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  1. I picked up the seat brackets from Griffin Motorworke today. Nicely fabricated pieces. Hopefully I will get to check fit in a few days
  2. Fan, fan clutch and shroud went in this morning. Took a fair amount of surgery to the radiator to make the shroud clips be just right.
  3. I made up an engine wiring harness, started out with an alloy metal products engine harness and commenced butchery to support my added gauges, relocated coil and electric choke. Tapped the side of an oil pressure switch riser to 1/8”NPT (so I could screw in 2 devices). Got it mounted with a new pressure switch for the idiot light and a sender for my Westach oil pressure gauge. Next I pulled apart the steering column and cleaned all the old grease out of it. Took the upper parts of the column and prepped them for paint. Last thing was a test fit of my old fan shroud. It
  4. The time has come for the steering column to be black. Since it is a high wear area subject to keys and such what suggestions are there for a durable finish?
  5. Made up a bracket to mount an MSD coil and a terminal block in place of the starter solenoid. Slowly putting the wiring back in the car and tweaking it to my build. One of these days I will be able to start the car by turning a key in the ignition switch.
  6. Yes- But I am going with Recaro seats instead. Griffin motorwerke in Berkeley CA U.S.A. may be some help. They sell brackets that seem to be pretty nice, and whoever they get them from has a specific 71-73 Mustang bracket.
  7. I do not know what they are really called. I do have both of the originals off my 71’ but they are evading me at the moment. It was within the last 2 months that the repop ones became available. They look very nice, I saw them on one of the Facebook 71-73 groups. Got to sell a kidney though for a part that will never be seen.
  8. Are you taking about the splash shields or the 71 only “unicorn” part that goes up by the cowl? I have seen that someone is making new fender unicorn wings now to the tune of $250 a pair
  9. Swapped light bulbs in the garage. I had 52 32 watt 4’ T8 fluorescent bulbs. Now have 52 16 watt LED bulbs (Philips 16t8/led/48-850/uf18/g). Chopped my lighting power usage in half. Pretty pleased with the light. Output seems the same, and there is no strobe affect like I have seen with some LED bulbs. To top it off they are non retrofit- so you just slap them in (don’t have to gut the ballast). That being said they won’t work with old school magnetic ballasts.
  10. Swapped out my MSD box for a marine one since it may get wet behind the headlight.
  11. Nice buck! My dog is hopefully one my my local buddies will get one this year and give her a leg. I think she likes deer legs even more than chorizo which is saying something.
  12. Are you sure you don’t have a locker? Other thing is are you running limited slip additive in your gear oil?
  13. Tilt columns are like unicorns! I think the steering box input shaft flat is at 12 O'clock when it is centered. Just to be clear I am not 100% positive on that...
  14. @kcmashThe wider slot on your steering column that engages with the 9/16” diameter pin on the rag joint should be at 12 O’clock (non tilt column)- and your steering wheel should be at 12 O’clock (match the wheel to the steering shaft) The input to the steering box is the monument you set everything else to so that you have equal left to right steering. You may have to adjust tie rods or move your pitman a spline or two (if it does not have the double splines that ensure it it clocked correctly on the sector shaft).
  15. Personally I take the weight off the front wheels and repeatedly turn it from lock to lock with the engine off. That will get most of the air out of the box. After that I do some more lock to lock turns with the engine idling. Be sure to check fluid often. If it turns into a foamy mess stop and wait for all the bubbles to rise- then try again. If that does not sort it out let us know.
  16. The only way you should spend $3,000 on a gear swap is if you are installing a limited slip, really fancy (expensive) carrier, chromoly axles, nice gears etc... A gear change alone should be 1/3rd that cost at the most. You could buy a brand new carrier with bearings, gears and limited slip from Strange for about $1600-1800 and put it in yourself.
  17. It seems to go in waves- but I think people may be more active on Facebook- which is horrible in my opinion. A big chunk of the value behind the forum is the ability to search. Facebook is a horrible platform for archiving.
  18. 71’ 351C car. I can’t figure out how the heck the factory engine harness lays. Looking at the 72 diagram it seems like it should follow the drivers side valve cover. The “gotcha” seems to be the oil pressure wire which has to go to the sender in the center rear of the valley. The short white wire with red trace is that wire. It almost appears like the harness crossed the rear of the engine and went forward on the passenger side valve cover. Any help is appreciated (but good help is really appreciated!)
  19. There is no harm in resealing your original pump. I’ve never done one of the Ford pumps, but it can’t be too bad. There is a good chance the rotor / cam and other goodies inside your original pump in great shape. As far as Dorman reman stuff goes, I would guess that not all the products that go out the door are perfect. Sometimes “rebuilt” products are not actually rebuilt very well. I’ll be surprised if anything is found faulty with your steering box.
  20. Another resource. http://www.stangerssite.com/HowItWorksFordPump.html Something I want to make clear is that to the best of my knowledge there is NO relief valve in the steering box itself. I believe your conclusion #2 to be impossible. The only pressure regulating part in the entire hydraulic circuit is inside the pump. If there is a max pressure problem- it is inside the pump. The alignment is probably contributing to the steering feel issue. I’m curious what your alignment numbers currently are.
  21. What did you decide to do with your pump?
  22. It works pretty good. The VFD takes the single phase AC - rectifies it to DC then inverts it back to 3 phase AC at whatever frequency you want. Many of the three phase input VFD's can operate off of single phase input but you have to de-rate them. IE use a 5 hp drive on a 3 hp motor. I have a 5hp three phase motor running off a VFD at home that is powered by a single phase 240V circuit. It is actually pretty trick for speed control on machine tools and other things like band saws. Not that expensive to do as long as long as the motor horsepower is low. For something like a lift where it
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