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  1. I have a D1ZF GA carb. Shows in the ford parts manual as a 1971 Boss and CJ 351. Has Autolite bowl cover with large fuel inlet. Rochester carb rebuilder says it is a late 71 service replacement as it was a rochester design. Has a lockdown for the kickdown. Does anyone have any documentation of what this carb came on?
  2. Not sure if this helps as this takes a bit of nerve and sounds a bit shade tree. I had to keep mine to the numbers and was tired of the leaks and had problems with aftermarket carbs. Hard to do to 1 of 398 HO carbs but its done now. Learned this from a old Ford mechanic. Bowl cover distorts is the downfall of this carb. Took bowl gasket out. Fit cover by tapping flange GENTLY with wooden dowel on a flat steel plate until it was in .001 gap all the way around. Then put in the thicker .045 gasket. Ran just shy of 2k so far with just a little wetness at the gasket. You may want to just try the gasket. Test stand Dyno report had torque and Hp readings to 5800 better than the test Holley or the Edelbrock when I rebuilt the engine in 2017. I like the drivability better also. R code with quench heads along with cam selection may be be why it likes the air fuel ratio, who knows. I found the Idle stop solenoid a must to shut down properly with the higher compression. Dieseled terrible with the other carbs and starts best with the 4300D. Zero pumps as long it has not been sitting for a week or cold. Just saying that they can work well if set up right. Gasket Link https://quadrajetparts.com/ford-4300-4350-bowl-cover-gaskets-p-1984.html
  3. The convenience package option, if I recall correctly, included the hood and trunk light, glove box lock and light, automatic seat back release actuators, etc. Where does it plug in? You should have an accessory wire that runs over the passenger side shock tower to cowl brace. On that wire is a single female plug. This accessory wire is connected to the solenoid or terminal block on the battery side. It feeds other non-switched features such as convertible roof motor, automatic seat back release actuators, etc. and is fused. The light socket is grounded thru the mounting bracket and has the typical spring loaded (positive) contact in the middle of the socket base. When you press the bulb in it depresses the contact completing the circuit. When you tilt the bulb up the light will be off and when titled down it will turn on. Just as it would when opening and closing the hood. I have ahd a few where the positive contact is corroded/rusted or the mercury has managed to escape at some point. Clean up the contacts as much as possible, insert a working bulb, and ground it and give it 12 volts and just start tilting it. Thank you for the picture! It's just what I was looking for. The 12V comes from a second wire out of one of the moulded points. Mine is broken off flush, right at the moulded rubber. I hadn't even noticed it. Explains why I didn't see an additional lug on the solenoid, or a female plug waiting for me on top of the shock tower brace. . I knew my car was very original but couldn't find the connector. By the way, soaked my light in Evoporust overnight, it worked the next day. Thanks again Don't forget the ground! https://secure.cougarpartscatalog.com/71grndstrap.html?attribs=82
  4. This is an old post but I thought I would add to it. 72 351 HO R code had the bigger balancer, Nodular 4M crankshaft, D1ZX-AA boss Rods, 4V open chamber heads, Timing pointer with hole for pickup, Buddy bar aluminum intake, 4300d Motorcraft GA Carb, BA dipstick, Aluminum Valve covers, Boss D1ZZ-6375B Nodular iron Flywheel, rev limiter and its own air cleaner arrangement. They did not come with A/C due to compressors could not take the higher RPM. HD sway bars, springs, with staggered shocks. Top load 4 speed and 3.91 rears. These are some old pics of mine. Easy to spot one if you know what to look for. upload image sites
  5. Cj Pony shows them. 3 is correct. Ohio mustang may have the also but you would have to call. http://www.cjponyparts.com/fuel-line-grommet-all-1971-1973/p/HW926/
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