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  1. Got the convertible out for a local but extended drive Saturday. The weather was nice but I decided to not drop the top. Just wanted to get the car out, drive for a while, check for any issues, fill up the gas tank and just enjoy the car. Didn't want to hear anything but the 351 CJ . Didn't take any pics (should have). Got a few "thumbs up" from other motorists and passengers. Car is presentable at about 10 ft and greater. A great escape from the crazy week. I definitely enjoyed my afternoon. Ray
  2. Did you already contact Mike at "Motorcity Mustang"? They are a vendor who supports this site and have quite a few parts cars. Very reasonable. Can also check with Don at Ohio Mustang. Another supporting vendor. Currently, both of these are my preferred vendors. Ray
  3. Another old thread that might offer some ideas. Tons of old Ford radios will fit our cars but they are not all 'correct' - if that matters to you. Ray
  4. Thanks Don. Hopefully more will do the same. Ray
  5. Welcome from Oklahoma. Hope your putting it back to original color. Cool story. Ray C
  6. Apparently the old links where we all posted our Marti reports did not make the move from the old forum site to this new one. Please check to see if yours is showing up. I had to edit/update my page for the my conv. https://7173mustangs.com/forums/topic/19792-1972-mustang-conv-marti/ I'll work to do others asap. Ray
  7. bump Sure would like to find this car. Ray
  8. Boss 351 had either satin argent or satin black paint on rear tailight panel depending on exterior color with twist on cap only. Ray
  9. Matt, Unfortunately I don't have much on casting dates. But there are quite a few members on here that are very sharp on them. SVO2SCJ & Secluff both on this thread Best of luck.
  10. From what I have heard they used drum and daisywheel impact printers - both of which were line printers. A letter or call to Marti Auto Works might clear this up but I don't have the time right now. :) BTW I am dealing with OLD MEMORY myself and the storage medium (my brain) has deteriorated in quality over time. LOL Ray
  11. I believe yours is correct (or an excellent reproduction). The offset look is due to the daisywheel type printer as used by Ford back then. If you get a copy of your invoice from Marti Auto Works, you'll notice the same type of font and funky offset. Ray
  12. A lot of people confuse competition suspension with always including staggered shocks. Hemikiller's post is correct. Ray
  13. Each owner has their tipping point concerning driving/storing/showing their respective cars. I have seen folks heavily restomod their cars and not want to drive them much either. I think it has to do with maintaining the higher level of detail equired to keep them really nice. If you have an exceptionally nice - or close to it - the time and money it takes to keep it that way can become exhausting and draining. I have to admit my cars are nowhere near that high level and I do OK to keep the convertible looking as good as I CAN. It looks OK from about 10 to 15 feet; closer than that the
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