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  1. Go to goodwill and pickup a few old PC Harddrives they have great magnets in them.
  2. I am currently redoing my rear ended and am going with a 3.25 with my C4.
  3. Let us know how you like them Where did you get the springs. Mine are flat.
  4. Cleaned axles in preparation for new bearings.
  5. Doing axles bearings now CJ Pony bearings are from China and so are Duralast from auto zone.....do yourself a favor and find som Timken wr207ccra they at least are made in Japan
  6. Yea I'm talking to my self as usual. door speakers from CJ Pony aren't much of a improvement.
  7. I am hoping the lift the car about an inch
  8. Did the doors earlier with speakers
  9. I am hoping the slip the car about an inch
  10. MONROE 58539 And dynamax install. Tried KBY gas adj shocks and didn't help. Going with booster shocks, hoping to get a 1" lift.
  11. I am looking for a third party setup like Exact Air, or Vintage Air, which company does a better job of fitting in the dash.
  12. 2C code with ram air. I call it spring time yellow.
  13. I just changed mine and a open end wrench with the right angle seems to have worked, what is in the way? Of course a quarter inch drive would have less clearance problems.
  14. So for 20 years me and my 73 convertible have toughed out South LOUISIANA heat. Now with global warming :whistling: I have the excuse I needed to put in A/C. I know this has been researched in the forum threads before but I am asking again because times change and I can't find the links. All help is appreciated thank you .
  15. Ajh1973


    Welcome from Louisiana, I put together a 408 stroker from Sped-O-Motive in my Cleveland waiting on a torque converter for my AOD now.
  16. "KIND OF RAISED THE BAR" wow the others must be exceptional. This was the only comment I could make cause I like pretty much all performance cars but do have a hankering for chrome.::thumb::
  17. rotted fuel lines, mine looked perfect (original too) but kept smelling gas.....after replacing them the smell went away. Sad video.
  18. Welcome from Louisiana, really nice striping, enjoy!
  19. Hello from Louisiana, KY is horse country, that's a nice one.
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