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  1. Back up camera, that's cool...When I'm backing up, I usually close my eyes and hope for the best
  2. I will be blunt. I am not a fan of the look. In the same league as putting on lift shackles. But hey, just my opinion. :angel:
  3. Not sure how I feel about mine being classified as "other" at least put all the colors on the graph:huh: Pewter Metallic
  4. I might repair a couple of the more major dents, but overall it's perfect to drive it, and be proud, worry free.
  5. unfortunately you know the saying " to loud, to old " ….:D
  6. Great story concerning a "Bullitt" tribute Mustang, in the new, May 2015 issue of "Muscle Machines" It's not a 7173, but a very cool car.
  7. Beautiful car, welcome ! does it still look the same 10 years later ?
  8. Thanks for the very informative reply, Much appreciated.
  9. I would be willing to bet it would sell a whole lot faster with correct wheels/tires and air cleaner....beautiful car otherwise. Good luck.
  10. I was lucky enough to find a Radio delete plate for my 72'. Am now looking for info on a Antenna delete plate. The only thing I have been able to find, is some people use a Fox Body Mustang antenna delete plate. Does anyone know what was done to our cars in 7173 when someone ordered the radio delete option as far as the antenna is concerned?
  11. That is the best attitude by far at this point, New fresh rebuild for FREE !!!
  12. Welcome...Beautiful car. Like the Black front bumper. Wow, makes you think " there is nothing new under the sun " Your car is awesome too !
  13. This is a subject I often think about. There are so many ridiculously high horsepower, high dollar, beautiful performance cars available now, but the large majority of them just don't have any mystique or soul. Plus, you cant work on them with out an array of special tools and diagnostic computers. Driving a car from the 60s/70s absolutely provides us with a unique experience. Will modern Mustangs provide the same thing we have, in 40+ years?....I don't think so.
  14. That's what's up with mine. The painter used a standard primer on it and there are stress cracks on the surface. I'm getting it resprayed properly next month, so it should look better. If it still cracks after that, I'll get a 71-72 chrome bumper. So I'm a bit slow here, just realised the Mach 1 has colour coded urethane bumpers on the front and chrome bumpers on there rear. What was all that about? Why didn't they make them both colour coded? The front looks modern and the rear looks classic. My wife recons I should put a chrome bumper on the rear of mine. She doesn't like the look of it at the moment. I recon it looks ok, what do you think? Love the painted rear Bumper, good call
  15. Your car looks killer really love it Thanks man, much appreciated
  16. when I first got my 72' Q code, it came with no blackout. I have never been a huge fan of the Mach 1 style blackout, so I went closer to the Boss style. I am not a stickler for 100% factory correct.
  17. Again all great info. I will add I am so glad I am not a stickler for 100% factory correct. Also glad it has never bothered me that I do not have ram air, and wouldn't trade my Non ram air 72' 4V for a 73' ram air 4V.
  18. Wow that is great information, thanks. No wonder when I bought my 72' Q code is was not blacked out.
  19. Set me straight. I understand only the 2V 72' had Ram Air...But are you saying only the 2Vs had the Blacked out Hoods?
  20. Beautiful car, sounds fantastic....thanks for posting.
  21. Interesting one. Never seen that car or heard about the movie. it's not a great movie, but sort of fun to watch. The Mustang is in a lot of the movie. speaking of movies, the video/film of your car is amazing !
  22. Nothing shocks me any longer, but to continue along your train of thought, I would forego the modern rubber too. Also I am not a fan of the Louvers, were they a dealer option ? all and all a super nice car though.
  23. Movie called " Bounty Killer " http://www.imcdb.org/vehicle_642651-Ford-Mustang-Mach-1-1971.html
  24. Awesome story, sounds like it could be a "Seinfeld" episode.
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