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  1. I like holley carbs and barry grant deamon carbs I would recomend a 650-750cfm carb with vac secondarys for auto trans and mechanical sec for manual trans. Reason being otherwise you will have "a dead spot" where the car just won't preform.
  2. Why swap to a t5 the swap and trans will run you way over a the cost of an 8speed ( http://www.gearvendors.com/ ) 8speeds of fun yippie!!!!!!
  3. I think there is rust build up in by the diaphram in the fuel pump. if its getting so hot he is vapor locking he has other bad issues that need to be adressed first.
  4. smart ass i wanted to do twins on a small block 408 windsor but went big block instead. am corious what kind of power i could make with about 8psi if i did decide to boost the 533 oh boy... sorry had the clean my screen...
  5. what kind of carb did you order? remove your fuel tank, flush it several times throwing in a handful of small 5/16 -3/8 bolts and shake it to losen any rust from inside the tank, rinse tank well and remove bolts from inside the tank. Disconnect fuel linesre move all filters blow air out fuel lines with compressed air, replace all filters with new ones reconnect the whole system and check for leaks.There should be no more contaminated fuel in the system to harm you new carb. What was the old carb and do you still have it? ps: if your running a mech. fuel pump replace it! Rrust and debris can get stuck by the diaphraim and come looss and plog a jet on your brand new carb that would suck.
  6. welcome I lov it when they have car cruises for cars upto 1972. lol
  7. and use a little heat from a gas wrench or find a large nut that fits over it snugly then weld the two nuts together before it cools put a socket on and break it lose the larger diameter nut gives you more torque the heat from the weld too. ps dont weld the threads! lol
  8. will try to get some on tomorrow.
  9. none i can find dont want ps
  10. I apologize I thought 351c and 351m had same bellhouseing:s ::new:: :udaman: I learned something!
  11. agreed we just have so many cars around here with "Iowa weight reduction kits"(rust holes)
  12. thanks for that link i have a set of them slots that say "shelby gt 500 "on the inside dose anybody know what they are worth?
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