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  1. I need opinions... Should I buy a turn key engine from five star engines for $3500 (302/320HP) or could I build something much more potent for less? I was looking at aluminum gt40 heads for about $600 but my head started spinning when I realized there is so much more than just buying heads and a good cam. Any opinions will be appreciated. Fyi I have a 302 with a weiand 7515 manifold and holly carb that's way too big 700cfm (came with it)...
  2. Is there a name or does anyone know if they sell a patch panel so I can replace the area between the back window and trunk on a 72 coupe, or am I stuck with a custom weld job?
  3. Appreciate all the replies... just trying to figure out what's feasible with this car/engine. Sounds like I should look to swap to a 351 or better huh?
  4. Yea I think you are right. I ordered one yesterday, it should be in today. Thanks for your help.
  5. Just bought a 72 302... it supposedly has an aftermarket cam, holley carb(not sure on specs) 2 1/2 pipes with flowmasters and 9in rear end. I'd like to add some headers, what brand is preferred from the classic crowd? What kind of gains can I expect? Will I be able to make 300+ HP @ the wheel with a 302? Point me in the rt direction, thanks in advance.
  6. When the ignition is in the off position where I can remove the key event is still running. Lights, heat etc... worth no key and in the off position... That's why my battery keeps being drained. In order to turn the car off (nothing running) I have to turn it between the off and start position.
  7. I removed the second wire but the alternator remained on... so i removed all the wires from the big post closets to the battery with the + wire running to it and no more alternator. Now I need to figure out which one is the alternator and which post it should go on. One wire is labeled linkage fuse??? I'm going to do some research to figure out where is an acceptable post for each wire.
  8. I appreciate the help fellas... Will heres what I have at the solenoid... the small post close to the battery has two terminals on it one looks like it leads inside the cabin (ignition switch) the other is inside conduit but if I was a guessing man it looks like its going to the alternator. May be why the alternator is always energized. I'm going to remove it and see if it fixes my issue but seems like I'll cause another because that wire will need to go somewhere.
  9. I just bought a 72 coupe 302... Engine bay is very clean, anyway the guy told me it needed a new battery so I bought one thinking that would be the cure all. I was wrong, first of all when the key is turned to the OFF position the car alternator remains on. I have to turn the key between off and start to get the car to be fully off but I can't remove key in this position obviously. Sometimes the car turns over but most of the time it doesn't... seems like it drains the battery immediately. I had the battery and alternator tested and both were good. After doing some research I found out that the starter solenoid goes bad on these cars often... I changed that out as well but I'm still having issues. Any help would be appreciated. My next guess would be the ignition coil then the ignition switch. I've read similar situations but I'd like to get this whipped before I keep replacing good parts... thanks in advance
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