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  1. COOL..my mach1 canadian style was made MAY 19 .. must have been brothers in the assembly line? serial 209563, im curious in your numbers...ps its a red on red, q code 4 speed
  2. I got the same questions, and also a 72 hard top, 351Q,c6,staggered shocks, and drum brakes, dont know if it had the hockey stripe, or the chrome on rockers?..was this a 72 "spring special"..if they ever had one?..or just got the build sheet..it has "decor group" instrumentation group, [is this the 3 pods and a tach?], e70x14 wide oval, wheel covers. i to rather oredered the build sheet and window sticker, better then the marti report, i like the original looking stuff.. i can make my own marti report, for al 3 of my babies... also does anyone know what the extra things on the marti rep
  3. just my 2 looneys worth (canadian for $2).. guess ford must have made many tests, and spent lots of cash to make the proper bar thickness's, and i would stick with what was original, to start with, but yes as stated above...if you increase rear bar , you need to increase front bar proportionately....i wonder if anyone made a program? like the engine dyno software program?, to see if and how it would change the handling of the car?
  4. im new here..so got a bit of info to add? 72 Q code hardtop 05/72 2f01q215262 red out white int. dso b6 72 Qcode mach1 05/72 2f05q209563 red n red chrome top and whats left of 351 cj on it. dso b7 but im in canada. keep me informed on the news..if any one knows anything about the "sport" hardtop model (not sprint), pleas also pm me..thanks.
  5. my car came with steel wheels with dog dish and trim rings originals15 x 7 all 4 of them..with ford stmped on them..i got the old dog dish and i prefer them over magnum500..why?..a stallion that has his own taste?. besides not having a marti report..cost to much 4 me...i have been looking for those stock 15x7 rims for decades..nada,nothing,not even one..lots of Dodge ones, but offset and dog dish tabs different.. 71 blue black int, 302 conv Hawaii car 72 mach1 ontario car.."the rustang" Q code, nodular,staggered, 4speed red and red. 72 hardtop Q code,c6, staggered shocks, red and
  6. just my 2 looneys worth..thats 2 bucks to yee usa folks... the picture of the black simple interior with guages and 4 speed and button horn wheel would be the basic, including a boss351..reason i say is they wanted the boss faster then any of them, doh, so less weight and more power equals a lotta horse dropings, and posi rubber left on pavement..the next "basic plus?" would be the plain all black with no woodgrain or chrome..the shrome and woodgrain is grande and mach1 with pretty chrome and wood grain all over....if yours came with no chrome on tach/guages, and no woodgrain and no plastic
  7. wings are for airplanes and cool looking mustangs and other muscle cars...as for angle, think of it as an upside down plane wing...angle more down in front, more down force..and yes the downforce is inversely proportional to the speed..do they work?, without actual wind tunnel testing done its a hearsay..BUT, put your hand out while driving, at any speed past 30, and you will FEEL the forces as your hand changes angles..so whether it really works bellow 100mph, i myself dont really care..for if it makes my hardtop, or convertible or mach1 look good..then so be it..remember the mustang was made
  8. deluxe reports are awesome to see...Id get one but looks pricy especially since most of the information is already at your fingertips, ie on the car..does anyone know how to get a deal on the marti report?..i have 3 mustangs, and have 75% of the documentation..but would not be able to afford 3 "deluxe" reports just to see some things i dont know about the car..like why would a 72 hardtop come with a Q code Cleavland with a c6, and have drum front brakes, strange?no?...wouldnt that not be allowed?for safety reasons? or could a car come with lower chrome but not a hockey stripe?..or was this one
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