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  1. Anybody running summit brand camshafts? Who is making them for Summit? I have a 302 with 2V heads. Have an Weiand 8020 stealth intake and Holley 600 carb. Also have headers upgraded exhaust, and a pertronix. I'm thinking the next logical step is a cam and Summit cams looks like a good deal. Last I heard there were only about 3 people grinding cams so somebody has to make them for summit. Thanks in advance for the help
  2. Hi all, I'm getting ready to pull the trigger on a set of GW subframe connectors for my 71 vert. I am going this route since I have noticed some sag in my door jamb area only when driving over bumpy roads, but none the less need to stiffen the ride up. Does anyone have a tutorial or advice on how to install these? Car on the ground or up? Thanks in advance!
  3. My most recent build. 80% lower, keymod handrail, primary arms red dot. primary arms optics are great optics for the price. the rifle is an ultra lightweight, utilized in training classes and would be my first choice if needed to carry it. I do have a very different rifle for hog hunting however...
  4. Anyone on here from around NW Ohio? Im over by Sandusky/Port Clinton area. Doing some upgrades on my 71 right now that I was forced unfortunately to perform in the nice summer months to use it vert, but after those are done going to head up to Lake Erie to take some photos. My wife is a professional photographer, so if anyone wants to meet up, she'd snap some shots of your car as well.
  5. Does anyone know if the Weiand stealth 8020 will fit under a stock 71 hood? If not what's the best intake to fit under the stock hood. I will have a holley 600 on top of it with a 14x3 air cleaner I have searched on google and haven't found any answers.
  6. Thanks Eric for clearing that up. I misread will e initial response, I read it as don't do the carb and intake at the same time. I re-read and see that you said distributor and carb. I wont do them both at the same time for reasons you mentioned. I will be doing carb/intake first, then drive it for a few weeks to find the tune then change distributor after that. Still debating between the pertronix and the duraspark. Seems like it very mixed. Thank you all for the help so far!
  7. Won't I have to do them at the same time though since I have a factory 2 bbl in there now?
  8. Awesome article! Thanks for the find!
  9. The ones I'm finding performer 289 is stamped 289 but will work with a 302 and is a low rise. I have found a performer rpm that is stamped 302 and is a high rise
  10. Is yours stamped performer 289? Nevermind, just saw yours was 351
  11. I'm getting ready to do this exact same thing. Im leaning toward a holly 600 cfm reman directly from Holley on ebay for 219.99. Then maybe a weiand stealth 8020. Im concerned that an edelbrock performer high rise wont fit under my stock hood.
  12. I recently began having issues with my original 2 barrel carb on my 71 mustang vert. Decided with the issues, it was a good time to justify switching to a 4 bbl system. I am leaning towards a Holley 600 cfm with electric choke and a weiand stealth 8020. However, with all this work, I thought it would be a good idea to go ahead and upgrade my points system to an electronic ignition. Ive spent a lot of time researching and seems like you can put a duraspark on the early 302's. Anyone know what I would need for the 71? Or if there is a better option? The objective for my vert is to be just a nice day cruiser, no strip. Thanks in advance!
  13. Hey guys look for an aluminum intake and 4 bbl carb for my 71 302. Open to whats out there right now, as I am upgrading my 2 bbl system. Located in NW ohio
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