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  1. Ok here they are. Everything clears fine. Could have gone with more rubber on the back.
  2. Ok, I've combed through the forum and I think I'm more confused than I was. I'm looking at these wheels and tires and it sounds like 17s are a possible problem. Here are the details. - Size: 17” x 7” (front) and 17" x 8" (rear) - Lugs: 5 x 4.5" - Finish: Gloss Black - Offset: 1mm - Backspacing: 4” (front) and 4.5" (rear) - Center Cap: Included - Weight: 20 lbs. (front) and 21 lbs. (rear) Tires are 245/45 front and 255/45 on the back. Should the fronts be ok with this setup on a 73? https://www.cjponyparts.com/us-mags-standard-wheel-and-tire-package-17-x7-and-17-x8-gloss-black-with-diamond-cut-lip-1965-1973/p/W946-B/ Thanks for any advice.
  3. Welcome from NE Houston.
  4. Both of you: pictures are nice but which LEDs did you use at the end?!? Which color and did you used the original blue difussors or did you get rid of them? Thanks! All I changed out were the lights and sockets, nothing else. Here is the link to the LEDs I used. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00MGI60RQ?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00
  5. Did this exact thing last year. Here is my thread with pictures. http://www.7173mustangs.com/thread-instrument-panel-light-sockets
  6. I did this exact thing on my 73. Edelbrock 2750 with the 1406 carb. If you do use an Edelbrock carb there is not a throttle bracket adapter made for our engines for use with that carb, but I was able to dremel out one of the mounting holes for the Windsor adapter and it works great.
  7. I did this project last summer although I don't have a ram air hood. Used the Edelbrock 2750 intake and 1406 carb. Love the results. I had already gotten the duel exhaust done. You can see some of the before and after shots on my flickr page https://flic.kr/s/aHskdbJDee
  8. Sorry it took so long to get back on this. Was finally able to finish with what I was going to change out today. The dimmer still works fine with these. FYI, most of these you can change without pulling the instrument cluster. You can do it from the top with just the dash top removed. Here are the promised photos.
  9. Ok, so I decided to try to replace some of the bulbs on my instrument cluster so I could actually see the speedometer at night. In the process of taking some of the bulbs out, some of the sockets just disintegrated on me. I've seen them on several Mustang sites for $3 each, but found some on Amazon for $6.29 for 10 of them. They did not say they were for our Mustangs but thought for that price I would give them a try. I installed the first one last night and it was a bit snug, but it went right in and that light is working! I plan on replacing several others this weekend and will post an update when I have them installed. The following is a link to the sockets. Instrument Panel Dash Light Bulb Base Sockets I'm also giving these LEDs a try. LED Lights
  10. I need some opinions please. My car did not come with rear speakers. It only had the front dash speaker. I'm installing a new Custom Autosound Slidebar and was wondering what the best path to run speaker wires to the back would be. I'm not cutting the deck, I'm just going to put speaker boxes back there so they can be removed when I'm at shows. Thanks,
  11. Yep. I'm missing the little bar with the 2 holes for the rivets.
  12. How is the retaining clip held in for the trunk lock cylinder? Mine fell out and I don't see how it is held in place.
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