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  1. So true lol. So with an electronic ignition, 4v carb, and open header on a 72 would it regain me a bit of power? At this point I’m not sure how much I’m gonna be looking at. Keeping the car 90% original aside from the bolt ons.
  2. I’m sure this has been discussed multiple times over on this board but I’m restoring my 1972 Mach and I’ve been looking at numbers for the motors from 71-72. I know 72 was the start of the emissions crack down but how did they derate the motors from 240 to 177 on the 351 2v? I know the compression was lowered from 9:1 to 8.6:1 but what else? I have a hard time believing that was it. Did they just pull vacuum? Or lie about numbers? Any incite would be golden.
  3. Mine is currently at 21 3/4” but only after some major stretching. Crazy that this hasn’t been pointed out yet. Are you saying the top of your cradle is now 1/2" HIGHER than the original 21 1/4"? If that is what I think you mean, does hood clearance become an issue or have I got it all wrong? The numbers I was looking for are as in my pic with the red ink mark-up. I guess at the end of the day, it all works and you're happy with it. Geoff. whoops. Meant 21 1/4” my mistake.
  4. Mine is currently at 21 3/4” but only after some major stretching. Crazy that this hasn’t been pointed out yet.
  5. Here is the description from the dynacorn website which is 20.5”. Its where I got my originak measurement from. https://m.imgur.com/O8LK2G1
  6. The issue with doing that is that the bottom of the latch will then hot the valance. You could trim the bottom of the latch down as well but its not a true problem solver if these are still being made incorrectly.
  7. Mine is a 72 and to my knowledge there is no difference between 71 and 72 except for the restrictions on the engine due to emission standards. But the dinensions of the Dynacorn listing are way off. We fixed the issue by adding some metal under it and so far it appears to be correct. But if other people are also experiencing this same issue then I might not be as crazy as I thought haha
  8. You are the man! Thank you! The issue I’m having is that dynacorn’s repops are 20.5” tall. So I have no idea how they keep selling them. Perhaps the mach and the coupes are different? Or maybe I’m just going crazy. Even Dynacorns website lists it as 20.5” not 21.25”. No idea. Regardless thanks a ton man!
  9. Hey guys, got some pics of everything. As you can see the latch that came off a 71 mach is too tall for my core support. My core support is a dynacorn repop. Its 20.5” tall. Which i believe is the original height. Anyone have any help now? https://ibb.co/h6wNjc https://ibb.co/gRpxHx
  10. looking for someone who has the grille support assembly. Preferably the sport grille style but the 2 bolt fin style will work. Don’t need the hood latch just everything the hood latch bolts to. Located in MD. Ready to buy.
  11. Well Capn, Not sure what is going on, doesn't make sense to me. Yes a picture of your problem would be most helpful understanding what you are asking. Here are a couple of pictures of my 71 Mach. I don't think there are different latch brackets between 71 and 72. The only thing I can think of being you say your ca was a "basket case" is the bracket is from a different car, not a mustang. That picture would really help!! Take a look at these pics and tell us if I'm getting what you're talking about. The first two are from before anything was touched on the car, a before shot and the last is after restoration. Good luck with your car. Any questions, there are tons of great people here to help, just ask. Geoff. Yes. There are two different grille supports. Ones that have two bolts and look like a fin and the sport grille style which has 4 bolts. What I’m wondering about is if there are any similar fin styles that were on a different car all together since mine doesnt fit correctly. Also anyone selling the sport grille style support? Lol
  12. Hey guys, just sent my 72 to body work/paint. My guy is finding some issues with it. Namely the hood latch isn't lining up with the core support. The bracket appears to be about an inch or so too tall. So either the top two bolts go in and the bottom hangs, or the bottom bolt goes in and it sits too high. When it hangs too low it hits the valance and it causes a domino effect. My question here is I'm seeing two different kinds of brackets. A bracket that bolts with the two in the middle or a bracket with four bolts on the outside. Which fits mine? Which is supposed to be there? This car was a basket case when I got it so I'm really not sure at this point. Guidance is welcome. Car isn't in my possession right now so photos are a bit hard to grab.
  13. hey guys. I've got a 72 Mach 1 that I'm restoring. Current issue is the hester box. Car is a non-ac car and the heater box is shot. Metal is rusted and plastc is cracked. They don't make a replica non-ac box but they do make a new ac box. Can you fit a new ac box in a non-ac car? What are the differences? What would have to be done to make this work? I know the heater cores are different. Could I use the ac box with a non-ac door on it so the holes on the heater cores lined up? Surely i can'tbe the only one whos had this problem lol
  14. Currently working on restoring the gauges in my 72 Mach 1. I'm looking for the numbers for the Odometer/trip gauge. Is there a way to just buy them? Mainly the trip gauge. all of the numbers are faded and I'd like to make it look newer. Best tips/recommendations? Thank you!
  15. Hey guys. I'm currently restoring my 72 Mach 1. It has a 351c in it and it has two different color blues. The block is a lighter blue, and the heads, valve covers, pulleys, manifold are a darker blue. Which was the original color that Ford made it? The motor was apparently rebuilt (and I'm assuming repainted) before I bought it. Just wanted to make sure which was which. Thanks in advance!
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