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  1. Jeff, I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your brother's best friend. I lost one of my younger sisters Oct. of last year. She was 44. I get so annoyed when I say "good morning" to someone and they say what's so good about it? It's good because you wake up and are alive! Since my sister's passing, I think about every moment I spend with Family and Friends that it might be my last moment, it might be the last chance to spend with them and I make it count. I will keep your family and your friends family in my prayers. Cheryl
  2. I started a word document as people commented today. I am by no means an expert, but am willing to compile and send to someone if they want to post once it gets semi completed. For me as a newbie is would be helpful to know the parts I need to find that I can't find in a catalog.
  3. 2/8 -Delivery Day, she has been sitting for many years. Poor thing, it is time for some TLC. She has found a good home will have the attention she needs to get her back on the road. We spent the day getting her home and tucked in the garage. We removed the seats and removed the carpet (Don't think the carpet was original and found no build sheets. Surprise! She needs new floor pans. Steering wheel was removed, at least the previous owner had a new one in the truck.
  4. Hey Eric, I have your 71 drivers seat and you have my 73 drivers seat.
  5. Got it all, email me Cobandi@aol.com Thanks, I just emailed you. Cheryl
  6. I am not sure how hard it would be to create this list and I am by know means and expert. First thing that came to mind for me was seats. We were missing the drivers seat. I looked everywhere online and in catalogs and didn't see that there was a repro. So I am thinking there is not one. We went to the junkyard and found a set of seats out of a 71. At that time we didn't realize that the lever on the back of the 71 is different than the 73, but for now we will make do.
  7. I was wondering if there is a list anywhere with parts that are not currently reproduced?
  8. I know the feeling. We already have a 02 Mustang GT that needs a new engine and my 98 GT that needs new paint. Only so many weekends and no more room in the garage.
  9. Can anyone tell me what goes in this hole? Could it be a rear defogger. Current rear window is not.
  10. Just getting started. I have spent hours reading this forum trying to learn everything I can. First, I've learned NEVER leave Jeff alone in the other room while I am working. He got on craigslist one Saturday morning in Jan while I spent the day working and found a 73 Mach 1. Next thing I know we are driving to look at the car and of course we bought it. We had it trailered home on Feb 8, 2014. I am not the car expert, merely the researcher "please be nice if I ask a stupid question or two". Jeff is the car guy. He is a professional truck driver and only gets home on the weekends to work on the Mach. So our story begins. We will keep you all updated on our progress and post pics along the way.
  11. I'll do 689.00 shipped and you won't have to pay sales tax Don Thanks Don. I like it. We are not ready to purchase, but I will give you a call as soon as we are.
  12. Thanks Don. Do I need the eminger report as well. Will it have info that the Elite Marti won't?
  13. We are getting ready to order Marti report. I would like to know what to order. We have nothing other than the title. The driver's door was replaced so we don't have a door tag either. Please advise what to order, elite marti door tag, eminger report or all?
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