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  1. I hate ads without pics. The ads expire and no pics to reference!!!
  2. Yeah that F up affected most 1972 and all 1973 Mustangs. Lots info in other threads on this site about how it all happened. Ray
  3. Yeah I posted on our FB page about it. Last had problems a few days ago. All good now. Thanks Barry! Ray
  4. Very cool video footage! https://www.hemmings.com/blog/2020/01/23/watch-this-trans-am-on-super-8/ Ray
  5. I'm not sure if they are...they were in the car when I brought it home. I was thinking maybe these were for a base wheel option?? or maybe a different mustang year that used these... No. They are not Mustang. If they are Ford maybe late 50's or early 60's. Find a part number on them and post. Might help determine. Ray
  6. Need pics showing what you do have., especially stuff with VIN. You might also post this info to the Boss 351 Facebook group. Good luck. Ray
  7. You remember they rarely build them strictly by VIN number. :D Ray
  8. They look great! Fill up the wheelwells nice. Thanks for posting! Ray
  9. Very nice! Post up a few more pics showing sides and from back showing how tires line up on sides and how tires look from rear and front. Thx Ray
  10. I like buying from Don at Ohio Mustang, He is a sponsor and member of this site. I have learned to trust his experience with our cars. He has new and used parts. Another I can recommend is Mike and his family at MotorcityMustang. He is also a sponsor/member here and he has an active Ebay store. Ray
  11. Welcome from Oklahoma. As rvtrash mentioned the Mach 1 is a fastback. But it has its own unique body type as per the Vehicle Information Number (VIN). That 1972 Mach 1 should have a VIN that looks like 2F05Rxxxxxx. "05" = Mach 1. The x's indicate the consecutive unit number of the car. Ford built 336 R code Mach 1's. BTW all R codes were 4 speeds. Hardtops - sometimes called coupes have a "01" body type number. For 1972 R code production 14 were hardtops "01" body type and 5 were Grandes "04" body type. Ray
  12. Since they had a late August 1970 production start I'd say the commercial began airing around a month or two before that. No I have never seen any TV commercials for a Boss 351 Mustang. Remember Ford was dropping out of racing and was already developing the Mustang II at that time. Ray
  13. Here's a Mustang ad from 1972, you just need to speak Spanish. I have seen that one. it is posted on another thread. Yes it was made for 1972 model year but for South American market. Notice only two model types offered - hardtop and sportsroof. And they call the sportsroof a Grand Touring. Ray
  14. Just because they are for sale does not mean they are correct. Boss 351 never had any even vaguely similar valve cover decals!!! Here are two fake Boss 351 valve cover decals.
  15. I have never seen that one. Some websites sell and list this jump start decal for 69-70 Mustang and 69-70 Falcon. I really do not think it is right for 1971 72 or 73 Mustangs. Ray
  16. More info on this safety sticker involving our cars. https://autoweek.com/article/wait-theres-more/little-warning-label-saved-ford-23-million-vehicle-recall Ray
  17. Need better pics but they sure DO NOT look correct for 1971 1972 or 1973 Mustangs. Ray
  18. Yes we posted all 4 of these back in 2015. https://www.7173mustangs.com/thread-1971-mustang-tv-commercials?highlight=tv+commercial Enjoy! Ray
  19. One of those custom de-stroker rods! I heard they are expensive. lol here are a few other nightmares. One below looks melted - someone getting liberal with a torch? Ray
  20. I couldn't connect this morning but after lunch it seems to be working fine. Ray
  21. Sure wish you had taken some pics! But thanks for posting. Ray
  22. Thanks Hemikiller and Dalis. Sorry for the confusion! I re-read the entire thread - thx to Secluff too for his clarification on the trim rings and caps!!!! Dalis - I think they will look great! Good to have a set for sure. Ray
  23. Seems that the easiest way is to buy new produced 15 x7 inch rims for my Mustang. Anyone that had bought some? Recommend some supplier? Would be good to know. So I can use my original rings and caps to my Mach 1 1973. You cannot use your trim rings that came originally on your 73 Mach 1. They are for the 14 inch steel wheels offered in 73. No 15 inch wheels were ever offered for 1973 Mustangs. 14 x 5.5 and 14 x 6 were only wheels installed on 1973 Mustangs. Not sure about the dog dish caps. Ray
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