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  1. I believe yours is correct (or an excellent reproduction). The offset look is due to the daisywheel type printer as used by Ford back then. If you get a copy of your invoice from Marti Auto Works, you'll notice the same type of font and funky offset. Ray
  2. A lot of people confuse competition suspension with always including staggered shocks. Hemikiller's post is correct. Ray
  3. Each owner has their tipping point concerning driving/storing/showing their respective cars. I have seen folks heavily restomod their cars and not want to drive them much either. I think it has to do with maintaining the higher level of detail equired to keep them really nice. If you have an exceptionally nice - or close to it - the time and money it takes to keep it that way can become exhausting and draining. I have to admit my cars are nowhere near that high level and I do OK to keep the convertible looking as good as I CAN. It looks OK from about 10 to 15 feet; closer than that the bad spots are very obvious. When you have what you consider a huge investment in your car it makes it harder to put it in harm's way. You guys know what I am referring. Like rocks coming off other vehicle's tires or trailers or dried road salt and sand still on the roads after a bad ice storm. (There are many more!!!!) I remember going on a long 'scenic' drive many years ago (1978) with some local Shelby American club members. Cobras, Shelby Mustangs, Tigers and some Mach's and Boss cars along with some regular Mustangs were in the group. The person that mapped it out failed to notice that some of the backroads were old county maintained GRAVEL ROADS. And this was back when we DROVE our cars a lot! I was riding with a friend but I remember he and others were not too happy about driving on that stretch of roadway. We kept a big distance between cars - the dust was intense! Sometimes a simple drive across town can necessitate a one to two hour cleanup of the car upon returning home! Ray
  4. A few of my related archived pics. I have more but would need to look harder to locate. :) That #25 car is the Tope car when owned and raced by Bill Maier, owner of a very well-known 'repopper' Shelby fiberglass body parts business. When I visited with him back in the late 70's/early 80's, he mentioned he had some extra fiberglass fenders/flare kits for that car and could make some more if needed. At t hat time - he was transitioning his racing the the NEW Fox body Mustang for his racing. Anyway, I think his son runs the business now. Bill passed away quite a few years ago. Nice guy. Ray
  5. Message one of our very valued members; Bkdunha (Brian). He performed an impressive concourse restoration on his 1972 Mach 1 to concourse level and should have information on that original exhaust setup. https://7173mustangs.com/forums/profile/292-bkdunha/ Good luck. Ray
  6. Fabrice, Very impressive - all your work. Thanks for keeping the thread updated as much as you can. Ray
  7. I will say that pointing out differences over original vs modded is not a strike against any great looking car. To each their own. But it is important to keep the knowledge of how these cars were original equipped alive and encouraged. Many original equipment/packages on these cars are not obvious to most. And we who try and keep up with this info are always learning! I personally like many original and modded 71-3 Mustangs. Ray
  8. ??? F code for any 71-3 is a 302-2V (2 venturi, aka barrel - NOT VALVE) For 71 only C and J were 429's. On first look radiator shroud VERY incorrect for any 71-3 Mustang. Ray
  9. Luckily my convertible came with the 72 Decor Group and then optioned with the side stripes. It also came with Magnums. I really enjoy the rarity of the car and I am working to bring it back to as original as possible. Ray
  10. Yes. I just verified from him. He prefers an original Ford one. Ray
  11. Chuck it is for our friend Andy. He said it was a 5 bolt 289 flywheel. Motor is a 2bbl but he will prob run a 4 bbl carb on it. I think it's one with the 157 tooth ring gear. Ray
  12. I have a friend here in OKC that is looking for 5-bolt 289 flywheel. It needs to be usable with no cracks. If anyone has one, let me know and I'll put you in contact with him. Thanks, Ray
  13. The old one had a lot more in it! What happened to the old info? I remember inputting a few salvage vins from burned cars. Ray
  14. I seem to be having deja vu! LOL Ok I did it again! Ray
  15. Proof for the Mach 1 and its NASA Type hood as no-cost option is right out of Ford's 1973 Facts Book. This book and simialr books for 1971 and 1972 are saved somewhere on this site. And here is a link to the book I mentioned! Ray
  16. Just how 'original' do you want to be for your car? Unless you see the RAM AIR option on your window sticker and/or Marti report, even the non functional RAM AIR hood with block-off plates would not be original to your car. It would have come with a standard flat hood. Just FYI. Ray
  17. Missed ya Mike! Every since you told me about your interest in Route 66 - every time I see or hear something about "The Mother Road" I think about how you're doing! Well the old road (or what's left of her) goes right through central Oklahoma. Sure wish you could come over for a visit after the Covid 19 vaccine has calmed the world. Wishing you all the best!!!😎 Ray
  18. I'm a little biased but I think it needs 2B red!!! LOL Ray
  19. The NACA or NASA hood aka the RAM AIR hood was a no-cost option for F code (302-2v) Mach 1's only. BTW very rare to see this standard hood on a Mach 1 combination these days. Most 73 MAch 1's came with the non RAM AIR NACA/NASA hood. For 1973 the functional RAM AIR option was only available on 2V engines. Ray
  20. Nice to hear you're back among us! Building sounds nice. Welcome. Ray
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