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  1. Where does the service specification sticker go? research has been fruitless. thanks Joey
  2. bought car in Arizona, but I have been removing ziebart as I slowly restore this beauty
  3. This thread basically convinced me how to put sound in my 71 vert. Got the 230 model custom autosound and the polk marine speakers. Love not having to reinvent the frikking wheel. I used a multimeter to find an "always hot" lead (not cig lighter) and an "ignition on" lead near the radio location. (Maybe some of these leads were for the radio... I don't know, the radio was missing when I bought the car. Also I noted that the original speaker wiring joined the front speaker left and right negative to a common lead. I used the wires but separated their connection. The new radio had a negative wire for each speaker, so i didn't want to mess with fate. Rigged the wiring and sounds good, now the physical install to complete the work.
  4. thanks for the quick and logical answers!
  5. What is a good material to replace the tar paper as an interior door liner? Between the interior door panel and the door itself. thanks!
  6. And now I am looking for one also. Left is driver's side, correct? And with electric window switch cutout - not manual window crank. I am probably going to have to do something very innovative if I can't find one for sale. The armrest is toast.
  7. Here are the pics I have so far. very good mechanical condition.
  8. jeremycfr: I'm in Georgetown, just north of Austin. Georgetown has a Poppy Festival with car show on April 25 that I'll attend... but I need to get some work done on the beast. The arm rest appears integral with the door panel... but other websites sell just the armrest (I am confused).
  9. Hello gang! Just brought in a green! '71 convertible from Arizona. Everything looks original, and in very good shape... I am so excited. I've already been scanning the various subforums for ideas. Will post pics soon, as I have so many "before" pics (ha!) Let's see how I get to those "after" pics YEH! the Scooberator :D
  10. Hey! First post on this forum! Just got a 71 Vert, 302 2v. Practically everything still stock and original! so, anyway, looking to go electronic distributor, perhaps Pertronix. My current distro has dual vacuum advance ports: one to manifold vac and the other to that ported vac switch. So if I go to single vac distributor, what happens? I searched in this forum first and did not really find the answer.:huh:
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