in the input shaft of the box, checked for function, cross drilled and pinned in place. If it isn't just right your left and right bias will be off, as in you will get assist really easily turning one way - and not so much the other, or even worse you box could "ghost steer" where with no input at all it could be trying to steer
  11. Nice! That makes me miss open headers What accessory drive system do you have on that Cleveland? The belt and setup looks clean.
  12. That looks like Babbitt bearing material to me. When you tear it down I am curious what you will find.
  13. I didn't know anyone was making a new motor for the 71-73's Look at
  14. I have headed down the sound bar path. Costco sells the Sonos brand bars and surround speakers. I don't need anything crazy, just want something better than what my TV offers.
  15. That makes no sense that your old coupler didn’t fit your new box. Was the coupler too big?
  16. I just went down this path. I have the TV covered, but now need to get the audio figured out. The room that it is in would be challenging to do wired surround sound in, so that is probably out. I need to find a decent wireless sound system. Yesterday I blew a pile of money on blackout window coverings for the room. For me I have been waiting 11 years to make this room a home theater, and oddly enough I just got the wife approval last weekend! I dig the popcorn machine idea!
  17. What is the diameter of that shaft coming out of the steering column? Also, is the side of the shaft opposite of the flat splined or smooth? There might be a reason why West Coast Classic Cougars is charging $180 for a used tilt column steering coupler (rag joint)
  18. What kind of measuring tools do you have at home? Might be worth getting a cheap digital caliper to measure the diameter of the steering column shaft. We know the steering box is 13/16" 36 spline (or 31 spline if you don't count the ones where the flat is). As long as the steering column shaft is 3/4" 36 spline the coupler from southwest speed (link in my earlier post) should work.
  19. I do what Kilgon does - minus the wood crate. I have had good luck with cardboard boxes if I reinforce the heck out of them with more cardboard and a hot glue gun. The spray foam trick is a good one. I'll add one important tip though, the foam needs water to cure. If you are going to try and mimic one of those foam filled shipping bags you need to spray the inside with a mist of water from a spray bottle. I normally bag up the heavy part so that the spray foam won't get to it, then mist it and the box / crate with some water. A healthy dose of spray foam (get the regular stuff, n
  20. Be sure to update us once it arrives, I'm curious if it fits. If it does not I am about 50% sure this one will. https://www.southwestspeed.com/?sec=view_part&id=37449
  21. Honestly I am not positive what I ordered. I’m guessing 1008, but I’ll find out when I pick it up. This is the first time I have used this supplier, and they had to get the sheet from Portland OR. Living in a rural area 200 miles away from any major city has its advantages and disadvantages.
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