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  1. The cars hasn't been driven in 7 years. Blew the cobs out last weekend. I just cleaned all the connections plus dielectric grease and you were right. Big improvement. Thank for the replies. Mark
  2. This may have been posted before but I thought I would ask and maybe someone could point toward a thread. I have an old powermaster one wire alternator with very low hours on it. Apparently it has to be around 2500 rpm's before it kicks in. I have read that the new ones do charge at idle. So I guess my question would be should I get a new one wire or go with an original type alternator. I think my original was 60 amp and that didn't seem to be enough amps. The only extra thing I have is a small amplifier for my stereo. I did just read about cleaning all connection so when I get a chance I'll be doing that. Thank Mark
  3. 73 has the different motor mounts. I think I have headmans and had trim the corner of the mount to make clearance. drivers side.
  4. Now it says $55900. Just crazy. Did I miss something. I've been reading post about this car on Fast & Loud facebook page. Everybody has and opinion. Now 100k. somethings not right
  5. I don't have time or the energy for much anymore but I have been doing a little stockpiling.
  6. This is my 4v engine. I think the 2v is smaller http://www.7173mustangs.com/thread-need-picture-of-exhaust-heat-shield-of-71-351c-4v
  7. I haven't been on here much lately. It seems I live on FB now. Been laid off quite a bit this year and have been working on everything but my mustangs. Here's a link on FB that has lots of newer mustang parts and some old. https://www.facebook.com/groups/fordparts/528332770536827/?comment_id=612592942110809&ref=notif&notif_t=group_comment_reply Have a merry christmas everybody. Mark
  8. I've never played car town. I've been playing Zynga texas holdem everyday for 4 weeks. I'm getting pretty good. Level 50. Never played holdem before. I'm laid off for 6 weeks.
  9. I bought a set of new AR wheels 10 ago. Got a deal on them and found out why. They were out of round and never did balance out just right. Just used them for winter so I guess that was OK :huh:
  10. It was 80 yesterday here. 48 today and 34 tonight. Bummer
  11. Hate to hear that Roy. My motto is don't lie,cheat or steal. I haven't always been perfect and always telling the truth can get you in trouble:(
  12. Sounds like your inner cowl may be rusted through. There are some good threads on this subject. I'm sure there will be more people chime in on this. I searched cowl repair and came up with this. http://www.7173mustangs.com/search.php?action=results&sid=0b6ffc425610e09be7cb599e83c3d747&sortby=lastpost&order=desc
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