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  1. I have a few things left from my resto - looking to clean out the shop. Steering wheel - complete but needs resto. Drivers side - vermillion red visor Sail panels - vermillion red Glossy black stripe - missing trunk pieces and front of passenger fender Also have a brand new set of fender trim that did nor fit on the Mach 1. Make me an offer on any of it! Gilbert
  2. Carter - all fine here. Watched the tornado set down 1 mile behind my house. Didn't do any damage at my place. Very fortunate. Lots of people who were not so lucky. Thanks for asking about us!!
  3. Thanks eric - looks like I'm letting it go for cheap on Ebay right now - I need to get it moved. I hadn't seen the spoiler discussion so I'll have to look for that. Thanks for the tip. Gilbert
  4. Website is done. Over 170 pictures. http://www.sanborn7.com/71Mach1/index.htm
  5. Thanks guys. It's in the classifieds. $23k
  6. I do resto work from home. I bought it to fix and sell. 1 wife and 5 kids means it's all for sale. :) Here are some others I've done just for reference: http://www.sanborn7.com/DD/ http://www.sanborn7.com/65Samba/ http://www.jalopyjournal.com/forum/showthread.php?t=372383 http://www.facebook.com/media/set/fbx/?set=a.1405927880917.53843.1614008704&l=49a1c17aa1 http://www.performanceflatforum.com/viewtopic.php?t=714
  7. Just completed resto. For pics and info visit my website at: http://www.sanborn7.com/71Mach1/index.htm and see my build thread here: Maach 1 Resurrection For more info and specs just send me a message. Asking $23,000
  8. Well friends it's all over but a couple little detail parts that are in the mail. Thanks to all for the kind words and help along the way!!
  9. Here's a little present for my buddy Q.....
  10. Stripes are done on the drivers side. I can't say enough good things about the kit from Graphics Express. The clarity of options when ordering, the super detailed install instructions in color with helpful pictures. Highly recommended them! I should finish all stripes up today and then this little project will head over to the classifieds section. BTW - anyone have any options for the power window switch? I have all the buttons but the plastic tabs they fit into are busted.
  11. Finished up the interior today. Couldn't get any good pics with being almost all black in there! I'll try again tomorrow. Took some shots for fun tonight. I'm down to stripes and mirrors!!! Come on mail!
  12. Sweet! That's easy enough. ;) Preious owner had put an overflow tank where the washer tank belongs. I put the washer tank back so I guess that's all done!
  13. Also - can someone tell me where the radiator overflow tank goes. A pic would be super!
  14. Anything left? :) I'm looking for the drivers A pillar trim piece and the drivers B pillar short trim piece. Thanks!
  15. Got the new headliner in. Previous owner owned andupholstery shop and had redone all of the seat and door panels in black but never got to the headliner. This was the first time I've installed a headliner but I've watched a couple go in. I think the pewter cars look much better with black interior rather than red. Most of the outside assembly is done - except for the stripe fiasco. Epic Fail - stripes were glossy
  16. Talked to Don on the phone. He won't exchange my side stickers because I am now short the piece I installed. - The site only offers "black or argent". It does not denote that there are two black options. - I had no way of knowing my black stripes were glossy without installing at least one piece. - I assumed the stripes were flat because that is the original style. According to Don it is more common for people to use the glossy stripes with the base/clear paint. (50 to 1 more common) I'm curious how many of you guys have glossy hood/rocker blackout areas? I appreciate that I was able to get ahold of Don and speak to him but I'm not sure I should be paying for this mistake. Hope it helps someone else get theirs ordered right in the future. I'm off to order some mat black stripes.
  17. Hi Don - Any chance I can exchange my gloss for flat? The web doesn't denote any difference in ordering black. Might help someone else out in the future. Thanks!
  18. Ugggggh - I see mat black. I would have expected Ohio Mustang Supply to have had mat black - Especially at a chunk more price. Maybe I missed it??? http://www.graphic-express.com/1971-1972_mach_1_mustang_stripes.asp Ooops - here's what I need - price is about the same
  19. Today I was all set to apply the vinyl stripe kit. I started with the passenger fender. When began to pull the cover paper off I saw that the decal is shiny - not a flat or satin finish like the paint on the hood and rockers. Are all the stripe kits this way? I really don't like the look of it. Also - the stripes the go from the back of the rear wheels to the end of the car are not the same as along the rest of the side. The center (large) block section is smaller. Thanks in advance!
  20. The outer stripe is actually closer to 3/8" wide instead of 1/4" but I'm happy with it.
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