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  1. Luckily my convertible came with the 72 Decor Group and then optioned with the side stripes. It also came with Magnums. I really enjoy the rarity of the car and I am working to bring it back to as original as possible. Ray
  2. Welcome from Oklahoma! Ray
  3. Yes. I just verified from him. He prefers an original Ford one. Ray
  4. Chuck it is for our friend Andy. He said it was a 5 bolt 289 flywheel. Motor is a 2bbl but he will prob run a 4 bbl carb on it. I think it's one with the 157 tooth ring gear. Ray
  5. I have a friend here in OKC that is looking for 5-bolt 289 flywheel. It needs to be usable with no cracks. If anyone has one, let me know and I'll put you in contact with him. Thanks, Ray
  6. The old one had a lot more in it! What happened to the old info? I remember inputting a few salvage vins from burned cars. Ray
  7. I seem to be having deja vu! LOL Ok I did it again! Ray
  8. Proof for the Mach 1 and its NASA Type hood as no-cost option is right out of Ford's 1973 Facts Book. This book and simialr books for 1971 and 1972 are saved somewhere on this site. And here is a link to the book I mentioned! Ray
  9. Just how 'original' do you want to be for your car? Unless you see the RAM AIR option on your window sticker and/or Marti report, even the non functional RAM AIR hood with block-off plates would not be original to your car. It would have come with a standard flat hood. Just FYI. Ray
  10. Missed ya Mike! Every since you told me about your interest in Route 66 - every time I see or hear something about "The Mother Road" I think about how you're doing! Well the old road (or what's left of her) goes right through central Oklahoma. Sure wish you could come over for a visit after the Covid 19 vaccine has calmed the world. Wishing you all the best!!!😎 Ray
  11. I'm a little biased but I think it needs 2B red!!! LOL Ray
  12. The NACA or NASA hood aka the RAM AIR hood was a no-cost option for F code (302-2v) Mach 1's only. BTW very rare to see this standard hood on a Mach 1 combination these days. Most 73 MAch 1's came with the non RAM AIR NACA/NASA hood. For 1973 the functional RAM AIR option was only available on 2V engines. Ray
  13. Nice to hear you're back among us! Building sounds nice. Welcome. Ray

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