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  1. Thanks everyone for the replies. I'm still not sure what I'm going to do. The exhaust manifolds were cracked he said so I would need to get a set of those or some headers I suppose. As for the cam I have it is what ever ford put in back 73. Thanks everyone again for information. Even if I don't get them I've learned a lot. Thanks Taylor
  2. Hi. Well I am back with more questions for you all. I was wondering if anyone had an opinion on a set of 1973 351cleveland cj heads as an improvement over the 2v 73 heads I have now? I've found a set with the intake for 50 bucks. The heads need to be rebuilt the guy says so what kind of money does that usually run ? My 351 is bone stock and has 60 k miles on it. Would changing the heads be a bad idea without doing an overhaul of the bottom end? Would the heads be a complete waste since I don't plan on changing the cam? Sorry for all the questions. I just saw these heads and saw an opportunity if it would work. Any help is very appreciated. Taylor
  3. Thanks everyone for the replies. I kind of figured it wouldnt work but thought I would ask. However it sounds like downwardspiral might make me a deal... Thanks again. Taylor
  4. Hello everyone. I was wondering if someone could tell me if the Edelbrock Peformer LB 351 4V intake would work on 2V Heads? I know they make a 2v version but I've found a used intake in good shape but it's the 4v version. I looked on Edlebrocks site and couldn't find a good yes or no answer. If it would work what would I be losing by not buying the 2v version? Any advice is appreciated. Thanks Taylor
  5. Thanks for the info. I was hoping I had tilt and I just couldn't figure it out but it sounds like I don't. I sure wish the steering wheel wasn't so big... Thanks again. Taylor
  6. Hi everyone. I was under the dash today and was looking at my steering column and wondered if it was a tilt away? I know have this coffee can looking canisters under my hood and I thought I read where it had something to do with this option. It doesn't sound like the tilt steering I have on my other cars. What exactly does it do? Can someone tell me how to tell if I have it or don't? Thanks Taylor
  7. I'll check out surf city garage. Any ideas where I can some replacement screws? Thanks Taylor
  8. Good morning. Guys I'm looking for some replacement screws for my 73 Aluminum Slot centers. I think they are suppose to be stainless steel. I've seen replacement centers that included the screws but not just the screws. I also need some help getting some of the broken screws out of the wheels. What is the safest way to do it? They are broken flush to the top of the wheel. I'm also wondering if anyone has any pointers on polishing these things up? I have two of them pretty well done but it was a ton of work with lots of different products that didn't seem to work exactly as I expected. I've tried Collinite Metal Polsih, Dell Metal Polish, Mother's Aluminum Polish, some Porter Cable green polishing compound and some dremel polishing compound. I've been using a dremel with polishing wheels and some stainless steel brushes and lots of elbow grease. I would guess I worked on each one 8 hours or more over a course of weeks. Is there anyway easier? Any informations is much appreciated. Here is one of the two I've been working on. Before After Taylor
  9. Hello everyone. Well I looked at my frame and all and it looks like was leaking out the back of the master. So I'm guess I will need a new one or rebuild the existing one. Not sure which would be better option. I know in the past I just bought new but this is a little bit different car and situation. If the rag joint is the square looking rubber thing in the steering column it looks like it has been drinched in brake fluid. Which I would be willing to bet is not good. Ive really been looking at rebuilding the front end but not sure it needs it. I know it needs bushings but not sure about the other stuff. Something about those springs and stuff intimidates me. All of bushings are rotted is one thing I know for sure. I was really hoping to have it on the road this summer but the more I do the more I see that needs work. Thanks again for the help. Taylor
  10. OK I will check them out. Based on all the other rubber parts I am sure they have had the lick. I've pulled off all the hoses and belts with the intent on replacing them. The worst so far was the power steering hoses connected to the steering gears. I bought 3 or 4 different tools to try and get them out until finally a sprayed them with deep creep and a cheapo crows foot and a pry bar got them loose. That is another reason for me seeing the power booster all messed up. If I need to replace the lines, which I am sure I do. Is there a certain brand or maker you might recommend? Thanks Taylor
  11. Hello everyone. Earlier it was suggested I post a picture to show what I think is brake fluid leaking on my power booster. So here it is. Tell me what you think. I scrapped some of the rust and stuff off when I took the master cylinder off. Thanks again for all the help and support.
  12. I will try to take some pictures of it tonight. I've already pulled the master off but you can see where is has been leaking on the power booster. Thanks Taylor
  13. Thanks again for all the great information. I guess I should try and find out where all this fluid is going. What is so crazy to me is that I filled the master cylinder up, and now it is all gone and the car hasnt moved and I dont see a puddle of brake fluid. Now I have the master cylinder off the car and looks like something has been leaking down the back of the power booster. It is all "crudded up" with stuff. Can a master cylinder leak out the back? As you all can tell I am brake stupid... Taylor
  14. Thanks so much for the detailed response. I really appreciate you taking so much time answering my question. When I opened my master cylinder after taking it for its last spin down the block before I took the wheels off I found no brake fluid. None, zero, nada... So I am assuming I got a leak.... Sounds like I've got some work ahead of me. I was hoping to get it back on the road before the end of the summer to get it out of the garage and my wife off my back but doesnt sound like that will be happening... One last question or two on the brakes. What do you guys think about the Advanced, Auto Zone and Oreily brake parts and hoses? We don't have a NAPA close to use so I have settle for these guys or order everything. Thanks again. Taylor
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