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  1. Well, after not working on the car for almost three years, i did a little work tonight. The last time i spent time on the car was early spring of 2016. I was renting a garage while going to university in 2015/16. I graduated in april 2016 and had to move out of the garage. I had to get the car somewhat back together and trailerable. I finished the front clip, put the motor and tranny in, put the doors and body panels back on and i through the rest of the parts inside the car. I started a good job right after university however i was only living in an apartment. The car spent 6months in outdoor storage untill i could afford a house. In september 2016 i bought a small house with 8 acres close to my work. However the house had no garage :( . In 2017 i was able to build a 900sq ft garage to work on the car. Of course the garage took more time and money than expected., and it is almost done now minus the concrete floor. Anyways, the car is in the garage and tonight i welded in my first patch in a while. I am going to start with some small jobs before jumping into frame work again. As mentioned, i was able to finish the front clip which was the biggest task. I need to replace one rear frame rail as well as floors, inner rockers, tail panel, and some patches here and there. Still lots of work to do! How is everyone posting pictures these days? I heard you have to pay for photobucket now?
  2. Does anyone know the difference between 1971 and the earlier rear frame rails/torque boxes? It seems rails for the earlier mustangs are much cheaper and easier to find.
  3. Nice ride!! I live just a little north of you in Englehart. I have a 71 vert project car. Lots of great info here.
  4. Thanks. Makes me want to try to repair my doors rather than look for replacements!
  5. What do you use to cut out the bad spots? I tried a 4 inch angle grinder and it just seems to big for corners and what not.
  6. Its a natural cycle that needs to happen. The alternative would be to harvest the trees and restart the regeneration cycle however as you said someone has not allowed that. Unfortunate for the families and houses in the area but with fire suppression, no harvest, and mass insect infestatuon this is bound to happen.
  7. Cool picture. Post some more
  8. Add a 6 pack ( minimum ) to clear the small chunks off glass and tar off the window frame.
  9. Cool pictures, but when i look for a car i want to see unedited pictures with no funny business
  10. Why not start with a 460? Extra cubes, and probably easier/cheaper to find
  11. I am curious if you have had any serious offers? It would have been nice to see a vert go for what you were asking to start.
  12. Do you have a link? I might be interested in this as well
  13. Not what i was expecting when i saw "interesting STRIP job"
  14. I could make it to the garage. Dont need window measurements. Any measurement with a picture showing where you measured would be greatly appreciated
  15. Ill try to head over to my garage sometime today and take a picture.
  16. Is anyone able to tell me the distance between the A pillar and the B pillar. I am getting two different measurements
  17. Thanks a lot Marc! Ill be sure to pass it on when I am done.. which will be a few years.
  18. Guess the hoods on our cars aren't long enough from the factory!
  19. Fitech really peaks my interest for when it comes time do get a fuel system for my car. Ive even considered it for my 94 chev 4x4 because the chevy tbi injection just doesnt support much power. Maybe one day ill get my hands on the system. I have heard nothing but good reviews
  20. Nice truck! I've been eyeing a 1972 f250 4x4 in my area. Has a 390 4speed. The guy wants $4000 (canadian) but i tljust dont have the time or spare funds
  21. Thanks Beauchamp. The rotissarie will be a life save when i make it to the rear.
  22. Small update today, but I think this may be my first step in a forward direction which feels good! After getting the firewall out I realized I was not happy with the condition of the "A pillars". They had some previous crappy repairs along with some rust and I figured since I have a mint pair and I am this deep in, I will change them. This will actually be quicker than just changing the firewall forward (I think/hope) as I will not have to drill nearly as many spotwelds. So I began by swapping the window frame. This was a big area of concern for me as I didn't know how I would get it lined up and at the right angle. After lots of measuring I cut the sucker off. First step was to prepare the "new" front clip for the "old" window frame. This was done by picking a point where the roof was cut off the "new" front clip and squaring it up. Basically I ground off a little at a time until it was 90 degrees to the point I selected. I did this to both sides. Next I used some angle iron to make a "sleeve" for the window frame.The angle iron went about 1.5" into the "A" pillar and was spotwelded to the front clip. 1.75" stuck out to go inside the window frame. Any longer would not work due to the shape of the window. Next I had to prep the window frame. I cut it to within an inch of where it needed to be and then spent hours grinding and test fitting. I used the same method of picking a point and grinding the rest to 90 degrees. I would grind a bit and square it up and then go test fit. I was testing for a) proper angle, b) ensuring even gaps to weld, c) correct window opening size. When I got it where I wanted I drilled 3 5/16th holes on each side to late be spotwelded to the angle iron and I tacked the window in place. Rechecked my measurements, visually analysed it to make sure it looked correct and then welded it up using small welds bouncing from side to side so it wouldn't get overly hot. In total it was about 10hrs to do, over three days. Now I need to grind it down and do a little finish welding, but it looks awesome and feels very solid.
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