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  1. Grande only 71-3 model that ever came with a trunk mat. I leave my convertible au natural. If I have to carry some stuff I now have a moving blanket I use. Ray
  2. Thought I'd bump this. Many don't know the differences. Ray C
  3. Now you can get them with the NASA style (ram air) hood detail. Cool. Ray
  4. Does anyone have part numbers for the different 71-3 Mustang trim rings? I'd also be interested in the part number for the 15 inch ones you mention originally intended for the vans? Secluff maybe? I THINK there were two different 14 inch trim rings offered, I guess one standard and the other just a little wider? So the wider one would go with the 14x7 option and the other with the smaller standard wheel????? Just to throw more mud in the water - what I have seen might be originally a 14 inch trim ring off another Ford car? Possibly later Torino, Ranchero or LTD II ??? Thanks for all that continue to help in the exploration of original/correct parts for these cars. As you all can see - the "dive" can get pretty deep! Ray
  5. The Mexican Mustangs can sure throw off some of us US-built purists! No correct GT-351 stickers or is it an actual GT-351? There is quite a bit of Mexican Mustang info on this site. A few years ago I was fortunate to attend a Mustang event in Guadalajara Mexico. Got to ride in and look over a really nicely done GT-351 clone. There were a few other 71-3 cars there with one very nice red 73 sportsroof (non Mexican Sprint). Ray
  6. Got the convertible out for a local but extended drive Saturday. The weather was nice but I decided to not drop the top. Just wanted to get the car out, drive for a while, check for any issues, fill up the gas tank and just enjoy the car. Didn't want to hear anything but the 351 CJ . Didn't take any pics (should have). Got a few "thumbs up" from other motorists and passengers. Car is presentable at about 10 ft and greater. A great escape from the crazy week. I definitely enjoyed my afternoon. Ray
  7. Did you already contact Mike at "Motorcity Mustang"? They are a vendor who supports this site and have quite a few parts cars. Very reasonable. Can also check with Don at Ohio Mustang. Another supporting vendor. Currently, both of these are my preferred vendors. Ray
  8. Another old thread that might offer some ideas. Tons of old Ford radios will fit our cars but they are not all 'correct' - if that matters to you. Ray
  9. Thanks Don. Hopefully more will do the same. Ray
  10. Welcome from Oklahoma. Hope your putting it back to original color. Cool story. Ray C
  11. Apparently the old links where we all posted our Marti reports did not make the move from the old forum site to this new one. Please check to see if yours is showing up. I had to edit/update my page for the my conv. https://7173mustangs.com/forums/topic/19792-1972-mustang-conv-marti/ I'll work to do others asap. Ray
  12. bump Sure would like to find this car. Ray
  13. Boss 351 had either satin argent or satin black paint on rear tailight panel depending on exterior color with twist on cap only. Ray
  14. Matt, Unfortunately I don't have much on casting dates. But there are quite a few members on here that are very sharp on them. SVO2SCJ & Secluff both on this thread Best of luck.
  15. From what I have heard they used drum and daisywheel impact printers - both of which were line printers. A letter or call to Marti Auto Works might clear this up but I don't have the time right now. :) BTW I am dealing with OLD MEMORY myself and the storage medium (my brain) has deteriorated in quality over time. LOL Ray
  16. I believe yours is correct (or an excellent reproduction). The offset look is due to the daisywheel type printer as used by Ford back then. If you get a copy of your invoice from Marti Auto Works, you'll notice the same type of font and funky offset. Ray
  17. A lot of people confuse competition suspension with always including staggered shocks. Hemikiller's post is correct. Ray
  18. Each owner has their tipping point concerning driving/storing/showing their respective cars. I have seen folks heavily restomod their cars and not want to drive them much either. I think it has to do with maintaining the higher level of detail equired to keep them really nice. If you have an exceptionally nice - or close to it - the time and money it takes to keep it that way can become exhausting and draining. I have to admit my cars are nowhere near that high level and I do OK to keep the convertible looking as good as I CAN. It looks OK from about 10 to 15 feet; closer than that the bad spots are very obvious. When you have what you consider a huge investment in your car it makes it harder to put it in harm's way. You guys know what I am referring. Like rocks coming off other vehicle's tires or trailers or dried road salt and sand still on the roads after a bad ice storm. (There are many more!!!!) I remember going on a long 'scenic' drive many years ago (1978) with some local Shelby American club members. Cobras, Shelby Mustangs, Tigers and some Mach's and Boss cars along with some regular Mustangs were in the group. The person that mapped it out failed to notice that some of the backroads were old county maintained GRAVEL ROADS. And this was back when we DROVE our cars a lot! I was riding with a friend but I remember he and others were not too happy about driving on that stretch of roadway. We kept a big distance between cars - the dust was intense! Sometimes a simple drive across town can necessitate a one to two hour cleanup of the car upon returning home! Ray
  19. A few of my related archived pics. I have more but would need to look harder to locate. :) That #25 car is the Tope car when owned and raced by Bill Maier, owner of a very well-known 'repopper' Shelby fiberglass body parts business. When I visited with him back in the late 70's/early 80's, he mentioned he had some extra fiberglass fenders/flare kits for that car and could make some more if needed. At t hat time - he was transitioning his racing the the NEW Fox body Mustang for his racing. Anyway, I think his son runs the business now. Bill passed away quite a few years ago. Nice guy. Ray
  20. Message one of our very valued members; Bkdunha (Brian). He performed an impressive concourse restoration on his 1972 Mach 1 to concourse level and should have information on that original exhaust setup. https://7173mustangs.com/forums/profile/292-bkdunha/ Good luck. Ray
  21. Fabrice, Very impressive - all your work. Thanks for keeping the thread updated as much as you can. Ray
  22. I will say that pointing out differences over original vs modded is not a strike against any great looking car. To each their own. But it is important to keep the knowledge of how these cars were original equipped alive and encouraged. Many original equipment/packages on these cars are not obvious to most. And we who try and keep up with this info are always learning! I personally like many original and modded 71-3 Mustangs. Ray
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