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  1. The NACA or NASA hood aka the RAM AIR hood was a no-cost option for F code (302-2v) Mach 1's only. BTW very rare to see this standard hood on a Mach 1 combination these days. Most 73 MAch 1's came with the non RAM AIR NACA/NASA hood. For 1973 the functional RAM AIR option was only available on 2V engines. Ray
  2. Nice to hear you're back among us! Building sounds nice. Welcome. Ray
  3. Hemi, Thanks for your reply. Maybe this needs to be its own thread! "trim rings and caps vs caps without trim rings" under concourse? Eric or other moderator - help? THX I do see how it could be as you mention but if both of your cars wheels had "scaring of the paint typical of installation and removal of the trim rings", doesn't that show the rings were indeed installed? I do have to say your comment I quoted appears to be a typo as it goes against the idea of your previous statements. (LOL) I am having a hard time seeing anywhere the simple cap without trim ring is identified. And none of the standard equipped pics show them. Maybe someone who knows how to decipher the build sheets can find something on this???? And again I don't think the configuration is impossible - but I can't see anything conclusive where just a cap was offered sans rings - YET. My cousin sold these cars new. He said even though a slight increase on the sticker - many of the cars were equipped with the trim rings and caps to make them look a little more "racy". He even saw this on stock (not ordered) cars . Plain jane cars were sold to budget minded buyers. When they lost or someone stole their trim rings, many times they didn't replace. How many late model cars do you see running around with missing or no wheel covers - many! Same idea. BUT - I do remember back in-the-day seeing wheels painted body color and caps with no trim rings - especially on Mavericks! Maybe we can find a dealer pic with some cars so equipped? That could be helpful. Looking for some better supporting documentation. If anyone has a window sticker showing the hub cap only I would like to see it. Trim rings with caps would be an upgrade to any hardtop, sportsroof or convertible and therefore show a dollar amount on the respective window sticker. Unfortunately Ford's poorly worked documentation causes this type of confusion. Ray
  4. For the standard wheel offering, I believe the trim ring and cap was an option for all but a few 71-3 Mustangs. All documentation I have shows the plain hubcap aka "bright stainless steel hub caps" or "chrome hub caps" or "bright chrome-plated wheel covers" the standard wheel feature for all 71-3 Mustang Hardtops, Sportsroofs and Convertibles. This wheel cover was never available on 72 or 73 Grandes, Mach 1's, Boss 351's. I was also never available on any 1972 and 1973 Hardtops, Sportsroofs and Convertibles factory optioned with those years' respective Décor Group options. As for the Grande, this standard wheel cover was available in 1971 only. In 1972 and again in 1973, the Grande was equipped with a unique "New deluxe wheel cover". I can't find anything that shows just the plain cap without the ring as a production line possibility. I have seen what appear to be some pretty original cars where the wheels were body color and just the caps were used. I usually like that poverty/basic look - just don't think they came that way. Would love to see some documentation to better prove either way. Again - I consider this no rig look a tasteful mod for many cars. I tried to concentrate on the standard equipment offerings so I did not include much on 71-3 trim rings and caps, 71-3 Sports Wheel covers, 71-72 Magnums or the 73 Aluminum slotted mag wheels. Sure hope this helps. I had to do some digging to try and make sure I am correct using all my reference material. Ray
  5. They are aluminum. Should not be painted!! Ray
  6. Composing messages not providing fields to be filled. And if they appear - they are sometimes not 'fillable'. Galleries by year and our posts to same are gone or ? Registry? General info by years? Some might be that I just don't know where to look!!! Thanks! Ray
  7. Okay now I am having issues seeing my old posts to my gallery. Any ideas on how I can get there??? Ray
  8. The internal to this site (top of page - right) Search engine is working VERY WELL Sure looks like a good improvement over other software versions for this site. Give it a try and see what you think. IMHO So far so good! Ray
  9. I sure hope the site restores soon. There is a ton of great info that is currently not available! Ray
  10. Try this text string (everything between the quotes) in your favorite browser. It works a lot better! I got at least 5 different threads on our site. "site: www.7173mustangs.com 4r70w swap" https://www.bing.com/search?q=site%3A www.7173mustangs.com 4r70w swap&qs=n&form=QBRE&sp=-1&pq=site%3A www.7173mustangs.com 4r70w swap&sc=0-37&sk=&cvid=54FE4B0ABCA54F9B855A8AE4A61F4D51&ajf=70 Ray
  11. As usual, Secluff is 100% correct. ::thumb:: As a Boss 351 owner (for a very long time), I have seen many cars with incorrect striping, decals and emblems. As for the hood decals, the "351" was not added. It is the other way around. They come from Ford as "351 RAM AIR" or "429 RAM AIR". For the Boss 351, we just cut off the "351" or "429" part. And they are only correct in argent or black to be placed on a non-gloss black or argent painted hood. Personally don't care much for gloss black or argent hood treatment. IMHO, it defeats the whole reason it was done that way to start with! Ray
  12. I am hoping we see the car again. I'd like to make their acquaintance and tell them about this site. The car stays just a few blocks away from a very good friend. We aren't exactly where but he (friend) continues to see the car go by his house. Ray
  13. And the driver's door sticker??? Can't see pics from here. So sorry if I missed it. Ray
  14. I do not like the VIN issues. Riveted plate? Not for me. Ray

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