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  1. Warmed her up real good this morning and then proceeded to take her out and get every extra bit of wear out of my Mickey Thompsons before I switch over to the Nitto 555r's. That was fun.
  2. Is there any truth that allegedly synthetic oils can increase the potential for leaks, in our older cars? Asking for a friend...
  3. Couldn't a more neutral icon be used for "like" rather than a ❤️. Usually the ❤️ means "love." Like is usually a 👍 or equivalent. Just feels a little weird to say "I love something" when I really mean to say "I like something." Personally, when I agree with someone I wouldn't hesitate to "like" their comment but "loving" it is a little much, most of the time. (unless it's something Mister 4X4 is saying! 😂)
  4. Hey Barry, great job with all you are doing on the site improvements. Thought you might want to know that I got this message... "You have used all of the attachment space you are allowed. Manage Attachments to free up space" when I posted to one of the threads tonight. I was going to add a picture but am I correct in assuming that this message means I can no longer add any more pictures in threads unless I go to the "attachments" and erase previous pictures that I added to threads? I can imagine the site would want us to delete images attached to threads...aren't we always encouraging readers to post pics to threads as they make the thread more interesting? Maybe I'm misunderstanding what this message is telling me to do. I could go and delete the attachments but is that what you are intending...??? Cornfused...🥴
  5. Edelbrock Air Gap Intake. I didn't ever have the stock ram air set up. I just took the plugs out of the hood and then added stainless steel wire mesh.
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