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  1. My first outing with my 72 this year wasn't as successful as I had hoped.My best run was 12.33 @110 mph lifting at about 1000'.I was launching very soft 60' were around 2 seconds.The 3.50 gear isn't a terrible choice if you are gonna go the 460 route.My car doesn't have any problem pulling a 3.50 gear. Keep in mind a stockish 460 might not run as good as a stockish 429. Most 460s were smog Era and most 429s were pre smog as a rule of thumb. What heads do you run?
  2. Weight is a big deal but the 429 can be trimmed down to be in the neighborhood of an all iron Cleveland.
  3. If you use FPA headers for the 429 you can put them on before you stab the engine.
  4. A couple weeks ago would be the last time the turn signals were used.Turn signals are working fine.Everything worked fine before I changed booster.
  5. Yes they spacers and bushing are installed correctly.It doesn't seem to me like it moves enough to make the switch break contact though.
  6. I don't believe it's a wiring issue.I have my test light directly on the spade of the output.When it will sporadically light when pedal is pressed it will light brake lights.
  7. After changing boosters I put the brake light switch back on the pedal.No brake lights.Went and got a new switch,still didn't work it .Finally got it to work ,came back an hour later no brake lights again.Has power coming in but power out when pedal is pressed is very sporadic .What can be causing this?
  8. The new booster is holding and it's working. I got another new MC with the booster. I talked to tech at GPS,he said they adjust the pushrod correctly and have never had an issue there. There's some free play . I really don't think it's a bad mc.This is the 3rd one I've had on the car 2 of them were new. GPS brakes gave me some tests to perform I just haven't had time to do them yet. Just a fyi.I talked to GPS about the upgraded 4 piston front calipers.He said they do work maybe slightly better but not a night and day difference not worth the money for the very little you might gain.
  9. Yes the Summit pump made by CVR is big and noisy.
  10. Well got the new booster from GPS on Saturday.Got everything back together.Bench bled MC.Bled the system again,Rear drums won't gravity bleed,but they will bleed with the two man method.Front brakes will gravity bleed.Seems like rear brakes are working pretty good and front disks not so much.They are working slightly better than before.I tried with the vacuum pump off and on,doesn't seem to be any difference.Pedal is still weak.Back drums are adjusted correctly if anything they are out too far.
  11. I was wondering if the bigger pad contact area would make much difference.I understand line pressure would be the same.Im considering it since I have to go thru a complete bleed out again.
  12. Does anyone have any experience/ thoughts on the SSBC caliper upgrade?
  13. Gps brakes said the new one was slightly thinner than oem so it shouldn't be an issue.
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