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    1973 Mustang Mach since 1981, 1971 Boss I'm doing a restoration on, 1973 Convetible that I'M doing as a restomod, and a 2013 Shelby GT500.


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  1. My son will only be 17 or 18 when he starts driving it, that will be up to him as he gets older and more experiance behind the wheel.
  2. Just went checked all the pictures from the beginning, what vision. I havn't seen any modifacations that look right on any 71-73 till yours. I'm sure all the followers on this site can't wait to see the end product. It's going to be beautiful/bad ass.
  3. Yeah Mark VIII, I drive a VII when the weather get bad. A VII wouldn't be much of a challenge would it.
  4. This will look great, I did this on my 73, but instead of using the stock voltage regulator and starter solenoid I went to a high output single wire alternator and a newer high torque starter with the solenoid on it. That cleaned up the passenger side of the engine compartment nicely. I also put in a fused power distribution block under battery tray to power the electric fans.
  5. So I bought a 1973 Mustang convertible that I shouldn’t have. It’s a total rust bucket and the only reason I bought it is because I’m a sucker for a sport hood, plus I have a lot a parts. I have decided to put the running gear and possible whole floor from the Lincoln Mark VIII under it. The floor width is the same; I’ll probably have to shorten it 8 to 10 inches. I dropped the engine and front suspension out of the Lincoln and I took a ruff measurement, the frame on the Mustang is the same width as the engine cradle on the Lincoln. The 4.6 4V is narrow enough to fit between the shock towers. If I can use the whole floor I’ll be able to use the Lincoln gas tank, power seats, and the Independent rear suspension will bolt wright in. It will be a cool project. I got a few shots of the destruction of the Lincoln.
  6. The Big Body Mustangs have always been the one for me. My first one I bought and still own was a 1973 Fast back in 1981. It now looks like a Mach 1. I have had about a dozen come and go since then. I currently have a 1971 Boss that needs a full restoration. I have a 1973 Convertible that I shouldn’t have bought and also I have a 2013 Shelby GT 500.
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