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  1. It means a lot to me, but I just plain don't have the money it needs. It's time to say goodbye to it.
  2. I'm pretty new around here so I'm not really sure if this kind of post belongs here or elsewhere. I found out today my 73 Mustang is beyond (reasonable) repair. The entire frame and underbelly is rusted through. However, it does have a rebuilt C4 transmission (rebuilt 4 years ago; 2000 miles since then), and a working 302. The engine runs but rough and probably need rebuilding. The interior and upper body are intact. I know I could make more money if I part it, but I don't have the time or tools to take out the engine and tranny, let alone dismantle the car. I could sell it whole, but w
  3. Upon closer inspection, it wasn't just the bumper but the entire frame, floors, and pretty much everything on the underbelly is rusted beyond repair. It would probably cost several thousands if not tens of thousands to restore to an operational state. So looks like I'll be selling it. I'll wait until I move to a place with a garage before I buy another.
  4. You're probably right in that regard, but this car holds a lot of sentimental value to me
  5. Thanks everyone for your responses. Right now I've got the car in a body shop I trust where it is getting thoroughly assessed. They'll be giving me an itemized estimate for all repairs and restorations. Once I get that information, I see what my next move will be. I don't have any body work skills or tools so I'll probably be paying someone to fix it.
  6. I checked the rest of the frame. It seems mostly fine. The floors need to go before their rust spreads any further. The wheel wells also have some nasty rust.
  7. Today, the bumper broke off the frame due to rust. This car has always had issues with rust. I'm starting to think its a lost cause. If it's this bad at the bumper, how bad can the rest of the frame be? In addition to this, theres rust in the engine cavity, in the wheel wells, on the body panels. The engine runs but needs a rebuild. The steering and suspension need work. And it needs cosmetic upgrades. I'm at the point where I have only two options: A) sell it or B) pay someone to do the work (rust repair and engine) I currently can't do. This car has sentimental value so I'd rather not sell i
  8. It's been a long while since I last logged in so I thought I'd re-introduce myself. I'm Mike, 24, living in central Maryland. I've got a neglected 1973 coupe with a 302. It's been sitting idle for way too long and I want to restore it. It just seems theres so many things wrong with it, I have absolutely no idea where to begin. The few automotive friends I had all moved away in the last year, so I was hoping you guys could give me some on advice on where to start. The good new is it turns on and drives, but iit's sluggish and rough. The suspension and steering is crap. The engine leaks oil like
  9. http://www.cjponyparts.com/wheel-vintiques-wheel-14x6-standard-steel-1965-1973/p/W401-V/ I've searched high and low for a stock rim for my '73. CJ pony parts seems to be the only vendor that sells them in the dimension I need (14" x 6"). Unforunately, they've been out of stock (God forbid they update the website) and haven't made any move to order new ones for a month. With the good weather here and show season coming up, I really need that rim. Would anybody know where I might find one? (already checked the junk yard - no luck)
  10. I surprised by the number of people from Europe! Maryland inspection is one of the hardest to pass. I've got Historic tags, so I don't need to pass it, but that also limits me to 1000 miles a year. I don't need to pass inspection, I just set it as a goal so I've got something to aim for!
  11. I'm a software tester for a contractor of Maryland's Department of Health and Mental Hygiene
  12. That's what confuses me. I haven;t touched the timing in three years. I set it to about 9-10 degrees to get the performance a little better. I'm wondering if over time it just crept higher up.
  13. I feel like a major dumbass. Took it in to the mechanic; the problem all along was the timing was waaaay out of whack (13 degrees instead of 6 degrees). I could have fixed this on my own if I hadn't been so quick to dismiss it. Oh well, live and learn. Thanks guys for all your help and recommendations!!!
  14. I peeked down the carb last night and the revved the engine. The jets looked fine. I swapped out the fuel filter, took it for a test drive and it was still backfiring. I popped open the distributor. I think it actually is electronic (see attachments). It all looks clean. Not sure how to check the vacuum diaphragm. Also not sure how to check for leaks in the intake manifold or carb short of taking them apart, for which I have neither the time, tools, nor skills.
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