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  1. Me and my Mustangs Best Christmas new Cowl came in this Fri Via Dynacorn and Ohio Mustang. After manny nights/phone calls / internet searches on trying to locate a usable / non rusted upper/lower cowl assembly that was going to be the major obstacle in the start of the body restoration is finaly over.( my lower was rebuildale but the upper was almost non existant ) Based on the appearance of this new Dynacorn cowl the quality appears to be first class and I can only hope imagine/believe the fit will be as good as the appearance is . For those concerend about it being for a non ac car and not the ac version the minor metal work that will be needed to convert/change/cover the additional horn is so minor considering what we are able to start off with. Don from Ohio Mustang was very helpfull in this buy/transaction and did mention that only a few blower motor brackets underneath needed to be reused/added when he receieved his cowl and gave it the once over inspection.
  2. Hi there everyone , Just a short little intro about my car and me . I have owned my 72 mach 1 since 1987 ime the 3rd owner of this car . It is a original tx car that is Ivy glow in color. I used to use it as a daily driver for the first couple of years and going out to the drag strip with it as well as any north texas mustang shows. It was a verry nice driver at one time after it was repainted and interior. The sad part came in 1993 when i went through a divorce and lost it. After manny years my dream car came back to me in 2010 i ended up striking a deal to buy it back from the x. The sad part of this story that it is in bad shape from the great condition that it was originally in . For starters rain water got in the trunk and rotted out the trunk, and floor boards and rear seat area and transition pan and the texas sun baked the interior and they hit a fence post on the right front. I have started accumulating parts for it and a parts car and maybe next year after a show and buying some new sheet metal and a plasma cutter i will start the rebuilding process. I am hoping there will be more body parts reproduced for this body style. the options on this car are numorous. Ivy glow paint, 351 4v C6 factory magnums, fold down rear seat, deluxe interior, rim blow and tilt wheel, air,and a power window car. This car is very special to me after its history and will one day be given back to my oldest son after ime gone and not before its restored and enjoyed lol so if any of you body part manufactures are out there pleas stamp some new parts lol . Iits nice to be able to say hi and be in this mustang community thanks again Robert from Indiana
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