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  1. Make sure they use a direct lug adapter on the machine and don't use a cone adapter and they should be able to balance them.
  2. Currently I am a Toyota MDT. Worked a Honda dealer for 15 years. Before that I was a New Products Quality Engineer for Digital Equipment Corp. I took the early retirement package at age 26. My senior year of high school I had school in the morning, worked at DEC in the afternoon and went to college at nights. I bought my first Mach 1 as a graduation present to myself in 1983. A green '69 Mach 1 that I wish I never sold. I traded my '70 Cyclone Spoiler for my '73 in '85. I still have that Mach 1
  3. Yes please. I had guns before Mustangs but love both.
  4. I did and I don't. lol My car has always been bright red and even though it not completely stock, I painted it red again. I prefer black or medium blue. I have a plan for how I want the car to turn out this time and felt that the original color was best suited for that. I think people that own these cars should do what they want to do with their cars and was it done is done. Maybe when I pass the car down to my son some day, he might want it another color:-)
  5. Yes, the running horse is the high beam indicator. As for circuits that open, there is a wiring diagram on line here if you click on the data tab at the top of the page.
  6. I started out as a Caddie. Next I was a New Products Quality Engineer with Digital Equipment Corp. Until I took the early retirement package when they were downsizing in 1990. My product was going to Puerto Rico and I didn't want to live there. Next I became a Automotive Service Tech. I have been a Platinum level Honda Tech, a Level 2 Kia Master Tech and I work on Toyota's. With a very very short time doing the college night school teaching gig. I even owned my own shop for a short time before my son was born.
  7. I carry a Para Ordnance p-14 LDA. I think it is like a 1911 on steroids. 14 rounds and the Light Double Action trigger is nice.
  8. Sorry, I didn't have my tach working last time I drove my '73. I switched to a MSD ready to run dist. and needed to hook up the tach adapter. I do remember that it sounded like I would not like to go on long highway trip with it. I would stck with 3.50s if you are going out on the highway much.
  9. There is vent on top of the trans and it will come out there when you drive it with the fluid level to high. Set the fluid level to the correct mark and then check for leaks. A bad modulator can leak but the engine usually burns the fluid as it is sucked up the vacuum line.
  10. I have 3.70s with a 27" tire and it is ok for short highway trips but I will most likely go to 3.50s when I drive the car next time.
  11. Steve, I am with you. I don't see anything worth parting out of that car.
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