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  1. LOL! Fingers crossed... I'll keep Bob's email handy just in case though. Thanks again. Jason
  2. I think I found a 1996 Ford Crown Vic P71 ecm. I'm waiting on the wrecking yard to call me back. I hope they have one and this works for me.
  3. LOL! I had the opportunity to buy one for $800 but didn't have the extra cash at the time. Cleveland and all.
  4. Wow! I am speechless. I wish my significant other would help me clean up greasy parts. Mine wants to spend every waking hour with me but doesn't like to get dirty. No pun intended. Lol And YES we need a like button for sure!
  5. Thanks, sweet Ranchero 500.
  6. Thanks Mesozoic, I found it earlier... Just didn't have time to reply back. It's work time for me. Blah! LOL. I'll go with your advice. Since that is the general consensus among all the sites. Easier and cheaper is better for me at the moment. Thanks again for your advice and your help dude. Aircraft inlet repairs are in my future for tonight. If I have a free minute later I'll look online for a good CDAN4 EEC-V ecm. 70TorinoGuy Jason
  7. Hey Mesozoic, this is the EEC-V in my wrecked explorer. Do you think it's worthy of my time to deal with?
  8. Thanks Mister 4x4. I definitely feel world's more welcome here than Corral... and the other sites. I love old muscle cars. In my spare time, that's all I think about is cars and getting mine back roadworthy. I'm in the aviation maintenance world. The money is good.... but the majority of the people have the worst attitude. These old cars make me happy. No matter the make.
  9. Thanks mrmach1 I'll definitely check it out.
  10. I have thought about going that route but I think it can't be disabled unless I have someone install a piggyback chip on the EEC and then have it flashed. At least that is what i was told by others on another forum site for Fords. It's more than a bit nerve racking to find someone that knows what they are talking about and will not break your budget. Learning about EEC-V is definitely something I'm wanting to dive into. My lack of knowledge of computer controlled EFI shows. Lol. Give me any carb and I can rebuild it, install it and be up and running in no time. It's time for me to learn the "new" stuff. Lol.
  11. Sweet rides! [emoji2] [emoji106]
  12. Finally got that to upload. It's been a total Monday night at work. Glad it's over.
  13. Thanks jpaz, protouringstang73, secluff. Secluff, that 68 cougar that I had was a beast but I remember that it didn't like to stop either. If we had the aftermarket support we have now back then.... Oh boy... watch out. I had that car up to 160 and it floated like a river boat without an anchor. I miss it! That's why I'm going nuts with this Torino. I can't wait to burn the tires off of it. Thanks DK73 I'm from Statesboro, Georgia. Thanks GoodNigh aka Mike. What I look at to calm me down while I'm at work... This is the top of my tool box.
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