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  1. Thanks to Mike Berardi I have 1 of those 230. It's the only classic car my 21 year old Autistic son will ride in. Calls it the old car, but it doesn't seem that old to me. Windows down (power, no AC) and getting on it under a bridge overpass he is laughing like a goon. :) Very cool! Your son has excellent tastes in Mustangs!!! Ray
  2. Unique functional ram air 71 Sportsroof. Cool! 71 Decor Group info: 1971 Mustang Brochure DÉCOR GROUP OPTION INSTRUMENT PANEL with deluxe black appliques, de- luxe 2-spoke steering wheel. DECOR GROUP OPTION (also available on Boss 351, Sportsroof) Includes knitted vinyl or deluxe cloth/vinyl seat trim, deluxe black instrument panel appliques, rear ash tray, deluxe 2-spoke steering wheel, dual color-keyed racing mirrors (left side remote-control; standard on Boss 351), rocker panel/wheel lip moldings (except Boss 351), deluxe molded door trim panels (Convertible, Boss 351). Ray
  3. OK This wil take some work on your part but it can be done. Look online for a Japanese OCR website (free). Follow directions and copy the text. Then use Google Translate or similar free online translator. It isn't perfect but might give you some idea of what it says until you can get someone who can actually translates for you. Good luck! Ray
  4. Only 459 Grandes were built in 1973 with the Q code automatic drivetrain. 25, 274 1973 Grandes were produced. Ray
  5. Impressive work. Your boss story reminds me of mine! Yes I am jealous! :) Ray
  6. Thanks! That takes care of the Sprint Ram Air hood question. To avoid hijacking this thread - might open a new one for other hood questions. Ray
  7. One thing I would like to know could you even get the NASA hood on one (Sprints) or were they all flat regardless of engine? I bet Ray can fill us in." Well I will tell you what I understand as of today. As you will see - not much. In 1972 if you ordered a car with the Q code it included the NASA type hood. (1972 Facts Book) That is why my convertible came with that hood. (not listed on the Window Sticker) But I still think there were exceptions. 72 Q code Sprints. If Rex is still on here he might know for sure. I do not have solid support for this. If anyone has anything supports or refutes this - please post up. This also poses other questions - what about Q code hardtops? The Spring special units definitely got them. Also, I can't believe any 72 Q code Sportsroofs or Grandes were ever produced with NASA type hoods. But then again I heard the two Firestone Q code hardtop test cars came with NASA type hoods???? https://www.vintage-mustang.com/threads/72-mustang-sprint.357110/page-2#post-6849785 Sorry - more grey areas. Ray
  8. This one is a 71 hardtop 302 auto car. - White with blue interior. I am pulling items I can use for my cars. I'll end up with some extra stuff that I will offer up in our "for sale" section soon. I still have the 73 Mach 1 parts car but not much left on it that is usable. I'll try and get some pics of them both soon. I guess this 71 hardtop was my Christmas present to ME! LOL Hoping everyone had a great Christmas! Ray
  9. I think he added the functional ram air as well as hood blackout. Side stripes are also suspect. But need to see Marti on the car in the article. CORRECTION - The article explains that these items were indeed ADDED. No stripes or functional ram air on your project conv. BTW article incorrectly states, "True, (for 1972 model year) there was a 275hp 351 HO option, which used most of the high-performance bits from the previous year’s Boss 351, but it was introduced midway through the year, and only 1,000 or so were built." A total of 398 R code 1972 Mustangs were produced. Ray
  10. The ad includes a statement about production. "Ford made just 594 J code 4 speeds in 1971...not sure how many were Mach 1s. 429 Cobra Jet with ram air! Here is the answer - Ford built 230 Mach 1's with J code close ratio 4 speeds in 1971. Ray
  11. Hey, bud - you told me but I just saw this thread. OUCH. Glad you and your family are unharmed. Good luck with the repairs. And if you have some questions - as he said - don't ask Chuck how he knows but just KNOW HE DOES.! I sure consider myself ultra fortunate to have a good friend in Chuck who is so knowledgeable and is a true FORD enthusiast just miles from my home. At and the cost of one Miller High Life bottle for each question I now owe him another case for all the questions and each request for the honest advice! Ray
  12. Very nice. Show pics with cars when and if you can. thx Ray
  13. I've seen some recent posts about installing a front spoiler. If not done correctly - they can bend and not lay flat as intended. Qcode351mach, "Scott" has many good threads and posts on this site. Many include his Youtube page. This video below is one of his many and addresses the front spoiler. I found this 2012 post from Trainey: one of our members, Qcode351mach is very good with this kind of stuff, here is his video, also check out all of the others of his. They have helped me tremendously! Thanks Trainey and Scott!!!! Ray
  14. Welcome from Oklahoma. You might be surprised to find how many on here have some open track experience with their 71-3 Mustangs. Ray
  15. Welcome from Oklahoma. Very nice to see such an original 429 car. Many don't realize how many came originally WITHOUT side stripes. Ray
  16. :goodpost: Thanks Chuck! We can always count on you to "KEEP IT REAL". Ray
  17. Site looks like it has a lot of correct fasteners for our cars (and many others). Doesn't list price so might have to go through a local bodyshop or authorized vendor/reseller to order? That can equal pricey! https://www.auveco.com/ford Oh well just thought it might help someone locate that special piece of hardware. They have some side glass drive gears that might not be available otherwise. Have to search but they do have stuff for our cars. Keep in mind some of this stuff might be available a LOT cheaper at your local hardware store. :) Ray
  18. Possible rebody using Boss VIN? Don't know about this one. Neat but not $90k neat in my book. Ray
  19. A little different. Nice to see some of the different cars overseas. PAAREN IM GLIEN, GERMANY Die Oldtimer Show (from multiple years' shows) https://www.shutterstock.com/search/Die+Oldtimer+Show There is one modified 73 Mach 1 or Sportsroof that is definitely unique. The side mirrors on the fenders remind me of similar 71-3 cars in Japan but have never seen with both door and fender mirrors! Ray
  20. Well, 15-inch Magnums are OK for me - even if not original because they are so easy to change back to the original steel wheels with the sports wheel covers. But side stripes on a non-sidestriped car I don't like. It seems like everyone adds them. Just another example of original appearing cars are becoming ultra rare these days and it is getting worse. And I think rear spoilers on anything but a fastback (sportsroof) body just looks odd. Front spoilers look ok on most. Most on here know I am a purist at heart. So take my comments with a grain of salt. They are my opinions/preferences and will surely apply to my cars. You are obviously free to build yours as you wish. Good luck with your convertible build and feel free to contact me. I noticed yours is a relatively early car. Mine is a very late 72 production build and will have some differences. Ray
  21. Glad to see you picked the convertible. I hope you keep it original. it is definitely a rare one! :) Ray
  22. I thought you guys might enjoy seeing this. And here is THE REST OF THE STORY: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1973_oil_crisis Ray
  23. That number is also correct. Yes, the Elite Marti report breaks it down picking some arbitrary options. Ray
  24. For 1971 Ford built 10,730 H codes with the FMX (X) auto transmission. Ray
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