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  1. I just installed a set of Auto Meter Gauges in my 73 coupe and went to to test them out and the car wouldn't start. After fiddling for a while I found that if I disconnected the the Tach signal wire that comes from the distributor it will fire right up. Has anyone ever seen or heard of something like this? Please help!
  2. I am beginning to put my Cleveland back together after a mild rebuild and I need to get headers because my stock manifolds have a couple of cracks and are past the point of repair. I have stock 2V heads and am looking to get mid-length or shorty headers because I have a T-5 with a cable clutch and the manufacturer claims that long tubes would not work. If anyone can discredit this claim I would happily buy and install long tubes. However, I am really asking what headers do you guys run and what mids/ shorties would you recommend?
  3. Do you know where I could find one? I have been searching around for a half hour and am having a real tough time finding one
  4. I am rebuilding my stock 2v Cleveland and brought the block to the shop today and realized the distributor drive gear on the cam is shot. I am not going to pretend to know anything about cams. My question is what is a good replacement cam? I would like to put in a very mild performance cam as the car will be daily driven. But, I honestly have no idea where to start. Once the motor is put back together I will have stock 2v heads with stock rockers/pushrods/valve springs. If anyone could point me in the right direction that would be greatly appreciated. If there is anyone who could get more in depth with info that would be even better. Such as, lift, duration and what kind of cam (hydraulic flat tappet is the standard right?)
  5. Very cool, I did the exact same swap maybe two months ago. Just curious, what starter did you use? I only ask because it took me about a week and four different starters to find the right one.
  6. So, today I was cruising down one of my favorite roads in 5th gear at 50mph. Out of nowhere my engine starts to rev freely and I lose all power. I realize that I just lost fifth and quickly downshift. I pulled over to the side of the road and proceed to run through all of the gears and in fifth I can tell that the gears are not even being forced together (I can start the car and put the shifter in the fifth position with the clutch out). I effectively have two neutral positions. I personally think that it is the shift fork but, I can put the car in reverse and it works just fine so what do you think is broken? P.S. when I lost fifth while driving there was no loud bang or commotion not even so much as a pop I just lost power. the shifter wasn't even pushed into neutral. Edit: I have just learned after a very educational video that fifth gear has it's own separate shift fork which would lead me to believe that it is indeed shot. However, If any of you have anymore insight that would be greatly appreciated.
  7. The Bellhousing and the block plate are the same I purchased them both new from modern driveline. I originally had the 164 tooth flywheel with the fmx and now I have the 157 along with a 5.0 clutch and pressure plate. The Tech at Modern Driveline said that I should be able to use the starter for the 164 tooth flywheel but, the block plate forces the starter into the side of the block. There is a lip where the block plate meets the bellhousing. I considered grinding that down to make it flush, thoughts? undefined
  8. The Bellhousing is meant for the foxbody year mustangs but like I have said I tried that starter and one that is meant for the fmx
  9. I have no idea what is going on but for whatever reason the texts in my previous two posts have just disappeared so blame that on the cruel mistress of the internet. For the fourth time now, I have swapped a t5 behind my 351 Cleveland in place of my fmx. Everything is already put together and all that is left is the starter. However, the modern driveline blockplate is different from the stock one so the original starter does not seat correctly into the starter hole because it hits the block. I called Modern Driveline and they said a foxbody starter would work. As it turns out it doesn't. the starter fits yes but, the mounting holes do not line up. So my question is has anyone done this swap with this company or another? and if you have did you run into this problem? Or should I just trailer my product of two years of labor down to Arizona and push this raging headache into the Grand Canyon?
  10. 360 I would never try to put a little T5 behind a 460
  11. Is it really a muscle car if it doesn't have a big block? No. Which is why I'm doing an engine swap from my 351 Cleveland to the 360. My first question is if anyone has done the 360 swap and what that might entail? (ie. motor mounts, wiring, any mods to the engine bay to make it fit).Also, I was planning on putting a t5 behind the cleveland but, now that I am going with the 360 I was curious if anybody has run this engine/trans combo and if you know of a bellhousing that will mate these two and what kind of flywheel/clutch combo I would need. Any input is appreciated thanks. Update: found a bellhousing that will allegedly connect the engine and tranny will put link. Also, if you have any opinions on the swap or comments let me know I am not fully committed to the idea just getting a really good deal on the engine. http://americanpowertrain.com/i-8426614-bell-housing-for-ford-fe-360-390-427-428-to-ford-tko-t5.html
  12. New to the forum and I was wondering if anyone could help shed light on some of my issues. I am currently converting an automatic 73 Grande to manual, I have a set of manual pedals and have noticed that the brake pedal stud for the manual assembly is much higher making me think that manual brakes are required which seems a little silly so, I was wondering if there is perhaps a booster specific for manual 71-73s. Also, I am unable to find where the clutch cable/linkage would go through the fire wall I tried to look for a punchout or some significant dimple to signify where to cut a hole but, was unsuccessful. Any help would be greatly appreciated Thank you.
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