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  1. Thanks guys! Couple of things I'm interested in, 1st and most important is power steering. Not a big issue with me, but my wife, that's a different story. 2nd is a front disc conversion. Do not know which way I will go with this so, I'll be researching and reading some topics on my two issues. I would greatly appreciate any info ie: pro's/con's, trick's/tips on equipment I should use etc...
  2. Just sayin' hello. New member from Seabrook TX. Got a little modified '71 3 spd coupe with the 351C 2V w/ Ram Air 4bbl Holley on top of a Edlebrock Performer intake.All original except...paint, exhaust, wheels and tires, ignition and a few other things. Picked up this car for my daughter who is needing a vehicle for college. She absolutely hates it and wants a '70's F100. So, decided to keep it, fixer up, play a bit, and prolly give it to my son. Well....maybe not! Love the power in this 'Stang. Although she is 2 years older than I, she is in pretty good condition. But with any old car, she needs constant attention. Been lurking on here and looking forward to gaining some of y'all's knowledge and maybe I can be of some help to others. Build boats by day and gunsmith at night. Own and operate a F1 tunnel boat rescue team and own and crew chief my daughters Formula Lights Race Team. Any boat questions feel free to ask anytime. Sorry for the long introduction....Mike
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