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  1. Warmed her up real good this morning and then proceeded to take her out and get every extra bit of wear out of my Mickey Thompsons before I switch over to the Nitto 555r's. That was fun.
  2. Is there any truth that allegedly synthetic oils can increase the potential for leaks, in our older cars? Asking for a friend...
  3. Couldn't a more neutral icon be used for "like" rather than a ❤️. Usually the ❤️ means "love." Like is usually a 👍 or equivalent. Just feels a little weird to say "I love something" when I really mean to say "I like something." Personally, when I agree with someone I wouldn't hesitate to "like" their comment but "loving" it is a little much, most of the time. (unless it's something Mister 4X4 is saying! 😂)
  4. Hey Barry, great job with all you are doing on the site improvements. Thought you might want to know that I got this message... "You have used all of the attachment space you are allowed. Manage Attachments to free up space" when I posted to one of the threads tonight. I was going to add a picture but am I correct in assuming that this message means I can no longer add any more pictures in threads unless I go to the "attachments" and erase previous pictures that I added to threads? I can imagine the site would want us to delete images attached to threads...aren't we always encouraging readers to post pics to threads as they make the thread more interesting? Maybe I'm misunderstanding what this message is telling me to do. I could go and delete the attachments but is that what you are intending...??? Cornfused...🥴
  5. Edelbrock Air Gap Intake. I didn't ever have the stock ram air set up. I just took the plugs out of the hood and then added stainless steel wire mesh.
  6. Chris, thank you for your service!!! 🇺🇸 Love the Floyd 8 track!
  7. We're good. My first reply was about being more positive, that's all really. But then you told me to "shut TF up." Where I'm from that's when you woulda got punched in the mouth. Just be kind and we'll all be good. I don't think you're mental, just a slightly negative ass but I can be an ass too. I still love ya. And as for the rest of you, you gotta admit it was a little entertaining. ::thumb:: I'll admit to the fact that I can be an ass, but I am not anywhere nearly as negative as you think - and never intend to be hurtful with any of it. My retort to your reply came straight out of 'tired of being called out for negativity when there was none there.' If you're good, I'm good. Life's too short to get wrapped too tightly around these kinds of axles. :poke: :atomic: ::beer:: :heart:
  8. Hey.......My name is Rodney :-( Guys you both contribute a bunch to folks, in need, on this sight. Please Stop this bickering. I value both of your opinions but feel Im loosing some of that high respect I have of you guys. I didnt have to say anything, easier to just shut the screen off. But it is important to me and others that this stops. There must be neutral ground here somewhere? For some folks the world is being totally unfair to them right now. The ability to have this forum as a retreat from the madness of the world is precious to most of us 71-73 lovers. Thanks for at least considering my thoughts. Wow, just read this thread and had to go back to re-read several times, maybe I missed something but to me I came away with this: "I like to keep classic cars looking how they were when made, many modern lights are not my style but the lights in question actually look good". And I agree they do look good, hope no one is offended by me saying they look good, I may even consider them for my car as I live in the mountains and it is DARK up here. Sorry guys - I started my reply before seeing your comments. Apologies for the bickering and apparent thread-jacking, but I'll only claim partial responsibility in this one, as I was not the one who chose to take it in this direction. I would invite the moderators to take appropriate action as needed, because if I were to do so, it would then be viewed as an integrity issue... and it's apparent my moral compass couldn't handle such a strain. :whistling: We're good. My first reply was about being more positive, that's all really. But then you told me to "shut TF up." Where I'm from that's when you woulda got punched in the mouth. Just be kind and we'll all be good. I don't think you're mental, just a slightly negative ass but I can be an ass too. I still love ya. And as for the rest of you, you gotta admit it was a little entertaining. ::thumb::
  9. +1!!!!!!! Well, my opinion is that if either of you valued reading comprehension above the basic need to find a way of twisting something I've said into something negative to nit-pick, you would realize that I actually complimented his choice of LED lights. My comment of 'junk,' was referring to a cheap set of ebay JDM driving lights I mistakenly purchased years ago for my Honda Civic - which sucked, BTW. I think it might be time to try a new strategy: either grow, or shut, TF up. Eric, (Mister 4x4) I've told you before, I don't dislike you. I truly believe you never mean to be an ass, you just are. I would suggest that prior to clicking on that "post reply" button you should ask yourself one question…"will this post make the person feel good about him/herself and/or their decisions they've made regarding projects they've done on their car. If the answer is "no" or "I'm not sure" then you should reconsider giving your opinion. When someone does something to their car and posts it up, they're not looking for others to tell them why they don't like it. We should encourage others or keep our opinions to ourselves (especially when they're not asking for your opinion) When you give your unsolicited "Nancy-negative-opinion" and then wrap it up with, "However, I kinda like they way those look..." You remind me of Rodney in Caddyshack…"you buy a hat (LED's, Magnum 500 Stealth Rims, etc) like this, I bet you get a free bowl of soup…Ohhh, but it looks good on you!" Some people never cease to amaze… I believe you offend people with your...I'll use your words..."writing style." I have noticed how people respond to your "writing style." Noticing how others feel is called empathy. You speak of my trend in calling you out. My trend would not exist without yours. I do believe blaming your perceived negativism on your "writing style" is actually deflection. This is a way of separating yourself from accountability for your actions. Maybe you should talk to someone about this. I'd imagine I am not the only one who has noticed this about you. You are a huge contributor to this site and are of great value to it. It is a shame because you could be so much more. Just ask yourself that question I mentioned at the beginning of my reply...BEFORE clicking on "post reply."
  10. Ya know, if someone has taken the time to install a new product on their car and they're not asking for opinions of whether people like them or not, I don't really understand why some people would take the time to explain why they don't like that kind of product. I was always taught that if you've got nothing good to say then keep it shut...just my opinion.
  11. I have those heads in my 73. It rocks. 432 hp/456 tq to the pavement. Heads- Trick Flow PowerPort 190 Aluminum Heads- 195cc intake port/112cc exhaust port (TFS-5161B620-C00), combustion chamber volume- 62cc- profiled. 10 3/4 : 1 Surface & port match heads to intake. Ductile iron exhaust valve seats, Manley valves (Intake- #11324-8, Exhaust #11555-8) & spring cups (#42402-16), Comp Cams springs (#930-16), retainers (#741-16)& locks (#611-16), head studs (ARP-154-4004), Blue Thunder valve covers (#VC-SB-C) Valve Train- Comp Cams hydraulic roller cam- Custom ground, brass lifter bushings, engineer spec'd drain orifice (.040"), Lunati lifters (#72335-16)/ roller rockers (#15380-16), Manley Rods (Intake #25715-8, Exhaust #25715-8) Cam intake duration @ .050= 230 (236 actual) Cam exhaust duration @ .050= 236 (240 actual) Hydraulic Intake/ Exhaust valve- gross lift .588/.600 Induction- Edelbrock Air Gap high rise, dual plane, 1500-6500 rpm intake manifold (#7564). Port match intake to heads. Quick Fuel BD 750 Carb w/ electric choke.
  12. Wow! That carpet is as old as my marriage! April 12, 1993. Hope it held up as well! :)
  13. Do you think you'll be making another order for these...or could another possibly be added to the first order?
  14. Here is an option for oil pressure light: https://www.summitracing.com/parts/qcr-61-711 Not a bad idea Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G930A using Tapatalk https://www.pacificcustoms.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=PC&Product_Code=k4s17-430f-05
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