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  1. After giving it allot of thought I have decided to use the 351c and not the 460. Its a 2v. African Mustang Slight damage to the hood with two corners bent, but nothing serious. African Mustang
  2. The parts have finally arrived in South Africa! African Mustang
  3. Thanks! My deadline is shot. Parts are only due to dock from the states on 24 May. African Mustang
  4. Car came with no engine. I bought the 460 with a C6 transmission. African Mustang Car came with no engine. I bought the 460 with a C6 transmission. African Mustang
  5. The devil is in the detail! Inching forward. I will post some photos of the bodywork shortly. Can anyone tell me if Hooker super competition headers 6115HKR are good for use on the 460 in my car? Will they fit?? African Mustang
  6. I have got to make up my mind about what to do with the 460 now! How much hp or torque is enough??!! African Mustang
  7. I will have all major parts by 14 April. So that leaves me with exactly 2 months. Tight but doable. African Mustang
  8. Well I hope the snow passes soon. Its a scorcher here! I was in Abu Dhabi a few weeks ago. Check out these cars from a sheiks private collection. Went to a Drag event at the F1 circuit and saw some nice cars there to. African Mustang
  9. With the cowl panel sorted it was the rear ends turn today. The corner pieces of the trunk filler panel and tail light panel as well as the filler panel itself are pretty bad. They are not available new so I have put out a couple of inquiries for used parts. Any comments or suggestions? African Mustang
  10. I have not gotten the new cowl yet but decided to take a look inside before I do. So replace? African Mustang
  11. Opened up the cowl panel today... To save or not to save, that is the question?! African Mustang
  12. Are Mach 1 high back seat frames available new or used? Where can I find a pair?
  13. Sounds great! I have a Weatherby 7mm Rem Mag and a Sako 30-06. What do you use? Thanks for the help! African Mustang
  14. David you are 100% correct. This exercise has thought me many lessons. Unfortunately I am to deep in it to back out and I am going to have to finish this. Ive got the shop, parts and electrical manuals. I have bought all parts needed. Its a loooooooong list. Im going to do this properly and give the car to my dad for his birthday coming up in June. Hope Ive got enough time! I have heard of guys shipping cars and motors separately to get them into the country, but I didn't want to take any chances. When I am done with this one I will take a chance on a new project to bring a car in. Hunting in the Eastern Cape is great. Kudu are abundant and as you know theres lots of other game to. African Mustang
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