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  1. Just pulled the E flasher and put it in the TS flasher with great success! So I just needed a new flasher after all. Glad it was easy. Thanks for all the input. Still gonna clean those fuse connections.
  2. Bring me up to speed on the electronic flasher. Is that different? There is no glove box. Only a door so it's easy to see in there. No flasher that I can find. Weird Ok color me stupid but wow that TS flasher is hidden well. Can't see it even without the glove box in and laying on the floorboard so I put my phone up in there and voila! Great! Next step to get a new flasher and see what happens.
  3. Assuming the Directional flasher may be missing, I guess that could explain a lot. If the TS worked as great as the E flasher I'd be ecstatic.
  4. I was under the dash a bit ago and as noted above found the E flasher and tested it. After looking at the wiring diagrams I see there should be a directional flasher there somewhere. I only saw the one flasher.
  5. Need help troubleshooting the '71 turn signals. Here is what I know. Problem; Turn signals are very dim and flash fast. With lights on the TS are barely visible. Almost no change in brightness. With brake lights on the TS blacks out the proper brake light then barely flashes dim and fast. Also, noticed that the license plate light does not work. Bulb looks fine but have not tested or replaced it yet. What works; Brake lights, running lights and back up lights and E flashers seem to work
  6. Thanks for all the expert advice here and a little humor thrown in as usual. I'd expect nothing less. You all rock this forum!
  7. Thats really good mileage! I think I'm getting somewhere in the teens. ::thumb:: Doesn't everyone get 70mpg? I just tuned it up. That must be why.
  8. Just got up and running and inspected. Drove an hour and a half to the new house up to 70mph with ease. Unfortunately the spoiler didn't handle it very well. Split right down the middle about half the length. Looks at first glance a glue job of some sort would be fine for a semi permanent solution. Any thoughts on this? If so, what kind of adhesive would be best? Different ideas? Thanks Eric
  9. Thanks '84. I may try this if I can't find a used one. E
  10. Anybody have one of these lying around? A reverse C I've seen it called shifter lever. Trying to get my linkage to work properly. Thanks, Eric
  11. So let me answer my own question for someone else who may get to this point. After a VERY brief internet search I realized with any open rear axle, which I guess I have, I need to rotate the tire twice. Or double my figures to get 3 to 1. If I'm wrong please advise. Thanks for your patience. Eric
  12. Hi all. Just did the ol' spin the tire and watch the drive axle to find out my rear ratio. Never done this before. Easy enough. What has me confused is the result. I got 1.5 to 1. Now I know this can't be correct. I'm assuming it is because only one tire was off the ground....maybe. Really have no idea. Any thoughts here. Just curious what I'm doing wrong. Thanks Eric
  13. oh ok. That makes sense. I guess I'm in the market for a shift lever. Thanks John!
  14. My automatic floor shifter has an extremely short travel between gears. So short in fact, that travel is complete to 1st gear when the indicator is in drive. I have experimented with every adjustment I can find with no success. So I start looking at my linkage at the tranny. Below is a pic. This looks like no other linkage I've seen on any C6 pictures here or elsewhere. Is this right or did someone change it to this somewhere back when? Do I need to replace this to get a correct shift travel? Thanks guys. I'm stuck. Eric sorry for the upside down pic. hmmm ho
  15. I was able to figure out that if I stuffed the timing light down beside and then below the alternator I could point it in a good direction while looking down from above through the very small window to make the adjustment. All good now. Thanks
  16. I guess I should find TDC and that would tell me a lot. Seems appropriate to me.
  17. Finally got the rust cleaned off the balancer so I can see the timing marks but found that actually seeing the pointer is almost impossible as it sits below and behind the alternator etc. 1. Am I using the square end of the pointer to time? I can view that end but just so. 2. If I'm looking at the sharp, left side of the pointer for timing, which I think is correct, it is not possible to shoot the light at it or see the marks. What the heck???? Here are a couple of pics of my view and the pointer from a camera phone stuffed down inside. Any help or thoughts here is
  18. Welcome from Texas! :bravo: Eric
  19. Welcome from DFW! I went to HS in Moore Ok!! Go Sooners!
  20. I'd just offer to haul it away for him and see what he says! haha If it was mine in the shop for years I'd be glad to let someone have it and just get rid of it. But that's me.
  21. I love these kind of videos. Thanks so much. I hope to do this conversion on all four one day. Still intimidating at the moment.
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